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Page "learned" ¶ 108
from Brown Corpus
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These and extrapolated
These keys are the working principles of physics, mathematics and astronomy, principles which are then extrapolated, or projected, to explain phenomena of which we have little or no direct knowledge.
These fundamental similarities and differences provide a unifying theme, sometimes allowing the principles learned from studying one cell type to be extrapolated and generalized to other cell types.
These shorter blue vectors are extrapolated out into the block of black vectors which fill a volume of space.
These preferences were extrapolated from the typological theories proposed by Carl Gustav Jung and first published in his 1921 book Psychological Types ( English edition, 1923 ).
These derivatives, though they do not share cyberpunk's computers-focused setting, may display other qualities drawn from or analogous to cyberpunk: a world built on one particular technology that is extrapolated to a highly sophisticated level ( this may even be a fantastical or anachronistic technology, akin to retro-futurism ), a gritty transreal urban style, or a particular approach to social themes.

These and fluxes
These fluxes are vectors at each point in space, and have a definite magnitude and direction.
These measurements, combined with simulation modeling of annual fluxes of CO, showed that papyrus swamps have the potential to sequester large amounts of the carbon ( 1. 6 kg C m-2 y-1 ) when detritus accumulates under water in anaerobic conditions, but they are a net source of carbon release to the atmosphere ( 1. 0 kg C m-2 y-1 ) when water levels fall to expose detritus and rhizomes to aerobic conditions.
These biochemical fluxes are studied in the atmosphere ( e. g. greenhouse gasses ), aquatic ecosystems and soil vegetation.
These terms are then evaluated as fluxes at the surfaces of each finite volume.
These cycles are usually characterised as quantitative fluxes between constituent reservoirs defined within the ocean system and as residence times within the ocean.
These terms are then evaluated as fluxes at the surfaces of each finite volume.
These measured fluxes can then be compared to the measured fluxes of similar stars within the Milky Way to measure the distance.
These Ca2 + signals, integrating extracellular and intracellular fluxes have been implicated to play roles in synaptic plasticity and memory, neurotransmitter release, neuronal excitability and long term changes at the gene transcription level.

These and are
These are just another couple of characters to roll.
These men are not callous.
These things are important to almost all Persians and perhaps most important to the most ordinary.
These are traversed by another line of vaults, and thus rooms, arched on all four sides, are formed.
These songs ( practically all Persian music, for that matter ) are limited to a range of two octaves.
These are not, however, differences in federal structure.
These my grandmother left in their places ( they are still there, more persistent and longer-lived than the generations of man ) and planted others like them, that flourished without careful tending.
These are like the initial ways in which the world forces itself upon the self and thrusts the self into decision and choice.
These are suggestive of Selma Lagerlof.
These assumptions lead to an organization with one man at the top, six directly under him, six under each of these, and so on until there are six levels of personnel.
These ways are absolutely irreconcilable because they offer two different recipes for man's redemption from chaos.
These responses are explicable in terms of characteristics inherent in the crisis.
These discoveries are of present interest chiefly to the scientific community ; ;
These are personality factors ; ;
These are, if the research is done with subtlety and skill, researchable topics, but the research is missing.
These moments are historical events in the lives of individual authors with which the student of comparative literature must be frequently concerned.
These lives are in themselves outside of the moral order and are unburdened with moral responsibility.
These conceptions and the manner in which they were transposed into poetry or engendered by poetic form are intrinsic to western life from the time of Aeschylus to that of Shakespeare.
These biographical analogies are obvious, and far too much time has been spent speculating on their possible implications.
These women whose organization grew out of the old suffrage movement are dedicated to Thomas Jefferson's dictum that one must cherish the people's spirit but `` Keep alive their attention ''.
These are, of course, the same people whose support he has only now rejected to seek the independent vote.
These are New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, Illinois and Minnesota.
These men are spenders.

These and about
These new pictures focussed on the familiar and commonplace objects that he had heard the men in his prison camp talking about as the things they missed most, hence associated with the sense of lost freedom: the cafe at the corner, the newspaper kiosk, the girls in doorways and windows along the street, the golden-crusted French bread they lacked, the cigarettes denied them.
These rumors of permanent separation started up a whole crop of stories about her.
These people were not talking much about it, but you, a foreigner, sensed their apprehension and disappointment.
These gentlemen already have done the party harm by their seeming reluctance to vote aid for the depressed areas and by their criticism of Mr. Kennedy for talking about a recession and unemployment.
These seem about the only two ways in which the `` unhappy incident '' can now be closed.
These areas comprise about half of the total area of rodent infestation on the National Forests.
These are made on special order only, in Kodiak grade ( about $310 ), with integral muzzle brakes and heavy rubber recoil pads ; ;
These records, when systematically maintained, provide much information about the children, which the teacher can use in guidance, instruction, grouping, and reporting to parents.
These observations about Hardy's productivity tally with the details of his life as we know them.
These studies are being extended to different polymers to increase our knowledge about the hindrances to rotation around chain bonds.
These carts were of a type devised in Pembina in the days of Alexander Henry the Younger about a decade before the Selkirk colony was begun.
These men -- for the most part educated in our `` best '' New England colleges, well established financially and socially in the community -- under kindly but insistent probing, reveal little or no objective or explicit criteria or data for their generalizations about the interests and attitudes of the people they claim to serve, or about the public responses that actually follow their occasional breach of a `` client-service relationship ''.
These scripts are thought to derive from the Proto-Sinaitic alphabet ( dated to about 1500 BC ), which is thought to derive from Egyptian hieroglyphs.
These three personages are often difficult to tell apart, and even the ancient mythographers appear to have been perplexed about which Aeolus was which.
These typically have a mean diameter of about 0. 7 micrometers.
These have not been worked since about 1875.
These openings all exemplify Nimzowitsch's ideas about controlling the center with pieces instead of pawns.
These have been dated to about 77, 000 years ago, during the Middle Stone Age.
These cattle have a muscle yield of about 20 % more on average than cattle without the genetic myostatin mutation.
These negotiations were complicated by the sudden death of Lord George on 21 September 1848, but Disraeli obtained a loan of £ 25, 000 ( equivalent to about £ as of ) from Lord George's brothers Lord Henry Bentinck and Lord Titchfield.
These are inherently more aerodynamic than upright versions, as the rider may lean back onto a support and operate pedals that are on about the same level as the seat.
These ended in disaster when Penda, the pagan king of Mercia, killed the newly Christian Edwin of Northumbria at the Battle of Hatfield Chase in about 632.
These need not be greater numerical losses-if one side is much more numerous than the other than pursuing a strategy based on attrition can work even if casualties on both sides are about equal.

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