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These and figures
These extrapolated fluxes are about an order of magnitude less than the values from the satellite data and the figures in Whipple's table.
These figures indicate that we are losing almost as many as we are receiving into membership.
These and other figures and comments have been reported in a special supplement of Sponsor magazine, a trade publication for radio and TV advertisers.
Galileo announced his discovery that Venus had phases like the Moon in the form " Haec immatura a me iam frustra leguntur-oy " ( Latin: These immature ones have already been read in vain by me-oy ), that is, when rearranged, " Cynthiae figuras aemulatur Mater Amorum " ( Latin: The Mother of Loves Venus imitates the figures of Cynthia the moon ).
These early humans equated this soul with figures which would appear in dreams and visions.
These include the appearance of a number of figures and images which have become important in Christian eschatology, such as the Whore of Babylon and the Beast, and culminate in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
These fields have produced prominent figures within these two industries.
These figures include poet Samuel Loveman and bookman George Kirk.
These letters were intended to reach men and women of her circle, increasingly widening her audience to include figures in authority as she begged for peace between the republics and principalities of Italy and for the return of the Papacy from Avignon to Rome.
These figures indicate that, compared to the more recent figures above, there has been a deterioration this decade, rather than improvement.
These figures are " on average " since DARPA focuses on short-term ( two to four-year ) projects run by small, purpose-built teams.
These are both real and imagined letters, written by the protagonist Moses E. Herzog to family members, friends and famous figures.
These great lantern-structures are colorfully painted with mythical figures ; and teams of men carry them through the streets as crowds shout encouragement.
These figures come from the 1988 census:
These talks led to the Paris Accords in November 1994, under which several opposition figures were included in a government of national unity, and constitutional reforms were approved in a referendum in 1995.
These talks led to the Paris Accords in November 1994 in which several opposition figures were included in a government of national unity.
These figures from the 2002 World Bank are converted to US dollars.
These figures are impressive yet reflect production losses suffered by banana producers and the withholding of coffee exports from the market in an effort to fight steep price declines.
These two figures represent only the primary agricultural production: along with related businesses, agriculture makes up about 13 % of the GDP.
These figures correspond to an average of more than 100 deaths and 200 casualties per week in a population of 2, 000, 000.
These figures, when added to 1 in the denominator, represent very small corrections in the value of R, and thus only small corrections to all energy levels in corresponding hydrogen isotopes.
These include such mythological figures as Amaterasu Omikami, the sun goddess of the Shinto pantheon.
These figures are slightly inflated due to the inclusion of areas within the Regional Districts which are not normally considered to be part of the Lower Mainland, notably the lower Fraser Canyon and the heads of Harrison and Pitt Lakes, which are within the FVRD, and Lions Bay and Bowen Island, which are within the GVRD
These included trips to Rome to meet with the pope and other important religious and political figures.

These and called
These vowelless alphabets are called abjads, currently exemplified in scripts including Arabic, Hebrew, and Syriac.
These alcohols are called fusel alcohols or fusel oils in brewing and tend to have a spicy or peppery flavor.
These villages, called pueblos by Spanish settlers, were often only accessible by rope or through rock climbing.
These are collegiate foundations, which provide a home and an income for unmarried ladies, generally of noble birth, called canonesses ( Kanonissinen ) or more usually Stiftsdamen.
These authors, the former a medieval historian and the latter an early modernist, quickly became associated with the distinctive Annales approach, which combined geography, history, and the sociological approaches of the Année Sociologique ( many members of which were their colleagues at Strasbourg ) to produce an approach which rejected the predominant emphasis on politics, diplomacy and war of many 19th and early 20th-century historians as spearheaded by historians whom Febvre called Les Sorbonnistes.
These " conversations " as he called them, were more or less informal talks on a great range of topics, spiritual, aesthetic and practical, in which he emphasized the ideas of the school of American Transcendentalists led by Emerson, who was always his supporter and discreet admirer.
These Oblates were dispersed by Napoleon I in 1810, while another group called the Oblates of Our Lady of Rho escaped this fate.
These were two functions that called machine-language functions stored in memory.
These guitars are commonly called " parlor steels " as they are well-suited to smaller rooms.
These are also sometimes called simply AC1, AC2, etc., and, somewhat confusingly, sometimes Roman numerals are used for these isoforms that all belong to the overall AC class III.
These were mineral spirit-based paints called Magna.
These sets were expanded in 1963 to 7 bits of coding, called the American Standard Code for Information Interchange ( ASCII ) as the Federal Information Processing Standard which replaced the incompatible teleprinter codes in use by different branches of the U. S. government.
These four-bit quantities are sometimes called nibbles, and correspond to hexadecimal digits.
These were called FidoNet Technology Networks ( FTNs ).
These elections constitutionally must be held no longer than every five years apart, however elections can be called whenever the Government so chooses to seek a new mandate or loses a vote of no confidence in Parliament.
These neurons communicate with one another by means of long protoplasmic fibers called axons, which carry trains of signal pulses called action potentials to distant parts of the brain or body targeting specific recipient cells.
These axons transmit signals in the form of electrochemical pulses called action potentials, which last less than a thousandth of a second and travel along the axon at speeds of 1 – 100 meters per second.
These molecules recognize specific reactant molecules called substrates ; they then catalyze the reaction between them.
These are sometimes called " the four pillars of the Big Bang theory ".
These towboats travel between ports and are also called line-haul boats.
These are often called ' pike poles '.
These were held in a powerful fortress called Genucla ( Isaccea, near modern Tulcea, Rom., in the Danube delta region ), controlled by Zyraxes, the local Getan petty king.
These effects are called macroscopic quantum phenomena.
These are sometimes called Weber functions after Heinrich Martin Weber, and also Neumann functions after Carl Neumann.

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