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These and guns
These ships displaced 1, 850 tons and were armed with eight guns in four twin turrets and four torpedo tubes.
These were followed by the J Class and L class destroyers, with six guns in twin turrets and eight torpedo tubes.
These vessels were significantly larger than wartime ships and had fully automatic main guns, unit Machinery, radar, sonar, and antisubmarine weapons such as the Squid mortar.
These could be warships carrying their principal battery of carriage-mounted guns on a single deck or on two decks ( with further smaller carriage-mounted guns usually carried on the forecastle and quarterdeck of the vessel ).
These ships were square-rigged and carried all their main guns on a single continuous upper deck.
These were first created in the 1th century although the design will not be applied to guns until the 16th century.
These guns require ATTs, and as such can only be shot at ranges.
These include: electric airsoft guns, triggers of electropneumatic paintball guns, go-cart speed controls, smart phones, and some global positioning systems.
These guns were the biggest artillery pieces ever fielded by an army during wartime, and weighed almost 1, 344 tons.
These had turbines, twelve 10. 5 cm guns as main armament, but were also equipped to carry and lay 100 mines.
These had four turrets mounting two 30. 5 cm guns arranged in two turrets either end, with the inner turret able to fire over the outer.
* Infantry Casemates ( 4 ): These bunkers were armed with twin machine-guns ( abbreviated as JM in French ) and anti-tank guns of.
These GFM cloches sometimes were used to emplace machine guns or observation periscopes.
These huge guns were the decisive weapon of siege warfare in the 20th century, taking part at Przemysl, the Belgian sieges, on the Italian Front and Serbian Front, and even being reused in World War II.
These laws placed the native population under obligation to serve the farmers for a reasonable wage, prohibited them from possession of guns and ammunition and restricted their movements around the country.
These ships, which, after the Russo-Japanese War ( 1904 – 1905 ), became known simply as destroyers, were basically enlarged torpedo boats, with speed equal to or surpassing the torpedo boats, but were armed with heavier guns that could attack them before they were able to close on the main fleet.
These included the modern martial arts action movies, featuring physical acrobatics and dangerous stunt work, of Jackie Chan and his stunt team as well as Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao ; the wire fu and wuxia films of Tsui Hark, Yuen Woo-Ping, Jet Li and Donnie Yen ; the gun fu, heroic bloodshed and Triad films of John Woo, Ringo Lam and Chow Yun-Fat ; and the girls with guns films of Moon Lee and Michelle Yeoh.
These are, the reduction in gun crime in Northern Ireland ( which led to guns coming from there to the criminal black market in England ); guns ( official issue or confiscated ) acquired by military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan ; and guns coming from Eastern Europe after the fall of the iron curtain.
These included guns, ammunition and other factory made goods.
These 16 rockets plus 16 reloads gave them as much firepower as a destroyer's guns.

These and some
These desires presuppose a sense of causally efficacious powers in which one is involved, some working for one's good, others threatening ill.
These basic ideas concerning the nature of religion were, Adams believed, some of the major keys to the understanding of history and the movement of society.
These additional modern bombers will replace some of the older B-47 medium bombers ; ;
These are only halfway measures, and the answer will come when some way is found to allow the technical man in industry to progress without limit in salary and prestige ''.
These needs usually concern the reduction of guilt and some relief of tension.
From here they proceeded to ( 3 ) These same areas in relation to their own future family life stages, developing these to the extent of examining various crises which could be expected to confront them at some time or other.
These signs are the inventories of unsold houses in some areas of the country and the moderate rise in vacancy rates for apartments ( 7.6% in September ).
These polar extremes in time diffusion were indicated in some of the comments by unwed mothers reported in earlier chapters.
These protists live as individual amoebae until starved, at which point they aggregate and form a multicellular fruiting body in which some cells sacrifice themselves to promote the survival of other cells in the fruiting body.
These axioms are sufficient for many proofs in elementary mathematical analysis, and are consistent with some principles, such as the Lebesgue measurability of all sets of reals, that are disprovable from the full axiom of choice.
These are all L-stereoisomers ( left handed isomers ) although a few D-amino acids ( right handed ) occur in bacterial envelopes and some antibiotics.
These snails cling solidly with their broad muscular foot to rocky surfaces at sublittoral depths, although some species such as Haliotis cracherodii used to be common in the intertidal zone.
These findings may corroborate the evidence for social behaviour in Albertosaurus, although some or all of the above localities may represent temporary or unnatural aggregations.
These are the assembly ( in some cases with a quorum of 6000 ), the council of 500 ( boule ) and the courts ( a minimum of 200 people, but running at least on some occasions up to 6000 ).
These alleged refugees claimed the ancestry of Sargon of Akkad ( whose dynasty died out some 15 centuries before the fall of Assyria ), they also contradictionally claimed ancestry from Nabopolassar, a Babylonian king of Chaldean extraction who played a major part in the destruction of the Assyrian Empire.
These orchestral works are mainly in the galant style and though they show some development toward the late classical they reflect a general weakness in comparison to his operatic works of the same and later periods.
These titrations may use different types of indicators to reach some equivalence point.
These included some for the Triumphs of Maximilian, where he followed the overall style presumably set by Hans Burgkmair, although he was able to escape somewhat from this in his depictions of the more disorderly baggage-train, still coming through a mountain landscape.
These activists also point out that heavy subsidization of developed nations ' agriculture and the aggressive use of export subsidies by some developed nations to make their agricultural products more attractive on the international market are major causes of declines in the agricultural sectors of many developing nations.
These engines comprise specialised devices which use some form of stored energy to operate, whether mechanical, chemical, or electromagnetic.
These became established in the 19th century, but the origin of these breeds is uncertain, and a matter of some speculation.
These adverse effects were reversed when the regimen stopped, but it was fatal in some patients with protracted vomiting.
These compounds, e. g. calicheamicin, are some of the most aggressive antitumor drugs known, so much so that the ene-diyne subunit is sometimes referred to as a " warhead.
These are: ( 1 ) the presence of a living being, human or animal ; ( 2 ) the knowledge that the being is a living being ; ( 3 ) the intent to kill ; ( 4 ) the act of killing by some means ; and ( 5 ) the resulting death.

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