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Mehmed and II
* 1453 – Mehmed II begins his siege of Constantinople ( Istanbul ), which falls on May 29.
* 1461 – The Empire of Trebizond surrenders to the forces of Sultan Mehmed II.
* 1909 – Sultan of Ottoman Empire Abdul Hamid II is overthrown, and is succeeded by his brother, Mehmed V.
His sons were: Mustafa IV ( 1807 – 08 ) ( his son by Ayşe Seniyeperver ), Mahmud II ( 1808 – 39 ) ( his son by Naksh-i-Dil Haseki ), Murad, Nusret, Mehmed, Ahmed, and Süleyman.
Bursa remained to be the most important administrative and commercial center in the empire until Mehmed II conquered Istanbul in 1453.
Beyazıt ) was the oldest son and successor of Mehmed II, ruling as Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1481 to 1512.
Bayezid II was born in Dimetoka Palace ( now Didymoteicho ) in Thrace as the son of Mehmed II ( 1432 – 81 ) and Valide Sultan Mükrime Hatun, the daughter of Süleyman Bey, the sixth ruler of Dulkadirids, who died in 1492.
Although besieged on numerous occasions by various peoples, it was taken only in 1204 by the army of the Fourth Crusade, in 1261 by Michael VIII, and in 1453 by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II.
On 29 May 1453, Turkish sultan Mehmed II " the Conqueror " entered Constantinople after a 53 – day siege during which his cannon had torn a huge hole in the Walls of Theodosius II.
The Ottoman sultan Mehmed II and Gennadius II.
* 1451 – Sultan Mehmed II inherits the throne of the Ottoman Empire.
Under a red flag bearing Skanderbeg's heraldic emblem, an Albanian force held off Ottoman campaigns for twenty-five years and overcame sieges of Krujë led by the forces of the Ottoman sultans Murad II and Mehmed II.
* 1462 – Vlad III the Impaler attempts to assassinate Mehmed II ( The Night Attack ) forcing him to retreat from Wallachia.
The discontent grew to open rebellion, fed by both Ottoman and British money and support: Bashir II fled, the Ottoman empire reasserted control and Mehmed Hüsrev Pasha, whose sole term as Grand Vizier ran from 1839 to 1841, appointed another member of the Shihab family, who styled himself Bashir III.
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