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These and offer
These ways are absolutely irreconcilable because they offer two different recipes for man's redemption from chaos.
`` These recent steps do not offer the possibility of extension to the great number of senior engineers who have displayed technical competence.
These specialty and pay BBSes usually had something special to offer their users such as large file libraries, warez, pornography, chat rooms or Internet access.
These companies all offer fixed telephony and digital television in a triple play formula.
These companies all offer specialised services.
These and others continue to be popular and some offer other dancing and activities besides contra dancing.
These schools typically offer six facets of education.
These resulted in a job offer.
These professionals can offer insight into usability in communication for software projects.
These users offer software developers an outside perspective of the project, often helping developers gain insight into potential areas of trouble that might have been overlooked or passed over because of familiarity with the system.
These companies offer both English-and Spanish-language television, plus a range of channels in other languages, high definition channels, pay-per-view movies and events, sports packages and premium movie channels such as HBO, Playboy TV, Cinecanal, etc.
These plants offer efficiencies of up to 60 %.
These forums offer support for beginning designers and players, reviews of new scenarios and general discussions about the use of the scenario editor.
These manuals offer a great deal of information to dance historians and musicologists alike in that each description of a dance is accompanied by music examples with lute tablature and directions about how each music example is to be played.
These companies also offer TV-Cable, Internet and International Roaming.
These licenses offer users limited use, while attempting to recuperate development cost through the full product.
He received praise for his performance, and the studio liked his work enough to offer him These Wilder Years with Barbara Stanwyck.
These ICDPs were intended to offer farmers economic alternatives ecologically unsound environmental practices.
These devices also offer improvements like random access to any scene in the recording and " live " time shifting and have replaced videotape in many situations.
These organizations may offer additional events in comparison to the NFL or NCFL.
These generally provide additional parameters to the player, or offer alterations to the overall timbre.
These companies offer customers more in the way choice and many of the beers now produced in Sweden are of the very highest international quality, produced with carefully cultivated brewing yeasts ( often imported from Germany, Belgium or Britain ).
These systems offer security against a non-human adversary / warden.
These figures, called " spirits " to distinguish them from the ghosts, offer to assist them in the journey toward the mountains and the sunrise.

These and facilities
These amendments to the Vocational Rehabilitation Act were designed to help provide for more specialized rehabilitation facilities, for more sheltered and `` half-way '' workshops, for greater numbers of adequately trained personnel, for more comprehensive services to individuals ( particularly to the homebound and the blind ), and for other administrative improvements to increase the program's overall effectiveness.
These schools are intended to provide the facilities and specialized curriculum that would not be possible for very small school districts.
These areas contribute famous skyscrapers, abundant restaurants, shopping, museums, a stadium for the Chicago Bears, convention facilities, parkland, and beaches.
These included the exploitation of natural resources and the colonization of remote areas as well as the realization of enormous infrastructural facilities and industrial construction projects.
These homes would share toilet facilities, have open sewers and would be at risk of developing pathologies associated with persistent dampness.
These facilities were moved to eastern Germany, away from possible Allied threats.
These facilities make it possible to implement co-routines or Prolog-like back-tracking without modifying the virtual machine.
These facilities have also been used to provide grid stability in distribution systems.
These are commonly found at refineries, district heating units, pulp and paper plants, and desalination facilities where large amounts of low pressure process steam are available.
These have primarily come from the conversion of AM facilities, most of which formerly had adult standards formats.
These facilities include Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory in West Mifflin, PA and its associated Naval Reactors Facility in Idaho, and Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory in Niskayuna, NY and its associated Kesselring site in West Milton, NY, all under the management of the office of Naval Reactors.
These early discussions paved the way for new IMF facilities to provide finance for shortfalls in commodity earnings, and for the Generalised Preference Schemes which increased access to Northern markets for manufactured imports from the South.
These facilities were privatised in 1997 as Merlin Communications, which were later acquired and operated as part of a wider network for multiple broadcasters by VT Communications ( now part of Babcock International Group ).
These facilities provide assisted living for patients with mental illnesses for an extended period of time, and often aid in the transition to self-sufficiency.
These secure hospital facilities are divided into three main categories and are referred to as High, Medium and Low Secure.
These later versions lack the memory mapping facilities of OS-9 / 6809 Level Two simply because they do not need them.
These are largely social and cultural institutions, providing their members with facilities for debating, dining, recreation, socialising, and drinking, and both have a number of meeting rooms available for rental to members.
These provided easy accommodations, dining, and storage for equipment while avoiding the indignities of segregated facilities.
These measures included construction of underground facilities such as " Mount Weather ", a hollowed-out putatively nuclear-proof mountain in western Virginia with a mailing address in Berryville, Virginia.
These clubs often feature indoor sports, such as indoor tennis, squash, basketball, boxing, and exercise facilities.
These preferred camping spots became sources of cholera in the epidemic years ( 1849 – 1855 ) as many thousands of people used the same camping spots with essentially no sewage facilities or adequate sewage treatment.
These projects include 8 museums, 38 corporate headquarters, 7 research facilities, performing arts centers, theaters, and campus buildings for 6 universities.
These learned men, degree-holders, and local elites supervised local affairs and sponsored necessary facilities of local communities ; any local magistrate appointed to his office by the government relied upon the cooperation of the few or many local gentry elites in the area.
These facilities base their programs on the success of Rational emotive behavior therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Cognitive Appraisal Therapy, and Schema Therapy for anxiety and depression, as well as for substance abuse.

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