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fragmented and structure
The chaotic legal structure and fragmented land ownership combined with a tradition of dividing the land among all the heirs in an inheritance prevented any large scale reforms.
This new organisation showed promise of being a more efficient organisation of the railways but within a couple of years of its implementation the structure was fragmented by the privatisation process.
These castes had a complex structure in the fragmented city states of Italy such as Genoa, Venice, Naples, Roma, Florence and Lombardy ; in some, the merchants were the nobili, in others the nobili despised the merchant caste and were agriculturalists, in yet others the nobili caste despised all work.
The Malays remained politically fragmented throughout the Malay archipelago, although a common culture and social structure was shared.
The fragmented nature of EU institutional structure provides multiple channels through which organized interests may seek to influence policy-making.
( 2003 ): Contrasting patterns of mitochondrial and microsatellite population structure in fragmented populations of greater prairie-chickens.
The traditional urban form and structure which has defined the streetscape is being undermined by fragmented building lines and architectural design elements which do not relate in scale or character to existing development.
" This article outlined four main reasons why the Asad regime would hold on through 2012: its strong military, weak fragmented opposition, lack of international intervention and factors related to the structure of the Syrian economy.
Units were localised on a county structure, as they would probably be fragmented and isolated from each other.
First, the Panel was concerned that the fragmented structure, requiring decisions to be coordinated across up to 13 jurisdictions, makes it difficult for Canadian securities regulators to react quickly and decisively to capital market events.
The Panel found that the fragmented Canadian securities regulatory structure is prone to foster slow securities regulatory responses, which makes Canada vulnerable to market and reputational risks.
In 1203, Genghis Khan, in an effort to strengthen his army, ordered a reform that reorganized his army's structure while breaking down the traditional clan-and kindred-based divisions that had previously fragmented the society and military.
One Twitter writer acknowledged the fact that internet media lend themselves to shorter, more fragmented sentences by saying, " translating Cicero and such, I've found that the greatest speakers of history have sentence lengths that make our present day structure seem juvenile.
According to literary scholar Faye Walker-Pelkey, " The Lament's placement in the Exeter Book, its mysterious content, its fragmented structure, its similarities to riddles, and its inclusion of gnomic wisdom suggest that the " elegy "... is a riddle.
Also, in a highly fragmented memory region, it may be expensive or impossible to find contiguous space for a large dynamic array, whereas linked lists do not require the whole data structure to be stored contiguously.
The novel has a fragmented structure with many flashbacks and shifts in grammatical person.
" These cells are characterized by abnormalities in their cytoplasmic structure, such as deramified, atrophic, fragmented or unusually tortuous processes, frequently bearing spheroidal or bulbous swellings.
According to David Rush, characteristics of a postmodern play include there being no “ author ”, its purpose is to engage the audience rather than show, there may be multiple narratives interacting with each other, the structure departs from the conventional play pattern, and the play is usually fragmented.
The fragmented governmental structure has made the adoption of a comprehensive land-use and growth policy more difficult, especially in regard to Aspen, which has struggled between the extremes of allowing unbridled growth leading to sprawl and restricting growth altogether.
She writes long, rambling, eloquent letters to loved ones, to Beirut, and to the war itself and the daring fragmented structure of this epistolary novel mirrors the chaos surrounding the heroine.
" Eliot's own modernist poem The Waste Land ( 1922 ) mirrors " the futility and anarchy " in its own way, in its fragmented structure, and the absence of an obvious central, unifying narrative.
Rachmaninoff's changes in those works included large cuts, a number of minor textual rewritings, and a few newly composed segments to attempt cementing a fragmented structure.

fragmented and is
and, most pervasively, ( 3 ) their interpretation of who is a `` real pro '', of what it means to be a professional man in a technical, fragmented society.
# The nuclear envelope becomes discontinuous and the DNA inside it is fragmented in a process referred to as karyorrhexis.
Although Chadian society is economically, socially, and culturally fragmented, the country's geography is unified by the Lake Chad Basin.
This fragmented implementation can cause inherent challenges, as only certain parts are used and the system is not fully functional.
The homicide law is a highly fragmented inscription, but it does state that it is up to the victim ’ s relatives to prosecute a killer.
One often cited description that Mandelbrot published to describe geometric fractals is " a rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts, each of which is ( at least approximately ) a reduced-size copy of the whole "; this is generally helpful but limited.
Lindow Man's official name is Lindow II, as there are other finds from the area: Lindow I ( Lindow Woman ) refers to a human skull, Lindow III to a " fragmented headless body ", and Lindow IV to the upper thigh of an adult male, possibly that of Lindow Man.
The text is badly fragmented, and speculated but unreliable additions are shown in brackets:
The microcontroller market is extremely fragmented, with numerous vendors, technologies, and markets.
, while quite common, is fragmented and used by minor countries.
Polyacrylamide gel electrophoeresis with urea can also be used in RNA separation but it is most commonly used for fragmented RNA or microRNAs.
Indeed, many advocates of STV argue that preventing nationwide proportionality is one of the primary goals of the system, to avoid the perceived risks of a fragmented legislature.
Israel is a notable example of nationwide proportionally-elected Parliament which happens to be highly fragmented, with currently 18 parties.
The Rwandan economy is based on the largely rainfed agricultural production of small, semisubsistence, and increasingly fragmented farms.
Inserting eukaryotic DNA ( instead of mRNA ) into bacteria would not work because it is fragmented, with introns, and would not transcribe successfully using the bacteria's ribosomes.
A basic premise of the setting is that as the world endured the string of state-changing events and conflicts, the political landscape fragmented and reformed.
Today, samba is viewed as perhaps the only uniting factor in a country fragmented by political division.
In the first three novels — Rocannon's World, Planet of Exile, and City of Illusions — there is or was a League of all Worlds ; in City of Illusions, it seems to have been conquered or fragmented by an alien race, called the Shing, from beyond the League.
Hence it is more likely to have been produced as the result of a relatively recent breakup of a moderate-sized ( or larger ) comet or asteroid, which then further fragmented as the result of collisions between the smaller components and other bodies.
The world ’ s largest lingerie retailer, Victoria's Secret, operates almost exclusively in North America, but the European market is fragmented, with Triumph International and DB Apparel predominant.
A Nuke is an old denial-of-service attack against computer networks consisting of fragmented or otherwise invalid ICMP packets sent to the target, achieved by using a modified ping utility to repeatedly send this corrupt data, thus slowing down the affected computer until it comes to a complete stop.

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