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Page "learned" ¶ 1067
from Brown Corpus
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While and we
While I fully agree with Sir Anthony's contention, I think that we must carry the analysis farther, bearing in mind that while common peril may be the measure of our need, the existence or absence of a positive sense of community must be the measure of our capacity.
While some think we move too fast and others too slowly, Florida's record is a good one and stands out among the 50.
While this was being discussed, we saw the militia to the west of us fanning out and breaking into little clusters of two and three men as they approached the road.
While observing the operations of our Government in various parts of the world, I have felt that in many situations where our policies were good we have tended to ignore minor problems which spoiled our main effort.
While we had expected that compulsive children in the unstructured school setting would have difficulty when compared to those in the structured, we were surprised to find that the achievement of the high compulsives within the schools where the whole-word method is used in beginning reading compares favorably with that of the low compulsives.
While obliged to concede governments in East Europe allied with the Soviet Union instead of opposed to it, we thought we had preserved our social and economic system in East Europe.
While nowadays we recognize the fact that there are many causes for bleeding at the nose, not long ago a nosebleed was simply that, and treatment had little variation.
While he declined to suggest, how, he said that sooner or later we must get rid of Castro, `` for unless we do we're liable to face similar situations in this hemisphere.
While we are filling outer space with scientific successes, for many the `` inner '' space of their soul is an aching void.
" While we were having dinner, he got up and came back with his hands behind his back.
While all these conditions are equivalent for metric spaces, in general we have the following implications:
" While the economic slowdown has created a difficult business environment, we are encouraged by brisk activity from new and existing propeller fleet operators placing almost 200 orders for 2009 production aircraft ," Pelton stated.
While we now see with our own eyes that such operations were a habit which is prevalent among all civilized people of the west "
# While ideal gas molecules do not interact, we consider molecules attracting others within a distance of several molecules ' radii.
The EPR paper ends by saying: While we have thus shown that the wave function does not provide a complete description of the physical reality, we left open the question of whether or not such a description exists.
While we cannot do this by simply rearranging the quantifiers, we show that it is yet enough to prove the theorem for sentences of that form.
While we do not know Palestrina's compositional motivations, he may have been quite conscious of the need for intelligible text, however, this was not to conform with any doctrine of the Counter-Reformation, because no such doctrine exists.

While and American
While there he collaborated with American physician Charles Claude Guthrie in work on vascular suture and the transplantation of blood vessels and organs as well as the head, and Carrel was awarded the 1912 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for these efforts.
* Egg roll – While native Chinese spring rolls have a thin crispy skin with mushrooms, bamboo, and other vegetables inside, the Westernized version ( specifically the version found in such American Northeast metro areas as Boston and New York ) uses a thick, fried skin stuffed with cabbage and usually bits of meat or seafood ( such as pork or shrimp ), but no egg.
While the Scandinavian branch emphasizes pantheist spirituality rooted in medieval and contemporary Scandinavian folklore, the American branch postulates a " native religion of the peoples of Northern Europe " reaching back into the paleolithic.
While the earliest cuisine of the United States was influenced by indigenous American Indians, the cuisine of the thirteen colonies or the culture of the antebellum American South ; the overall culture of the nation, its gastronomy and the growing culinary arts became ever more influenced by its changing ethnic mix and immigrant patterns from the 18th and 19th centuries unto the present.
While it contains much in the way of Native American tradition, it should not be confused with the tribal beliefs of any community of native people.
While in the view of most American academics the two were as diametrically opposed as good and evil, Sakharov believed that in this " tragic confrontation of two outstanding people ," both deserved respect, because " each of them was certain he had right on his side and was morally obligated to go to the end in the name of truth.
" While Sakharov strongly disagreed with Teller over nuclear testing in the atmosphere and Strategic Defense Initiative, he believed that American academics had been unfair to Teller ’ s resolve to get the H-bomb for the United States since " all steps by the Americans of a temporary or permanent rejection of developing thermonuclear weapons would have been seen either as a clever feint, or as the manifestation of stupidity.
While an organism with complete absence of melanin is called an albino ( American English, or British English ) an organism with only a diminished amount of melanin is described as albinoid.
While inspired by traditional Beltane, this festival is a modern arts and cultural event ( compared by organizers to the American Burning Man festival ) which incorporates myth and drama from a variety of world cultures and diverse literary sources.
While most species of North American red oak are unsuitable for construction of bokken, there are some Asian species of red oak that have a significantly tighter grain and will be able to withstand repeated impacts.
While Israeli law is undergoing codification, its basic principles are inherited from the law of the British Mandate of Palestine and thus resemble those of British and American law, namely: the role of courts in creating the body of law and the authority of the supreme court in reviewing and if necessary overturning legislative and executive decisions, as well as employing the adversarial system.
While Mellow Man Ace was the first mainstream rapper to use Spanglish, Frost's song " La Raza " paved the way for its use in American hip hop.
While the Super Bowl XX Champion Bears were a fixture of mainstream American pop culture in the 1980s, the Bears made a prior mark with the 1971 American TV movie Brian's Song starring Billy Dee Williams as Gale Sayers and James Caan as Brian Piccolo.
While Beaux stuck to her portraits of the elite, American art was advancing into urban and social subject matter, led by artists such as Robert Henri who espoused a totally different aesthetic, " Work with great speed .. Have your energies alert, up and active.
While these tests are not required in US, an estimated 75 – 90 % of the blood supply is currently tested for Chagas, including all units collected by the American Red Cross, which accounts for 40 % of the U. S. blood supply.
While this aspect is similar to Scotch and Irish whisky regulations, it contrasts with the maximum alcoholic proof limits on distillation ( 80 % abv ) and aging ( 62. 5 % abv ) purity allowed in the production of straight whiskey in the U. S. All spirits used in making a Canadian whisky must be aged for at least three years in wooden barrels of not greater than 700 L capacity ( a requirement similar to that for Scotch and Irish whisky and longer than for American straight whisky ).
While the first application of the term " clipper " in a nautical sense is by no means certain, it seems to have had an American origin when applied to the Baltimore clippers of the late 18th century.
While the institute is best known for its Millennium Prize Problems, it carries out a wide range of activities, including a postdoctoral program ( ten Clay Research Fellows are supported each year ) and an annual summer school, the proceedings of which are published jointly with the American Mathematical Society.
While Day turned down a tribute offer from the American Film Institute, she received and accepted the Golden Globe's Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement in 1989.
While originally conceived and edited for American television ( and announced in an advertisement by NBC in the Tuesday, July 9, 1963 issue of The Hollywood Reporter ), the production was re-edited for a British theatrical run before the American television debut.
While he gained international renown for leading a Latin music band, the Desi Arnaz Orchestra, he is best known for his role as Ricky Ricardo on the American TV series I Love Lucy, starring with Lucille Ball, to whom he was married at the time.

While and artists
While Renaissance artists sought nature to find their style, the Mannerists looked first for a style and found a manner. In Mannerist paintings, compositions can have no focal point, space can be ambiguous, figures can be characterized by an athletic bending and twisting with distortions, exaggerations, an elastic elongation of the limbs, bizarre posturing on one hand, graceful posturing on the other hand, and a rendering of the heads as uniformly small and oval.
While the origins of hip-hop are believed to be from the Bronx, rival hip-hop group Juice Crew's lyrics were misunderstood to contain a claim in the song " The Bridge " that hip hop was directly a result of artists originating from Queensbridge.
While both artists kept in contact with African Americans on the West Coast during its creation, influencing the content and depictions.
While most artists were from the country genre, a wide range of artists were featured.
While they were neither able to retain their signed artists for this period, nor to consider signing new acts, the next few years nevertheless marked several additions to the catalogue.
While many Japanese artists ( and artists in general ) are quite reclusive, Asamiya often makes an effort to be available to his fans.
While on the East Berlin side painting was not allowed, artists painted on the Western side of the Wall from the 80s until the fall of the Wall in 1989.
While most were in standard styles, but by inferior artists, the work of Manet attracted tremendous attention, and opened commercial doors to the movement.
" While many 19th-century images of Native Americans conveyed similarly negative messages, artists such as Charles Bird King sought to express a more balanced image of Native Americans.
While these latter accounts are common among martial artists, and often serve as origin stories for various martial arts styles, they are viewed by scholars as fictional.
While many video artists have been quick to adopt new technologies to their medium, Viola relies little on computer editing.
While the majority of the Surrealist artists had become increasingly associated with leftist politics, Dalí maintained an ambiguous position on the subject of the proper relationship between politics and art.
While other artists such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones had used the Moog in studio recordings, Emerson was the first artist to tour with one.
While numerous artists visited the Stein salon, many of these artists were not represented among the paintings on the walls at 27 Rue de Fleurus.
While numerous artists visited the Stein salon, many of these artists were not represented among the paintings on the walls at 27 Rue de Fleurus.
While record labels in New Orleans largely disappeared by the mid-1960s, producers in the city continued to record New Orleans soul artists for other mainly New York and Los Angeles record labels — notably Lee Dorsey for New York – based Amy Records and the Meters for New York – based Josie and then LA-based Reprise.
While in St. Petersburg, he discovered experimental theater and the work of such artists as Paul Gauguin.
While this technique makes the assumption that artists scaled the models appropriately, it is useful to get some sense of how large these ships and boats may have been in real life.
While Chile has produced the largest number of Nueva Canción artists, its popularity has been great in almost all Spanish-speaking Latin American countries, and it enjoyed some popularity in Spain during the 1970s, where it was initially fueled by the political oppression of the Franquist regime ( see Nova Cançó, from Catalonia ).

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