Quick Quotes

Rio's Lapa is a party like no other.

Rua Augusta in São Paulo is an interesting place. Very wild outdoor party on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Not very interesting on other days.

I'm here to learn, to make friends and to improve my life by using my vacation wisely.

Occupy São Paulo is growing. My favorite place in São Paulo now has an encampment. I support those who bravely spend their days there in search of a better world.

I'm going camping with people I just met. São Paulo is so awesome. And I now like restaurants a lot more. #sampasp #ocupasampa

I just walked 5km to be rejected at a Yakisoba place. I ended up eating rice, tofu, and green onions at Sukiya for 10R. Fuck everything about restaurants in Brasil. There are good vegetarian restaurants but they are few, far between, and expensive. There are good por kilo restaurants but they have limited hours and are difficult to find. There are good restaurants but they will not serve people who don't know how to ask for a menu. The rest is meat. Fuck that. Fuck everything about that.

It's another wonderful day in paradise. I don't know what makes me more happy, the way things are turning out or the fact that my curiosity gives me choice in how things turn out.

I'm finally here after a long flight. Everything is great. The adventure is on.

I'm getting ready for my trip to Brasil. I plan to gather as many words and phrases onto 5 pages as possible. I'll read these and reread them as I fly to Brasil on Wednesday. I'm also collecting podcasts onto my phone so I can practice my comprehension. I should also finish Busuu's B2 class this week.

It is my plan to educate English-speaking visitors as well as Brazilians about the interesting things I find. I am not yet in Brazil, but come back soon and I will be.