Sunday Samba

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Sunday was so different than any other day. Bicycles were abundant, most shops were closed, and São Bento Metro station was closed. But that isn't close to all. I went to a samba party in República and afterward (I was more tired than I have ever been) we went to a Carnaval preview party in Anhangabau by Vai Vai. It was so incredibly packed that I could hardly believe it. It filled the street for a block and a half. It was at the bottom of a large hill, so you could hear and see it for blocks despite the buildings.

Carnaval is not universally loved however. It is mainly a thing for lovers of samba and lovers of big crowded parties. Who doesn't like samba? Many paulistas (people from São Paulo) have specific musical tastes, like anywhere. Some people just don't like big crowds. I can sympathize, I don't like crowded dance floors any more than they do.

I'm thinking about going to the beach next week. That probably means Rio de Janeiro or Florinopolis. It will be a pretty big diversion but I'm not getting a lot done in São Paulo.

Javantea out.