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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 220
from Brown Corpus
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They and look
They reined in there, Brannon remaining in the saddle while Hogan went to look for Jesse Macklin in the hotel dining room.
They are preoccupied riding herd on control panels, switches, flashing colored lights on pale green or gray consoles that look like business machines.
They also called upon Diane with a request for a look at her passport.
They look after their fields and children and water buffaloes in ten or eleven thousand villages, with an average of 200 souls.
`` They aren't supposed to look at women, you know '', Ramsey recalled.
They decided that they thought Rembrandt's self-portrait made him look `` sad '' ; ;
They all had the hard look of gamblers who had stopped dreaming, who automatically turned the cards, hardly caring what showed up.
`` They make us conformists look good ''.
" They won with homegrown players, have more talent on the way and have maintained stability in their front office, so they had pretty much everything we look for in an organization.
They do this to look " together " and like a team when performing.
They look out for deductions, or things that go wrong, such as a dropped stunt.
They also look for touch downs in tumbling for deductions.
They are attack-programmed guard dogs whose long hairless tails make them look less like dogs and more like rats.
They were organized around the year 1729 to fill out the army and make it look larger in battle, armed only with banners. Dahomey female soldiers The women reportedly behaved so courageously they became a permanent corps.
They work on the premise that, although different sediments may look different depending on the conditions under which they were laid down, they may include the remains of the same species of fossil.
They are small creatures with heads that look like potatoes on small stubby bodies.
Scorpionmen are belligerent folk, who look like a sort of scorpion-human centaur. They are described as stupid, vicious and live in violent matriarchies with a religious emphasis on devouring.
They look to the scriptures for spiritual guidance, but do not necessarily believe the teachings to be literally or uniquely true.
They look like giant 3-foot versions of the metal jacks that children play with.
They may well kiss and dance before Judy requests Mr. Punch to look after the baby.
They embraced the look and style of the street by wearing jeans, lace-less Adidas sneakers, and their trademark black fedoras.
They were assisted in this by a group of friends and associates who helped to sculpt the classic Roxy Music ' look ', notably fashion designer Antony Price, hair stylist Keith Mainwaring, photographer Karl Stoecker, the group's " PR consultant " Simon Puxley ( a former university friend of Mackay's ) and Ferry's art school classmate Nicholas De Ville.
They took a little rhumba rhythm and added boogie woogie and now look what they got!
They told him that they wanted some parts of the film to have a real and contemporary feeling and other parts, like the dream sequences, to have a very stylized look.

They and if
`` They wouldn't have sold me in the first place if there'd been food enough to go around ''.
They believe that if the South had been let alone it would have produced a civilization superior to that of modern America.
They have indicated the direction but they have not been explicit enough, I believe, in pointing out Faulkner's independence, his questioning if not indeed challenging the Southern tradition.
`` They straggle at such a rate '', he told the commander-in-chief, `` that if the enemy were enterprising, they might get two from us, when we would take one of them, which makes me wish General Howe would go on, lest any incident happen to us ''.
They hope that if history vouchsafes the West another Budapest, we will receive the opportunity gladly.
They caused my love for Jessica to become warmer and at the same time more hopeless, as if my adolescent self knew that only torment would ever bring me the courage to ask to see her again.
They can be effective, however, if their members set high standards for candidates and devote substantial time to the work.
They stick to their principles, insist upon their due, but grow and bloom with dependable regularity if given it.
They were asked to vote `` true '' if they thought they had seen him make the error, `` false '' if they thought he had not ; ;
They initiate campaigns, so to speak, even if this initiation is diffused among them, and their concerted action only psychologically organized.
They generally vote so as to serve their own constituency, and if the constituency should be solidly middle class or solidly lower class, they might be expected to vote and work for middle- or for lower-class interests in education.
They will kneel and plead for Boris' leadership in a strangely intense song, its phrases irregularly broken as if gasping for breath, but when the police with their cudgels move away, they mock and grumble and fight among themselves.
They looked as if they had been fed on vinegar and shavings.
`` They don't like it if I do anything away from home.
They would be particularly displeased with the State Department if it were the source of such reports.
They knew that I was still grieving over the tragic event, and they felt that if I could see the recovery and the spirit of the people, who hold no grudge, but who also regret Pearl Harbor, I would be happier and would understand better a new Japan.
They can hardly restrain themselves from raising the question of whether Republicans, if they had been in power, would have made `` amateurish and monumental blunders '' in Cuba.
They indicated that stand-ins and picketing would be started if theater owners failed to cooperate.
They will have a greater appreciation for the Church and a deeper devotion to it if membership requires something of them.
They begged Grandma to let them put a bed in the kitchen for her, but Grandma said she was getting too old to sleep in strange beds and be seen with her teeth out, and that she hoped to die in privacy like a Christian and if the Lord willed it to be of pneumonia than it would have to be that way.
They were all shouting at her as if she were the embodiment of the evil she brought.
They all surrounded him, the family circle, Theresa and George as solemn as if they were watching the cat have kittens, and Cousin Emma running back and forth with a kettle of hot water which she poured steaming into a white enamelled pan.
They would not care if all of Europe were to sink into the ocean tomorrow.

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