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process and German
German brass making crucibles are known from Dortmund dating to the 10th century AD and from Soest and Schwerte in Westphalia dating to around the 13th century confirm Theophilus ' account, as they are open-topped, although ceramic discs from Soest may have served as loose lids which may have been used to reduce zinc evaporation, and have slag on the interior resulting from a liquid process.
Eventually it was discovered that metallic zinc could be alloyed with copper to make brass ; a process known as speltering and by 1657 the German chemist Johann Glauber had recognised that calamine was " nothing else but unmeltable zinc " and that zinc was a " half ripe metal.
She did not believe in the theory of symbiosis proposed by Simon Schwendener, the German mycologist as previously thought, rather she proposed a more independent process of reproduction.
To support the intended process of nation building even further, a vague myth of some common Germanic original language developed, and German dialectology began to name dialect groups after presumed and real groups of historic tribes having existed from BC to about 600 AD, from which they were assumed to have descended.
In 1877, German physiologist Wilhelm Kühne ( 1837 – 1900 ) first used the term enzyme, which comes from Greek ενζυμον, " in leaven ", to describe this process.
As in other former East German cities, a small number of GDR-era names commemorating socialist heroes have been preserved, such as Karl-Marx-Allee, Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz and Karl-Liebknecht-Straße ; this followed a long process of review in which many such street names were deemed inappropriate and were changed.
Saltpetre harvesting was recorded by Dutch and German travelers as being common in even the smallest villages and was collected from the decomposition process of large dung hills specifically piled for the purpose.
Bismark began the process, and by 1884 had acquired German New Guinea.
This led to the acceleration of the process of reforms in East Germany that ended with the German reunification that came into force on 3 October 1990.
Nevertheless the immense acceleration process that occurs during hyperinflation ( such as during the German hyperinflation of 1922 / 23 ) still remains unclear and unpredictable.
German chemist Fritz Haber discovered a process that is still used today.
Brahms aimed to honour the " purity " of these venerable " German " structures and advance them into a Romantic idiom, in the process creating bold new approaches to harmony and melody.
Friedrich Krupp Germaniawerft shipyard launched the German cruiser Prinz Eugen, as well as many of Germany's U-boats ( 130 between 1934 and 1945 ) using preassembled parts supplied by other Krupp factories in a process similar to the construction of the US liberty ships.
Lenin did not mind prolonging the negotiating process for maximum propaganda effect, but, from January 1918 on, advocated signing a separate peace treaty if faced with a German ultimatum.
The primary technology is based on the so-called " Bosch process ", named after the German company Robert Bosch, which filed the original patent, where two different gas compositions alternate in the reactor.
The Red Army began the war while still in the process of reorganizing its armored and mechanized formations, most of which were destroyed during the first months of the German invasion of the Soviet Union.
German author Andreas Kossert describes the post-war process of " national verification " as based on an ethnic racism which categorized the local populace according to their alleged ethnic background.
Besides, ongoing peace process is another area of German assistance
Although the command economy approach of the communist states meant that most types of property could not be owned, the Soviet Union always had a civil code, courts that interpreted this civil code, and a civil law approach to legal reasoning ( thus, both legal process and legal reasoning were largely analogous to the French or German civil code system ).
Eventually the German Turner movement became involved in the process leading to German unification.
In linguistics, umlaut ( from German um-" around "/" the other way " + Laut " sound ") is a process whereby a vowel is pronounced more like a following vowel or semivowel.
Germanic umlaut is a specific historical example of this process that took place in the unattested earliest stages of Old English, Old High German, and some other old Germanic languages.
Due to the process of assimilation following German settlement, many Slavs west of the Oder adopted the German culture and language.

process and unity
Humanity is understood to be in a process of collective evolution, and the need of the present time is for the gradual establishment of peace, justice and unity on a global scale.
His images were carefully ordered in a patterned sequence, and his major theme was the unity of all life, the continuing process of life and death and new life that linked the generations.
In Germany, that process, the creation of the Zollverein, preceded formal national unity.
In thinking about perception ( the path of natural science ) and perceiving the process of thinking ( the path of spiritual training ), it is possible to discover a hidden inner unity between the two poles of our experience.
In addition, Hassan gave a clarion call for Somali unity and independence, in the process organizing his follower-warriors.
To foster party unity, popular runners-up in the presidential nomination process are commonly considered.
In the case of photon detection, the relevant process is the random conversion of photons into photo-electrons for instance, thus leading to a larger effective shot noise level when using a detector with a quantum efficiency below unity.
At the same time, in order that there be movement, or potential, the origin cannot be some pure unity or simplicity, but must already be articulated — complex — such that from it a " diachronic " process can emerge.
The monarchy has thus been described as the underlying principle of Canada's institutional unity and the monarch as a " guardian of constitutional freedoms " whose " job is to ensure that the political process remains intact and is allowed to function.
The end of the unification process is officially referred to as German unity (), celebrated on 3 October ( German Unity Day ).
He was especially fascinated, it seems, by the, " impulse to sociability in man ," which he described as " associations ... which the solitariness of the individuals is resolved into togetherness, a union with others ," a process he describes by which, " the impulse to sociability distils, as it were, out of the realities of social life the pure essence of association ," and " through which a unity is made ," which he also refers to as, " the free-playing, interacting interdependence of individuals.
Marx presents the process of commodity production as a unity of TWO distinct process -- the labour process through which labour-power produces use-values, and the valorization process through which labour-power produces additional value over and above its own value.
Through this process, it is argued, national unity is retained.
The movement for the German unity conversely sought to confirm Schleswig's association with Holstein, in the process detaching Schleswig from Denmark and bringing it into the German Confederation.
This process reflected Monnet's belief in a gradualist approach for constructing European unity.
A treaty was achieved between the twenty-seven nations in attendance with Solana gaining credit for what he called " a process to foster cultural and economic unity in the Mediterranean region ".
However, his most important bequests ( styled Awoism ) are his exemplary integrity, his welfarism, his contributions to hastening the process of decolonization and his consistent and reasoned advocacy of federalism-based on ethno-linguistic self-determination and uniting politically strong states-as the best basis for Nigerian unity.
The fall of the wall of Berlin, which occurred November 9, 1989, affected deeply the Chilean left, especially in its more orthodox sector, which accelerated the process of unity of the party, which itself strengthened December 27, 1989.
A series of related terms were also named after Krige, including kriged estimate, kriged estimator, kriging variance, kriging covariance, zero kriging variance, unity kriging covariance, kriging matrix, kriging method, kriging model, kriging plan, kriging process, kriging system, block kriging, co-kriging, disjunctive kriging, linear kriging, ordinary kriging, point kriging, random kriging, regular grid kriging, simple kriging and universal kriging.
In his Report on the Program to the Congress, Khrushchev used even stronger language: that the process of further rapprochement ( sblizhenie ) and greater unity of nations would eventually lead to a merging or fusion ( слияние – sliyanie ) of nationalities.
The Arab nation could only reach this " renaissance " through a revolutionary process towards the goals of " unity, liberty and socialism ".

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