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elected and successor
His successor President Barack Obama has expressed his desire to recognize the Armenian Genocide during the electoral campaigns, but after being elected, has not used the word genocide in his first annual April 24 speech in 2009.
The coup failed in the face of opposition from a majority of the Lombards, who elected Cleph as Alboin's successor, forcing Helmichis and Rosamund to flee to Ravenna under imperial protection.
But it is certain that before the friar had quit " Tartary " Möngke, Güyük's successor, had been elected.
Abu Bakr was elected as the first caliph or successor to Muhammad, with the other companions of Muhammad giving an oath of allegiance to him.
The highest-ranking official whose term unquestionably continued during the interim was Polk's Secretary of State, James Buchanan ( later elected President himself in 1856 ), whose term did not formally expire until his successor, John M. Clayton, took office on March 7.
Benedict's successor, Clement XII ( elected 1730 ), named him legate of Ravenna, where he erected the Porta Alberoni ( 1739 ), a magnificent gateway that formerly provided access to the city's dockyards, and has since been moved to the entrance of the Teatro Rasi.
Henry's designated successor, Otto, was elected King in Aachen in 936.
Thanks to the intelligent foresight of the queen Tanaquil however, the sons of Ancus were not chosen, but rather Tarquinius ' son-in-law Servius Tullius, husband of his daughter Tarquinia, was elected as his successor.
When Shoghi Effendi died in 1957, he died without explicitly appointing a successor Guardian, and Remey was among the nine Hands of the Cause elected as an interim authority until the election of the first Universal House of Justice in 1963.
During this conclave the Hands of the Cause decided that the situation of the Guardian having died without being able to appoint a successor was a situation not dealt with in the texts that define the Bahá ' í administration, and that it would need to be reviewed and adjudicated upon by the Universal House of Justice, which hadn't been elected yet.
One of John XXI's few acts during his brief reign was the reversal of a decree recently passed at the Second Council of Lyon ( 1274 ) that not only confined cardinals in solitude until they elected a successor Pope, but also progressively restricted their supplies of food and wine if their deliberations took too long.
On the death of Pope Sabinian in February 606, Boniface was elected his successor, although his return from Constantinople to Rome was delayed by almost a year.
The antipope Clement VII died at Avignon on 16 September 1394, but the French cardinals quickly elected a successor on 28 September: Cardinal Pedro de Luna, who took the name Benedict XIII.
The council boldly deposed the current popes and in 1417 elected Martin V as their successor.
Instead, it elected Cardinal Giovanni Battista Pamphili as his successor at the papal conclave of 1644, who took the name of Innocent X.
Before his death he had urged the College of Cardinals to elect Giovanni di San Paolo as his successor, but Lotario de ' Conti was elected pope on the very day on which Celestine III died.
Arnulf was deposed in 991 for alleged treason against the King, and Gerbert was elected his successor.
In the event of a premature vacancy a successor must be elected within sixty days.
He served as prior under Achard of St. Victor ’ s elected successor Ernisius, who was unworthy of the position.
* 606: Boniface elected papal successor on the death of Pope Sabinian.
* Peter the Fuller is deposed as patriarch of Antioch ; Julian is elected as his successor.
The Eastern Roman Emperor, Leo I the Thracian, tarried in choosing his successor, so the Germanic elements of the army, represented by the new Magister militum and Patrician, Gundobad ( a nephew of Ricimer's ), elected Glycerius Emperor on March 3 or 5, 473 in Ravenna.
Following the strife between Boniface VIII and Philip IV of France, and the death after only eight months of his successor Benedict XI, a deadlocked conclave finally elected Clement V, a Frenchman, as Pope in 1305.
After the death of German king Rupert in 1410, Jobst was elected successor by four of the electors on 1 October, opposing his cousin Sigismund who had already been elected by three electors on 10 September.

elected and was
Retiring to his beloved Mount Vernon, he returned to preside over the Federal Convention, and was the only man in history to be unanimously elected President.
After Quiney was elected bailiff in September, 1601, without Greville's approval, Greene wrote him that Coke had promised to be of counsel for Stratford and had advised `` that the office of bayly may be exercised as it is taken upon you, ( Sr. Edwardes his consent not beinge hadd to the swearinge of you ) ''.
Dr. James Brown Fisk, physicist, President of the Bell Telephone Laboratories, was elected to the Board of Trustees.
He was elected to the National Academy of Design as an Associate in the oil class in 1931 ( after receiving his first Ranger Fund Purchase Prize at the Academy in 1930 ), and elevated to Academicianship in 1940.
Francesca and Grazie were habitual committee chairmen and they usually managed to be elected co-chairmen, equal bosses, of whatever PTA or civic project was being launched.
State Party Chairman James W. Dorsey added that enthusiasm was picking up for a state rally to be held Sept. 8 in Savannah at which newly elected Texas Sen. John Tower will be the featured speaker.
His reference to ' discredited carcass ' or ' tattered remains ' of the president's leadership is an insult to the man who led our forces to victory in the greatest war in all history, to the man who was twice elected overwhelmingly by the American people as president of the United States, and who has been the symbol to the world of the peace-loving intentions of the free nations.
-- The New York University Board of Trustees has elected the youngest president in the 130-year history of NYU, it was announced yesterday.
John Di Massimo has been elected president of the 1961 Columbus Day Celebration Committee, it was announced yesterday.
The Belgian Congo was granted its independence with what seemed a workable Western-style form of government: there were to be a president and a premier, and a bicameral legislature elected by universal suffrage in the provinces.
One of those delightful surprise additions, which so frequently occur in jazz programs, was an excellent stint at the drums by the great Joe Jones, drumming to `` Old Man River '', which seems to have been elected the favorite solo for the boys on the batterie at this year's concerts.
With almost no support in the South, Lincoln swept the North and was elected president in 1860.
In 1846, Lincoln was elected to the U. S. House of Representatives, where he served one two-year term.
On November 6, 1860, Lincoln was elected the 16th president of the United States, beating Democrat Stephen A. Douglas, John C. Breckinridge of the Southern Democrats, and John Bell of the new Constitutional Union Party.
Nobel was elected a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1884, the same institution that would later select laureates for two of the Nobel prizes, and he received an honorary doctorate from Uppsala University in 1893.
Following public demonstrations against Ter-Petrosyan's policies on Nagorno-Karabakh, the President resigned in January 1998 and was replaced by Prime Minister Robert Kocharyan, who was elected President in March 1998.
The newly elected abbot was to put off his shoes at the door of the church, and proceed barefoot to meet the members of the house advancing in a procession.
Secret ballots were introduced, and a bicameral parliament was elected on 9 March 1857, by which time 109, 917 people lived in the province.
Mackenzie was elected to the Legislative Assembly as a supporter of George Brown in 1861.
Philippus claimed descent from Alexander the Great, and was elected consul in 56 BC.
He donned the toga virilis four years later, and was elected to the College of Pontiffs in 47 BC.
These scholars also maintain that Jesus was the only human ever elected and that individuals must be " in Christ " ( Eph 1: 3 – 4 ) through faith to be part of the elect.
As well as holding positions at this school until 1828, in 1819 and 1820 Ampère offered courses in philosophy and astronomy, respectively, at the University of Paris, and in 1824 he was elected to the prestigious chair in experimental physics at the Collège de France.
In 1827 he was elected a Foreign Member of the Royal Society and in 1828, a foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science.

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