First Night Back in São Paulo

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Customs in Brasil is way easy. They confused me for a moment speaking too quickly but switched to English when I failed to respond. They weren't impressed by my clif bars. The bus to Paulista is hourly and 30 real. A cab would have been sixty in comparison. The bus would have held my bike, I'm regretting leaving it in Seattle now.

It's warm and wet in São Paulo now and the forecast is wet too. I need a plastic bag to put my stuff in because my bag isn't waterproof.

I'm glad to be back, but I must say that I'm wondering why I'm here. To learn, to make friends and to improve my life by using my vacation wisely.

I forgot: headphones, headset, toothpaste. I planned to get towel, sunscreen, and razor here. I'm pretty smelly right now, so I regret not buying a cheezy towel in New York.

The bus took the 5 of us to República, then to Augusta, then to MASP. I got off at MASP at midnight and walked directly to the hostel. There aren't very many people at Paulista, but tons in Augusta. That makes some sense, but it was different last year in November.

Order of business: buy towel, shower, get food, sleep, hack.

Surprising to me is that during the trip I read an incredibly technical math/physics textbook on the plane and was able to understand a few sections. What does the math look like that I'm learning? α|a> No the pipe and greater than are not operators. α is a complex number and |a> is a complex vector. The scalar product (multiplication) of two of these vectors looks like this <b|a>. Yeah, it's not that difficult, just way too abstract for the weak physicist.

Don't forget to visit AI3.

Javantea out.