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Page "lore" ¶ 456
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

You and may
`` You may have seen me on TV '', she said.
You may do well to take notice, that besides the title to land between the English and the Indians there, there are twelve of the English that have subscribed their names to horrible and detestable blasphemies, who are rather to be judged as blasphemous than they should delude us by winning time under pretence of arbitration ''.
You may stay as long as you wish, of course, but if arranging for the care of the girls must take time into account, I think a day or two should be enough to finish our business in ''.
You may apply for such an extension by filing Form 2688, Application For Extension Of Time To File, with the District Director of Internal Revenue for your district, or you may make your application in a letter.
You should make any request for an extension early so that if it is refused, your return may still be on time.
You may deduct these payments even though your child uses the money to purchase his own clothing or other necessities which you are normally obligated to furnish him, and even though you may be entitled to his services.
You may have your boat of wood, canvas, plywood, plastic, or metal.
You may order utility models, inboard or outboard, with or without toilets, galleys, and bunks.
You may dress it up with any number of accessories or keep it as simple as you choose.
You may change the dimensions to suit a frame for more or fewer levers and locks as you wish.
You may therefore convert the gun into a small-game and plinking arm, although the difference in the point of impact ( Jet vs. rim-fire ) can be somewhat disconcerting.
You may find yourself hitting bottom, literally, as you discover that water is running out even while you are putting it in.
You may find a conditioner rated by horsepower.
You may find certain coverage costing much more than is economically feasible, thereby alerting you to desirable revisions.
You may save valuable production minutes with a change.
You may amaze yourself and acquire a real knack for it.
You may have to provide them yourself or get along without them.
You may have misgivings about certain aspects of our military establishment -- I certainly do -- but you know any comparison of over-all American strength with over-all Soviet strength finds the United States not only superior, but so superior both in present weapons and in the development of new ones that our advantage promises to be a permanent feature of U.S.-Soviet relations for the foreseeable future.
You still have your paper hat and you're wearing it, but then, it is an extraordinary paper hat and, in addition to anything else you may be, you are also the sculptor who created that most peculiar dame out in the back yard.
You may think we didn't need Nancy and Jean, but you always get what you can when you can, and we had no guarantee that a fingerprint record on them couldn't be useful before we were through with this case.
You may say this has little pertinence, but, gentlemen, remember that all this prepared my mind, alerted my intelligence.
You may know that you are in God's family and be just as sure of it as you are that you belong to the family of your earthly father.

You and want
The girl took a couple of steps toward the man in shorts when Benson, in that barefoot courtliness Ramey could never decide was real, said, `` You don't want to go around there, Ma'am ''.
You did this you like to hurt to beat people I want to go home ''.
You know I don't want to see Pedersen.
You want me to drop my pot ''??
You want the kid to die??
`` You want to keep this job, don't you ''??
You will probably want to hire someone to do the plowing, however.
You want to sit down.
You don't want to lease a place way out in the sticks.
`` You want to be that big a fool -- I was hoping for this ''.
You want me to call her ''??
`` You wouldn't want me to say yes without making sure his intentions are honorable, would you ''??
You want from me the story, but a story is about ' why ' and then, perhaps, about how.
You can work on this one while I'm gone, kill it if you want ''.
You doctors are all alike -- all you want is to cut up people and what's the good??
You want to watch out that you don't get burned to an ash, first sunny day.
You want him to be a leader of men, like you ''.
You want to give me something.
" O my Lord, best of the givers of benediction, if You at all want to bestow a desirable benediction upon me, then I pray from Your Lordship that within the core of my heart there be no material desires.
Unlike Cygwin which requires " You rebuild your application from source if you want it to run on Windows ", the full Wine product supports executing unmodified Windows binaries.
A typical example is: " You have two cows ; you want chickens ; you set out to find another farmer who has chickens and wants a cow ".
Milton Friedman, laureate of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics, said: " You want more insider trading, not less.
You want to give the people most likely to have knowledge about deficiencies of the company an incentive to make the public aware of that.
You don't want to embarrass anybody ".

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