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We and must
`` We know Penny spent some -- and Carmer must have dropped a few dollars getting that load on ''.
We must believe we have the ability to affect our own destinies: otherwise why try anything??
We must not forget, to be sure, that free discussion and debate have produced beneficial results.
We must meet this situation by promoting a rising volume of exports and world trade.
We face, indeed, what may be a turning point in history, and we must act decisively and wisely.
We must be ever alert that freedom does not wither through the careless amassing of restrictive controls or the lack of courage to deal boldly with the issues of the day.
We must avoid the notion, suggested to some people by examples such as those just mentioned, that ideas are `` units '' in some way comparable to coins or counters that can be passed intact from one group of people to another or even, for that matter, from one individual to another.
We must, therefore, have a look at the new archaeological material and re-examine the literary and place-name evidence which bears upon the problem.
We must, first of all, be willing to forgive others before we can secure God's forgiveness.
We want the past forgiven, but at the same time we must be willing for God to direct the future.
We expect him to be noble, and to make us so -- yet he knows, and tries to tell us, how very humble man must be.
`` We were on our vacation in Canada '', Howard explained, in a muffled voice that must have been used to booming, `` and the news didn't catch up with us till we were nearly home.
We must use common sense in applying conditions
We must ask ourselves which of the two alternatives will help the commuter -- the two-way B. & O. - C. & O. merger, or the three-way New York Central - B. & O. - C. & O. merger.
We in this Department must think about foreign policy in its total context.
We must determine whether missiles can win a war all by themselves.
We must make certain that the aircraft is finished before we give the entire job to the missile.
We must build a corps of highly professional teachers of interior design who have had education, experience in the profession and are willing to take on the usual accompaniments of teaching -- minimal income and minimal status among their confreres.
Says Clarence Thompson: `` We dealers must earn our mark-up by performing a service for the builder cheaper than he could do it himself ''.
We must now show that on some component of the graph there exist two points for which the corresponding diagonal points in the C-plane are on opposite sides of C.
We must realize with Prof. Charles Morris in his The Open Self that `` Man is the being that can continually remake himself, the artisan that is himself the material for his own creation ''.
Denouncing the view that the sexual union is an end in itself, the Conference declared: `` We steadfastly uphold what must always be regarded as the governing considerations of Christian marriage.
We had nearly decided that all the tales of Lao lethargy must be true, when we were invited to take a trip with the Prime Minister.
`` We must solve the problems which have forced these people to depend upon ADC for subsistence '', Martin said.
He said, `` We Democrats must resolve our issues on the test of what is right and just, and not what is expedient at the time ''.

We and yield
We will not yield to the demands of Bern ''!!
We take the velocity field associated with this current as the velocity field whose integral curves yield the motion of the particle.
We can then define the set of satisficing options S as all those options that yield at least A: if and only if
We call two polyhedra scissors-congruent if the first can be cut into finitely many polyhedral pieces which can be reassembled to yield the second.
We swear to yield them never.
The general modus operandi of developing a sustainable, high yield, low labor, agricultural model based on the culturation of crop polycultures, developed by The Land Institute forms the substance of the chapter How Will We Feed Ourselves?
We are using foreign company employees, as well as employees in our own companies here, for the collection of intelligence having to do with economics along the lines of the construction of ships, the number of airplanes produced and their various types, the production of copper, zinc and aluminum, the yield of tin for cans, and lumber.
We say that SKx and I are " functionally equivalent " because they always yield the same result when applied to any y.
: We will never, never, ever yield unto the foe.
" Unlike The New York Times, the reviewer favourably compared some of the stories to those of Sherlock Holmes and concluded, " We hope that the partnership Poirot, Hastings and Japp will last long and yield many more narratives as exciting as these.

We and divine
We forbid marriages between blood-relatives because they are forbidden by the divine and secular laws.
We, adhering faithfully to the tradition received from the beginning of the Christian faith, to the glory of God, our Saviour, the elevation of the Catholic religion and the salvation of Christian peoples, with the approbation of the sacred Council, teach and explain that the dogma has been divinely revealed: that the Roman Pontiff, when he speaks ex cathedra, that is, when carrying out the duty of the pastor and teacher of all Christians by his supreme apostolic authority he defines a doctrine of faith or morals to be held by the universal Church, through the divine assistance promised him in blessed Peter, operates with that infallibility with which the divine Redeemer wished that His church be instructed in defining doctrine on faith and morals ; and so such definitions of the Roman Pontiff from himself, but not from the consensus of the Church, are unalterable.
Francis A. Schaeffer, an American theologian based in Switzerland, seizing upon the exclusion of the divine from most humanist writings, argued that rampant secular humanism would lead to moral relativism and ethical bankruptcy in his book How Should We Then Live: The Rise and Decline of Western Thought and Culture ( 1976 ).
We believe that human beings have moral responsibility and are created to enjoy both divine and human fellowship as children of God.
We ordain that the Catholic Apostolic and Roman religion shall be restored and reëstablished in all places and localities of this our kingdom and countries subject to our sway, where the exercise of the same has been interrupted, in order that it may be peaceably and freely exercised, without any trouble or hindrance ; forbidding very expressly all persons, of whatsoever estate, quality, or condition, from troubling, molesting, or disturbing ecclesiastics in the celebration of divine service, in the enjoyment or collection of tithes, fruits, or revenues of their benefices, and all other rights and dues belonging to them ; and that all those who during the troubles have taken possession of churches, houses, goods or revenues, belonging to the said ecclesiastics, shall surrender to them entire possession and peaceable enjoyment of such rights, liberties, and sureties as they had before they were deprived of them ....
Creation is seen as an act of divine choice and mercy, one with a grand purpose: " And We did not create the heaven and earth and that between them in play.
In Emperor Theodosius's edict De fide catholica of 27 February 380, enacted in Thessalonica and published in Constantinople for the whole empire, by which he established Catholic Christianity as the official religion of the empire, he referred to Damasus as a pontifex, while calling Peter an episcopus: "... the profession of that religion which was delivered to the Romans by the divine Apostle Peter, as it has been preserved by faithful tradition and which is now professed by the Pontiff Damasus and by Peter, Bishop of Alexandria ... We authorize the followers of this law to assume the title Catholic Christians ..." Some see in this an implied significant differentiation, but the title pontifex maximus is not used in the text ; pontifex is used instead: "... quamque pontificem damasum sequi claret et petrum alexandriae episcopum ..." ( Theodosian Code XVI. 1. 2 ; and Sozomen, " Ecclesiastical History ", VII, iv.
We believe that in the person of Jesus Christ the divine and human natures are united, so that he is truly and properly God and truly and properly man.
On February 28, 1971, at the dedication, Dominique De Menil said, " We are cluttered with images and only abstract art can bring us to the threshold of the divine ," noting Rothko ’ s courage in painting what might be called " impenetrable fortresses " of color.
In it he alluded to the King's need of divine grace saying: " We hope that he is aware of his need.
" In a letter to the Pope defending himself he stated that " This free will is in all good works always assisted by divine help ," and in an accompanying confession of faith, " Free-will we do so own, as to say that we always stand in need of God ’ s help ," However, he affirmed that " We do also abhor the blasphemy of those who say that any impossible thing is commanded to man by God ; or that the commandments of God cannot be performed by any one man " ( which the pope approved of upon receiving the letter ), whereas Augustine famously stated " non possum non peccare " (" It is not possible to not sin ").
Blavatsky in her book The Key to Theosophy ( 1889 ) wrote that: " We believe in a universal divine principle, the root of all, from which all proceeds, and within which all shall be at the end of the great cycle of being.
: Priest: We too, my Lord, your feeble, unworthy, and miserable servants who are gathered in your name and stand before you at this hour, and have received by tradition the example which is from you, while rejoicing, glorifying, exalting, and commemorating, perform this great, fearful, holy, life-giving, and divine Mystery of the passion, death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
* We believe Jesus Christ is the divine Son of God, was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died a sacrificial death, rose bodily from the dead on the third day and ascended into Heaven from where He will come again to receive all believers unto Himself.
" It accused the rulers of having " degenerated from the virtue and good government of their predecessors into tyranny ; governed contrary to all right laws, exercised such tyranny and arbitrary government, oppressed men in their consciences and civil rights ...", and affirmed in its final article that, " We bind and oblige ourselves to defend ourselves, and one another, in our worshipping of God, and in our natural, civil and divine rights and liberties, till we shall overcome, or send them down under debate to posterity, that they may begin where we end.
* We believe in divine healing for the body.
In the National Archives and Records Administration's 1999 Annual Report, National Archivist John W. Carlin writes, " We are different because our government and our way of life are not based on the divine right of kings, the hereditary privileges of elites, or the enforcement of deference to dictators.
We can also be prayer channels through which the divine energy flows to the needs of others.
In the play, the phrase was part of Irene's response to the armaments industrialist Weber after she berates him for his contribution to the war, to which he says: W: I am but the humble instrument of His divine will. I: We don't do half enough justice to Him.
We divine the system of the whole from the part we know, but the process of reconstruction must remain approximative.
We are a culture that lives in tune with our divine nature.
:" We next find Adam involved in the same sin, not through the instrumentality of a super-natural agent, but through that of his equal, a being whom he must have known was liable to transgress the divine command, because he must have felt that he was himself a free agent, and that he was restrained from disobedience only by the exercise of faith and love towards his Creator.
We proclaim social justice and humanity with divine love, goodwill, and peace.

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