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What and became
What he was about became clear to her with the circulation of another broadside proclamation by General McClellan, threatening reprisals against Rebel guerrillas.
What Parker and his contemporaries -- Gillespie, Davis, Monk, Roach ( Tristano is an anomaly ), etc. -- did was to absorb the musical ornamentation of the older jazz into the basic structure, of which it then became an integral part, and with which it then developed.
When her brother Winslow became a student at Brown University in 1874, she wrote him about a course in history he was taking under Professor Diman: `` What is Prof. Diman's definition of civilization, and take the world through, is its progress ever onward, or does it retrograde at times??
Van Doesburg became a friend of Schwitters, and together they organized the so-called Dutch Dada campaign in 1923, where Van Doesburg promoted a leaflet about Dada ( entitled What is Dada?
What became of it is unclear, and Neutral Moresnet was annexed to Belgium in the Treaty of Versailles, 1919.
What became known as the popular ' classical Hollywood ' style of editing was developed by early European and American directors, in particular D. W. Griffith in his films such as The Birth of a Nation and Intolerance.
On July 5, 1852, Douglass delivered an address to the Ladies of the Rochester Anti-Slavery Sewing Society, which eventually became known as " What to the slave is the 4th of July?
Coleman became the most popular fixture of the show, enhanced by his character's catchphrase " What ' choo talkin ' ' bout, Willis?
This was mainly due to the song " I Am What I Am ", which became a hit at dance clubs, and then on the Club Play chart in late 1983 / early 1984.
Humanae Vitae became " a sign of contradiction but also of continuity of the Church's doctrine and tradition ... What was true yesterday is true also today.
" Humanae Vitae became " a sign of contradiction but also of continuity of the Church's doctrine and tradition ... What was true yesterday is true also today.
What became known as Gabriel's slave conspiracy became public.
What became of the head of John the Baptist is difficult to determine.
In his book, The God Particle: If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question ?, Lederman writes that, although he was a chemistry major, he became fascinated with physics, because of the clarity of the logic and the unambiguous results from experimentation.
What had been de jure autonomous became de facto an independent Catholic Church.
Robyn became known in the late nineties for her worldwide dance-pop hit " Do You Know ( What It Takes )" from her debut album Robyn Is Here ( 1997 ).
What their music " lost " in rhythmic complexity, however, it gained in rhythmic vitality, as a " drive to the cadence " became a prominent feature around mid-century.
What is certain is that her name became linked with many tragic events and strange goings on recorded all over the UK, Australia and North America throughout the 17 / 18 / 19th centuries.
What had begun as a few pages, photocopied and sold to friends, became a publishing phenomenon.
In Britain, they became known as " What the butler saw " machines, taking the name from one of the first and most famous softcore reels.
What is clear is that from early on there were marked differences of wealth within the state, and these became even more serious after the law of Epitadeus, passed at some time after the Peloponnesian War, removed the legal prohibition of the gift or bequest of land.
What had been the Empire's most loyal dominion became a dissenter as it opposed efforts the first and second British Labour governments to trust the League's framework of arbitration and collective security agreements.
What is certain, though, is that at some point, Connacht was possessed by the spirit of the Leveler, at which point Connacht became Balor.
It became her one and only film, titled What Price Beauty?

What and grave
What a Lovely War which begins on a single war grave, gradually pulling backward to reveal hundreds of identical crosses.
For Marxists, the development of capitalism in western Europe provided a material basis for the possibility of bringing about socialism because, according to the Communist Manifesto, " What the bourgeoisie produces above all is its own grave diggers ", namely the working class, which must become conscious of the historical objectives set it by society.
Using computer animation techniques, Monkhouse was seen in a graveyard next to his own grave ( though in reality he was cremated ) talking about the disease seriously, interspersed with humorous asides to another camera (" What killed me kills one man per hour in Britain.
In a nod to their role on The Muppet Show, when Scrooge chalks their appearance up to indigestion -- " There's more of gravy than the grave about you "- they retort with " What a terrible pun!
What catches the eyes is the v-shaped 70 meter long grave on which residents of Barlonyo will be seated on it, eating or washing their clothes-or even drinking potent gin.
In a 2005 review of the South Korean movie Oldboy, Reed wrote: " What else can you expect from a nation weaned on kimchi, a mixture of raw garlic and cabbage buried underground until it rots, dug up from the grave and then served in earthenware pots sold at the Seoul airport as souvenirs?

What and clothes
What Joyce wanted me to do was go to Thor's house and `` do whatever detectives do '', and get her clothes -- and handbag containing her identification.
In 1967, Time magazine said of her " What Julie Christie wears has more real impact on fashion than all the clothes of the ten best-dressed women combined.
What differentiated the Tupi from the Old Paulistas was the use of clothes, salt, metal tools, weapons and other European items.
" On the next voyage, Raleigh was to learn that, while the chief of the Secotans was indeed called Wingina, the expression wingandacoa heard by the English upon arrival actually meant " What good clothes you wear!
What Nicholas wears could also be here to show that Nicholas wore clothes befitting his social class status.
What I learned was that ... if you leave it up to the audience, they can kill you .” ... “ I felt really violated: they cut up my clothes, stuck rose thorns in my stomach, one person aimed the gun at my head, and another took it away.
I would not arouse him, and proposed to go myself ; but he had heard all, and, hurrying into his clothes, was ready to go in spite of my remonstrance ' What of the night?
Cool, outgoing personality Vic Ferrari, upon replacing Arlo, remarks on his clothes as he finds himself in a psychiatrist ’ s office,What is this?
( One frame shows a pair of sour-faced judges in ceremonial clothes and wigs, one grimly asking the other " What is a style victim?
What is worse for Jam, Mrs. Bruce makes him wear new, ugly clothes she had bought for him at KMart.
The same year, she performed in the Off-Broadway play Love, Loss, and What I Wore, a series of monologues about women's clothes and their relationship to life events / memories.
What does it matter in the scheme of things whether or not you put on your clothes?
What may be seen as deviation from the film's docudrama narrative, as Lizzie hears her verdict, flashbacks are shown of her actually committing the murders in the nude and bathing after each death, thus explaining why no blood was ever found on her or her clothes ; however, it remains unclear whether Lizzie was actually reminiscing about the crimes or simply fantasizing how she herself would've disposed of her parents.
This explains his experiments mixing plena with pachanga, boogaloo and Dominican merengue, such as " Qué gente averiguá '" (" What nosey people "), a song where he mocked people who openly criticized that he was a miser, recycling old clothes until they wore thin, keeping his money hidden in a barrel or wearing an old hat from his Mayagüez days down 8th.
The flagship Glasgow store on Candleriggs was acquired by entrepreneurs Vera and Gerald Weisfeld in 1994 and reopened as discount clothes store Weisfelds in a similar concept to their previous business What Everyone Wants.

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