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fragmented and governmental
Since May 2003, international agencies have been involved in supporting education in Iraq, but fragmented data has not allowed these numbers to be integrated into the governmental budget.
This was due to the Mongolian conquest of the 13th century which decentralized and fragmented Georgia, forcing the relocation of governmental centers to the provinces.

fragmented and structure
The chaotic legal structure and fragmented land ownership combined with a tradition of dividing the land among all the heirs in an inheritance prevented any large scale reforms.
This new organisation showed promise of being a more efficient organisation of the railways but within a couple of years of its implementation the structure was fragmented by the privatisation process.
These castes had a complex structure in the fragmented city states of Italy such as Genoa, Venice, Naples, Roma, Florence and Lombardy ; in some, the merchants were the nobili, in others the nobili despised the merchant caste and were agriculturalists, in yet others the nobili caste despised all work.
The Malays remained politically fragmented throughout the Malay archipelago, although a common culture and social structure was shared.
The fragmented nature of EU institutional structure provides multiple channels through which organized interests may seek to influence policy-making.
( 2003 ): Contrasting patterns of mitochondrial and microsatellite population structure in fragmented populations of greater prairie-chickens.
The traditional urban form and structure which has defined the streetscape is being undermined by fragmented building lines and architectural design elements which do not relate in scale or character to existing development.
" This article outlined four main reasons why the Asad regime would hold on through 2012: its strong military, weak fragmented opposition, lack of international intervention and factors related to the structure of the Syrian economy.
Units were localised on a county structure, as they would probably be fragmented and isolated from each other.
First, the Panel was concerned that the fragmented structure, requiring decisions to be coordinated across up to 13 jurisdictions, makes it difficult for Canadian securities regulators to react quickly and decisively to capital market events.
The Panel found that the fragmented Canadian securities regulatory structure is prone to foster slow securities regulatory responses, which makes Canada vulnerable to market and reputational risks.
In 1203, Genghis Khan, in an effort to strengthen his army, ordered a reform that reorganized his army's structure while breaking down the traditional clan-and kindred-based divisions that had previously fragmented the society and military.
One Twitter writer acknowledged the fact that internet media lend themselves to shorter, more fragmented sentences by saying, " translating Cicero and such, I've found that the greatest speakers of history have sentence lengths that make our present day structure seem juvenile.
According to literary scholar Faye Walker-Pelkey, " The Lament's placement in the Exeter Book, its mysterious content, its fragmented structure, its similarities to riddles, and its inclusion of gnomic wisdom suggest that the " elegy "... is a riddle.
Also, in a highly fragmented memory region, it may be expensive or impossible to find contiguous space for a large dynamic array, whereas linked lists do not require the whole data structure to be stored contiguously.
The novel has a fragmented structure with many flashbacks and shifts in grammatical person.
" These cells are characterized by abnormalities in their cytoplasmic structure, such as deramified, atrophic, fragmented or unusually tortuous processes, frequently bearing spheroidal or bulbous swellings.
According to David Rush, characteristics of a postmodern play include there being no “ author ”, its purpose is to engage the audience rather than show, there may be multiple narratives interacting with each other, the structure departs from the conventional play pattern, and the play is usually fragmented.
The fragmented structure is in contrast to the nearby Eagle Valley, which lies entirely within Eagle County.
She writes long, rambling, eloquent letters to loved ones, to Beirut, and to the war itself and the daring fragmented structure of this epistolary novel mirrors the chaos surrounding the heroine.
" Eliot's own modernist poem The Waste Land ( 1922 ) mirrors " the futility and anarchy " in its own way, in its fragmented structure, and the absence of an obvious central, unifying narrative.
Rachmaninoff's changes in those works included large cuts, a number of minor textual rewritings, and a few newly composed segments to attempt cementing a fragmented structure.

fragmented and has
There are additional inefficiencies arising from the highly fragmented nature of the municipal bond market which has two million outstanding issues and 50, 000 issuers in contrast to the Treasury market which has 400 issues and a single issuer.
Esperanto has not fragmented into regional dialects through natural language use.
Equally, centripetal tendencies amongst city states has meant that central authority over the whole region, when imposed, has tended to be ephemeral, and localism has fragmented power into tribal or smaller regional units.
Since then he has lived a fragmented life, describing himself as a " bit of an oddball.
Critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine has described Francis's writing as containing " bizarre, fragmented lyrics about space, religion, sex, mutilation, and pop culture ".
Their population has rebounded somewhat since then, though the populations of Atlantic and Laptev walruses remain fragmented and at low levels compared with the time before human interference.
Due to its great age, the geographical distribution of Magnoliaceae has become disjunct or fragmented as a result of major geologic events such as ice ages, continental drift, and mountain formation.
However, by this time the empire has already partially fragmented.
Similarly, it has attracted controversy for its impacts on hospitals, and in particular, for its possible contributions to an emergency medical system that is " overburdened, underfunded and highly fragmented.
Public opinion on Earth has become fragmented, while on Luna the news of Mannie's arrest and the attempt to bribe him with the appointment of himself as Warden have unified the normally fractious Loonies.
Boys Town also has taken a leadership role in advocating for change in the current child care system, which often offers fragmented and ineffective treatment.
She said " the impression has arisen that already-successful titles are automatically sidelined in favor of books that the judges feel deserve an extra boost of attention .. the nominated books exhibit qualities — a poetic prose style, elliptical or fragmented storytelling — that either don ’ t matter much to nonprofessional readers, or even put them off.
James argues that in her extended description of this dream, Cleopatra “ reconstructs the heroic masculinity of an Antony whose identity has been fragmented and scattered by Roman opinion .” This politically charged dream vision is just one example of the way that Shakespeare ’ s version of the historical tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra destabilizes and potentially critiques the imperialist Roman ideology inherited from Virgil ’ s epic and embodied in the mythic Roman ancestor Aeneas.
The politics of identity ( which includes the production of history textbooks and the authorization of commemorative practices ) has remained fragmented and tailored to reflect the ideological anxieties and concerns of individual regions of Ukraine.
Often present are fragmented fish and animal bones, carbonized shell, charcoal, ash, and other waste products, all embedded in a sequence of soil that has been deposited atop the hearth.
The forest in the Western Ghats has been severely fragmented due to human activities, especially clear felling for tea, coffee, and teak plantations during 1860 to 1950.
However, the European range has declined and fragmented due to the loss of traditional pastoral farming, persecution and perhaps disturbance at breeding and nesting sites, although the numbers in France, Great Britain and Ireland may now have stabilised.
Since in the rest of the continent breeding areas are fragmented and isolated, the Red-billed Chough has been categorised as " vulnerable " in Europe.
The Alpine Chough has an extensive though sometimes fragmented range, estimated at 1 – 10 million square kilometres ( 0. 4 – 3. 8 million sq mi ), and a large population, including an estimated 260, 000 to 620, 000 individuals in Europe.
The latter view prevailed, so it can still be said that there is, in theory at least, a common basis in substantive law throughout Western Europe ( except England, which never had a reception as such ) although it has of course fragmented greatly from its heyday in the 15th and 16th centuries.
This may be because Australia has more fragmented eucalypt forests and more predators.
Marche has never suffered from the extremes of fragmented land ownership or ' latifondo '.

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