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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1200
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

There and was
There was more to this than Jones had told him.
There was no one but me.
There was a ragged volley.
There was only one place where Jake Carwood's description had gone badly awry: the peace and quiet.
There was brush, and stands of pine that no grass could grow under, and places so steep that cattle wouldn't stop to graze.
There was an artificial lake just out of sight in the first stand of trees, fed by a half dozen springs that popped out of the ground above the hillside orchard.
There was no chance.
There was no moon.
There a dozen giant monitors played their seventy-five-foot jets of water against the huge seam of tertiary gravel which was the mountainside.
There was only one place where the mountain might receive her -- that unnamed, unnameable pool harbored in its secret bosom.
There was a peculiar density about it, a thick substance that could be sensed but never identified, never actually perceived.
There was some idle talk, a listless discussion of this or that small happening during the day's drive.
There was to be no gunplay.
There was a light in Black's front room, but drawn curtains prevented any view of the interior.
There was no lock on the door, only an iron hook which he unfastened.
There was raw fury in his eyes, and the veins of his neck were swollen.
There was a feeling that this mission would be canceled like all the others and that this muddy wet dark world of combat would go on forever.
There was not enough room to make the usual vertical bomb run.
There was, of course, no way for the other planes to get by them.
There was no time to pick out a penny ; ;
There was a blur just under my focus of vision, a crash ; ;
There had been a good second or two during which my muffler had been blowing out, and now I was certain I'd seen her somewhere before.
There was something about the contour of her face, her smile that was like New Orleans sunshine, the way she held her head, the way she walked -- there was scarcely anything she did which did not fascinate me.

There and rhythm
There is a peaceful image of Rieux lying motionless on his back gazing up at the stars and moon, and then when Tarrou joins him they swim side by side, " with the same zest, the same rhythm, isolated from the world, at last free of the town and of the plague.
There are six keys movements of the discus throw: wind up, move in rhythm, balance, right leg engine, orbit, and delivery.
There was a large emphasis on the rhythm section with handclaps or tambourine.
There are other songs typical to each gender, women having eremwu eu and abaimajani, rhythmic a cappella songs, and laremuna wadaguman, men's work songs, chumba and hunguhungu, a circular dance in a three-beat rhythm, which is often combined with punta.
* John Lennon – lead, harmony and backing vocals ; rhythm and acoustic guitars ; harmonica and handclaps ; nylon-string acoustic guitar on " Till There Was You "; Hammond organ on " I Wanna Be Your Man " and tambourine on " Don't Bother Me "
There has been a constant renaming of this signature rhythm ( or riddim ), such as " Diseases " ( after the popular version of the tune by Papa Michigan and General Smiley ).
There are other aspects outside of the Clave that help define Salsa rhythm: the cowbell, the Montuno rhythm and the Tumbao rhythm.
There are now specifications for the tipping weight of a hurdle ( the weights need to be adjusted to correspond with the height of the hurdle ) so hitting a hurdle theoretically slows down the rhythm of the hurdler.
There is no percussive aspect to the sound like that produced by a wind chime ; rather crescendos and decrescendos of harmonic frequencies are played in rhythm to the winds.
There is evidence indicating that rhythm is highly sensitive to competing motor production.
There are various reasons for this: drums are usually the rhythm leaders, making it easier for musicians recording later tracks to keep to the common beat of the drums and the precise attack of drum sounds.
There, Selena performs at a carnival and is poorly received, but one day, while the family is on the beach Marcela hears a song on the radio and teaches Selena about a rhythm called Cumbia, which helps her and her band become more popular.
They produced and co-wrote " There Goes My Baby ", a hit for The Drifters in 1959, which introduced the use of strings for saxophone-like riffs, a tympani for the Brazilian baion rhythm they incorporated, and lavish production values into the established black R & B sound, laying the groundwork for the soul music that would follow.
There is here certainly such a symmetry in the single sentences that the rhythm which has been designated above as the poetic rhythm must be ascribed to them.
There are some very old examples, which have retained their direct relation with the rhythm and process of the work to be done.
There are arguments that support a relative freedom of rhythm in Organa dupla but others refute this, saying that the interpretation of the music should always be according to modal or Franconian principles.
There are also public sacred songs, as well as ritual speeches that are sometimes perceived as musical because of their use of rhythm and melody.
There is no set rhythm for terza rima, but in English, iambic pentameter is generally preferred.
There are various rhythms for the conga, the most well-known being the marcha. This rhythm is commonly played on 1 to 3 congas, but has no true limit for the amount used.
There is also the bolero rhythm, which goes 1-2-3 1-2 1-2-3.
There was a lightness in the rhythm, a quality of generosity and spaciousness in the movement that struck me as a dance should, as a poetic presence.

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