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revised and edition
The revised edition by F. Campbell-Watson calls for three saxophones, alto, tenor and baritone.
The Greek Myths, revised edition.
Apollon: Studien über Antiken Religion und Humanität revised edition.
A second German edition was published in 1913, containing theologically significant revisions and expansions: but this revised edition did not appear in English until 2001.
The Greek Myths revised edition.
A. Westermann gave a revised edition of it in his ( Scriptores rerum mirabilium Graeci, " Greek marvel-writers ") in 1839.
This approach was continued by Russell and Whitehead in their influential Principia Mathematica, first published 1910-1913, and with a revised second edition in 1927.
Scottish Academic Press, Edinburgh, revised edition 1980.
Then Windows 2000 Server edition, and revised to extend functionality and improve administration in Windows Server 2003.
Frank Moore Cross later proposed that an early version of the history was composed in Jerusalem in Josiah's time ( late 7th century ); this first version, Dtr1, was then revised and expanded to create a second edition, that identified by Noth, and which Cross labelled Dtr2.
In the revised edition ( BC2 ), only capital letters are used, with numerals occasionally used for special purposes.
Baronius Press's revised edition of the Liturgical Press edition ( which was originally scheduled for publication at the end of 2006 ) was delayed due to numerous factors.
It has been revised several times, and the present edition has been used since 2004.
* Review of Nettl's 2005 revised edition of " The Study of Ethnomusicology "
2nd revised edition ( 1997 ).
The Council entrusted to the Pope the implementation of its work ; as a result, Pope Pius IV issued the Tridentine Creed in 1565 ; and Pope Pius V issued in 1566 the Roman Catechism, in 1568 a revised Roman Breviary, and in 1570 a revised Roman Missal, thus standardizing what since the 20th century has been called the Tridentine Mass ( from the city's Latin name Tridentum ), and Pope Clement VIII issued in 1592 a revised edition of the Vulgate.
The Gnome edition also issued the first Conan story written by an author other than Howard — the final volume published, which is by Björn Nyberg and revised by de Camp.
St Paul MN: Lllewellyn, 1991. revised edition as Inventing Witchcraft.
* 1948, Psychological Warfare, Washington: Infantry Journal Press ; revised second edition, 1954, New York: Duell, Sloan and Pearce
* Rewald, John, ed., with the assistance of Lucien Pissarro: Camille Pissarro, Lettres à son fils Lucien, Editions Albin Michel, Paris 1950 ; previously published, translated to English: Camille Pissarro, Letters to his son Lucien, New York 1943 & London 1944 ; 3rd revised edition, Paul P Appel Publishers, 1972 ISBN 0-911858-22-9
Thermodynamics, second edition revised by K. S Pitzer, L. Brewer, McGraw-Hill, New York.

revised and was
The revised draft was mailed in July, 1960, to 100 firms throughout the United States.
And though in his later years he revised his poems many times, the revisions did not alter the essential nature of the style which he had established before he was thirty ; ;
The revised procedure was acclaimed as a long-overdue reform.
In 1960, Nicholas Poppe presented what was in effect a heavily revised version of Ramstedt ’ s volume on phonology that has since set the standard in Altaic studies.
Transmission, Gregory Chaitin also presents this theorem in J. ACM – Chaitin's paper was submitted October 1966 and revised in December 1968, and cites both Solomonoff's and Kolmogorov's papers.
It is most usual to date Athenian democracy from Cleisthenes, since Solon's constitution fell and was replaced by the tyranny of Peisistratus, whereas Ephialtes revised Cleisthenes ' constitution relatively peacefully.
Among the most successful of his 37 operas staged during his lifetime were Armida ( 1771 ), La fiera di Venezia ( 1772 ), La scuola de ' gelosi ( 1778 ), Der Rauchfangkehrer ( 1781 ), Les Danaïdes ( 1784 ), which was first presented as a work of Gluck's, La grotta di Trofonio ( 1785 ), Tarare ( 1787 ) ( Tarare was reworked and revised several times as was Les Danaïdes ), Axur, re d ' Ormus ( 1788 ), La cifra ( 1789 ), Palmira, regina di Persia ( 1795 ), Il mondo alla rovescia ( 1795 ), Falstaff ( 1799 ), and Cesare in Farmacusa ( 1800 ).
The libretto was mainly written in early 1927 and the music was finished in the spring of 1929, although both text and music were partly revised by the authors later.
( A revised 2-port model was released in 1983, along with a game adapter that allowed gamers to play all 2600 games.
Still later, after Jerusalem did fall to the Babylonians, the book was revised and expanded further to reflect the circumstances of the late exilic and post-exilic community.
The Viola Concerto was revised and polished in the 1990s by Bartók's son, Peter ; this version may be closer to what Bartók intended ( Chalmers 1995, 210 ).
Soon after, the band's name was revised to Bill Haley & His Comets.
The music was revised completely but the biggest change came in the footage used – reflecting the methods and nature of newsgathering, while a strong emphasis was placed on the BBC logo itself.
The Pian Breviary was again altered by Sixtus V in 1588, who introduced the revised Vulgate, in 1602 by Clement VIII ( through Baronius and Bellarmine ), especially as concerns the rubrics ; and by Urban VIII ( 1623 – 1644 ), a purist who altered the text of certain hymns.
In Scotland the only one which has survived the convulsions of the 16th century is Aberdeen Breviary, a Scottish form of the Sarum Office ( the Sarum Rite was much favoured in Scotland as a kind of protest against the jurisdiction claimed by the diocese of York ), revised by William Elphinstone ( bishop 1483 – 1514 ), and printed at Edinburgh by Walter Chapman and Andrew Myllar in 1509 – 1510.

revised and released
ISO later released an extension to the internationalization support of the standard in 1995, and a revised standard ( known as " C99 ") in 1999.
In 1986, Commodore released the 1541C, a revised version that offered quieter and slightly more reliable operation and a light beige case matching the color scheme of the Commodore 64C.
In 1978, Hubbard released New Era Dianetics ( NED ), a revised version supposed to produce better results in a shorter period of time.
A new, updated and revised edition was released on 13 October, 2009 published by Hamlyn in the UK.
A revised edition titled Today's New International Version ( TNIV ) released a New Testament in March 2002, with the complete Bible published February 2005.
To fix the problems, Porsche released a revised 924 Turbo series 2 ( although badging still read 924 Turbo ) in 1979.
In the following year, the third typical edition of the revised Roman Missal in Latin was released.
The last printed version of the Bright Star Catalogue was the 4th revised edition, released in 1982.
The first sequel, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ( 1986 ), was considerably more graphic and violent than the original and was banned in Australia for 20 years before it was released on DVD in a revised special edition in October 2006.
As of 2006, a campaign layer is in testing as well as a revised game engine to be released before 2007.
The book was revised and edited so that there was a second ( 1991 ), a third ( 1993 ), and a fourth ( 1997 ) edition, and Special Edition ( released with Larry Collection ).
The U. S. doctrine for the use of nuclear weapons was revised most recently in the Nuclear Posture Review, released April 6, 2010.
* American — Anger, Kenneth: Rabbit's Moon ( 1950 film released in 1972, revised 1979 ); Kelly, Gene: Invitation to the Dance ( 1956 film ; Kelly appears as Pierrot in opening segment ); Wise, Robert: Star!
The first development versions of Speex were released under LGPL license, but as of version 1. 0 beta 1, Speex is released under Xiph's version of the ( revised ) BSD license.
Part 2, which features the low-wing car models, in-game adjustable downforce, a revised downforce model that fixes an issue with the front wing, and several other tweaks and enhancements, was released on May 5, 2006.
In 2006, a revised, relatively inexpensive ( 89 Euros / 120USD ) edition, with new illustrations and a " preface " by the author, was released in Italy:
In June 1994, Phil released a heavily revised version of his 1986 album Way Back Home.
In April 2009 the Vermont Department of health released a revised study which found that all of deaths related to the asbestos mine were caused by occupational exposure.
" The following year, the third typical edition of the revised Roman Missal in Latin was released.
A revised action plan will be released in 2011 and a revised implementation plan will be release in 2012.
In April 2009, the Vermont Department of Health released a revised study which found that all of the deaths related to the asbestos mine were caused by occupational exposure.

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