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Adjudicator and for
* CA, abbreviation for Chief Adjudicator in debating.
It is also available for some statutory tribunals, such as the Immigration Appeal Adjudicator and the Social Security Commissioners. There is a separate system of criminal legal aid, and legal aid is also available for legal advice.
After leaving St. Anne's, Deech was appointed the first Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education from 2004 to 2008, dealing with the resolution of student complaints at all UK universities.
* Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education ( OIA )
An Adjudicator from Earth is sent for to deal with the complex claims over the planet-and when he arrives it turns out to be the Master.
On one of these raids to the Coruscant system, the Star Destroyer Liberator ( formerly the HIMS Adjudicator, an Imperial-class Star Destroyer captured at the Battle of Endor and, over a five-year period, repaired and beefed-up for covert missions ) its sister ship, the Emancipator ( originally the Accuser ), three Star Destroyers demanded novel and unusual codes for clearance.

Adjudicator and by
Adjudicator Eric Whist found that Firth treated the three men in an “ aggressive and demanding manner ” and that her decision to question them was “ tainted by considerations of their race and colour .” One of the complainants, Selwyn Pieters, had previously launched a racial-bias complaint against the standardized Law School Admission Test after his application to the University of Toronto law school was rejected based on his score, and has stated that " e know that racism in the criminal justice system, in the legal profession, is endemic.
The scoring of teams is done by judges, most of whom are students or former students from the competing institutions, who return ballots with their scores to the adjudication team, led by a Chief Adjudicator who is assisted by one or more deputies.
Any party aggrieved by the decision of an Adjudicator may appeal on a point of law to the Court of First Instance.
Disputed applications to Land Registry are determined by the Adjudicator to HM Land Registry, an independent office created by the Land Registration Act 2002.

for and international
Others mentioned that I might have had to ask friends or even strangers for help and that to be stranded in a foreign country without sufficient funds did not contribute to international understanding.
At the national and international level, then, what is the highest kind of morality for the private citizen represents an instance of political immorality.
The immediate need for this kind of co-operation is underscored by the strain in this nation's international balance of payments.
A realistic balancing of the need for new forms of international organization on the one hand, and our capacity to achieve them on the other, must be approached through the concept of `` community ''.
It is possible that international organization will ultimately supplant the multi-state system, but its proper function for the immediate future is to reform and supplement that system in order to render pluralism more compatible with an interdependent world.
Since the goal of our international planners is a World Government, this Atlantic Community would mark a giant step in that direction for, once American economic autonomy is absorbed, a larger grouping is a question of time.
The staff utilized the collected material in these registries for numerous lectures to national and international meetings, exhibits, and published studies.
In March, 1961, representatives of the national laboratories of Australia, Canada, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, U.S.S.R., United States, and West Germany, met at the NBS to devise means for reaching international agreement on a temperature scale between 10 and 90 Af.
The senior policy officer may be moved to think hard about a problem by any of an infinite variety of stimuli: an idea in his own head, the suggestions of a colleague, a question from the Secretary or the President, a proposal by another department, a communication from a foreign government or an American ambassador abroad, the filing of an item for the agenda of the United Nations or of any other of dozens of international bodies, a news item read at the breakfast table, a question to the President or the Secretary at a news conference, a speech by a Senator or Congressman, an article in a periodical, a resolution from a national organization, a request for assistance from some private American interests abroad, et cetera, ad infinitum.
Is the matter one for the United Nations or some other international body??
The Government of the United States of America may utilize rupees in India to pay for goods and services, including international transportation needed in connection with market development and other agricultural projects and activities in India and other countries.
The early works were conceived for a sophisticated, international audience ; ;
In doing so Marshall and Byrnes were `` asking for the ratification of a grim lesson in the facts of international life ''.
Yet, in summarizing a series of careful essays on the Yalta Conference, Forrest Pogue could find no basis for Yalta becoming `` a symbol for betrayal and a shibboleth for the opponents of Roosevelt and international cooperation ''.
It lost sight of the individual almost entirely and confined itself to rules limiting the exercise of state power for reasons essentially unconnected with justice or morality save as these values might affect international relations.
We stood under a gigantic tree in the rolling country just outside of Moscow looking at silent flowers on the grave of a Russian poet and writer who cherished the love for his country to the point of foregoing the highest international honor.
It was the trial of oleomargarine heir Minot ( Mickey ) Jelke for compulsory prostitution in New York that put the spotlight on the international play-girl.
Nevertheless, with a reading public that longs for the `` good old days '' and with an awareness of our expanding international interests, it is easy for the Benets to obtain a magnified position in literature by use of all sorts of Americana, real or fake, and it is easy for the Steinbecks and Sandburgs to support their messages of reform by reading messages of reform into the minds of the folk.
Secretary of State Dean Rusk, a former Rhodes Scholar and Mills College dean, has headed the Rockefeller Foundation and in that role expended large sums for international cultural exchange.
The United States, State Department officials explain, now is mainly interested in setting up an international inspection system which will prevent Laos from being used as a base for Communist attacks on neighboring Thailand and South Viet Nam.

for and research
A team for useful research.
In the latter research program, information is available for 2,758 Cornell students surveyed in 1950 and for 1,571 students surveyed in 1952.
For a time, urging Breasted to give up his public relations work and take up writing instead, he hoped to persuade him to become his assistant in research for the labor novel ; ;
And to do this requires first of all the kind of information about people which is provided by the scientists in industrial anthropology and consumer research, who, for example, tell Courtenay that three days is the `` optimum priming period for a closed social circuit to be triggered with a catalytic cue-phrase '' -- which means that an effective propaganda technique is to send an idea into circulation and then three days later reinforce or undermine it.
Then a full-time planning office will be established in Rome to work with a five-member Georgia Tech research staff for development of an area planning and industrial development program.
In view of the increasing shortage of usable surface and ground water in many parts of the Nation and the importance of finding new sources of supply to meet its present and future water needs, it is the policy of the Congress to provide for the development of practicable low-cost means for the large-scale production of water of a quality suitable for municipal, industrial, agricultural, and other beneficial consumptive uses from saline water, and for studies and research related thereto.
conduct, encourage, and promote fundamental scientific research and basic studies to develop the best and most economical processes and methods for converting saline water into water suitable for beneficial consumptive purposes ; ;
All research within the United States contracted for, sponsored, cosponsored, or authorized under authority of this Act, shall be provided for in such manner that all information, uses, products, processes, patents, and other developments resulting from such research developed by Government expenditure will ( with such exceptions and limitations, if any, as the Secretary may find to be necessary in the interest of national defense ) be available to the general public.
and ( C ) to finance, for not more than three years beyond the end of said period, such activities as are required to correlate, coordinate, and round out the results of studies and research undertaken pursuant to this Act: Provided, That funds available in any one year for research and development may, subject to the approval of the Secretary of State to assure that such activities are consistent with the foreign policy objectives of the United States, be expended in cooperation with public or private agencies in foreign countries in the development of processes useful to the program in the United States: And provided further, That every such contract or agreement made with any public or private agency in a foreign country shall contain provisions effective to insure that the results or information developed in connection therewith shall be available without cost to the United States for the use of the United States throughout the world and for the use of the general public within the United States.

for and competition
This was particularly true in the world arena, which was an anarchical battleground characterized by strife and avaricious competition for colonial empires.
But automation and the increasing complexity of factories has renewed the competition for jobs.
But the solution to this dilemma is not the incorporation of the United States into an Atlantic Community or `` economic empire '', but merely what libertarians like Henry Hazlitt and Ludwig Von Mises have been arguing for years: an end to government regulations, an end to government competition in industry, and a realistic depreciation allowance for industry.
Even Rector himself was prey to this spirit of competition and he knew it, not for a more exalted office in the hierarchy of the church -- his ambitions for the bishopry had died very early in his career -- but for the one clear victory he had talked about to the colonel.
This section shall not apply to corporations purchasing such stock solely for investment and not using the same by voting or otherwise to bring about, or in attempting to bring about, the substantial lessening of competition.
and that competition for this share of the market was endangered by the financial relationship between the two concerns: ``
The physical education program for men recognizes the value of participation in competitive sports in the development of the individual student and aims to give every man an opportunity to enter some form of athletic competition, either intercollegiate or intramural.
The Chenoweth brothers were experienced bridge builders, and against the competition of other, and better known, bridge designers and builders they had constructed nine of the covered, wooden bridges on the Parkersburg and Staunton Turnpike a dozen years before, as well as many other bridges for several counties.
If you are up against private brand competition, have you formulated a long-term program for researching and strengthening your market position??
It is accentuated by the need for pre-selling goods, and private label competition.
Are you following competition willy-nilly -- trying to match dollar for dollar -- or are you experimenting with new means for reaching and influencing consumers??
The entry-limiting price will also be raised for potential domestic competition, but unless general inflation permits profit margins to increase proportionately throughout the economy, we might expect the public-limit price to approach the entry-limit price.
Carroll was sharp and military, but he was up against tough competition for that RA berth, and he wanted to play it cool.
This means the aircraft companies are going to tear into the government market, looking for anything they can get and making the competition tough.
Auto racing ( also known as automobile racing or car racing ) is a motorsport involving the racing of cars for competition.
The Auction simulates a ' history ' of competition between the descendants of Oberon for player characters who have not had dozens of decades to get to know each other.
Most players bid low amounts between one and ten points in an initial bid in order to feel out the competition and to save points for other uses.
After several days of competition, Odysseus and Ajax are tied for the ownership of the magical armor which was forged on Mount Olympus by the god Hephaestus.
* Academic Sports League, an academic organization set up as round one competition for the USAD in Erie, PA
The AFL is the List of sports attendance figures # Top 10 in average attendance | most attended national competition in Australia and the only fully professional league for Australian football in the world.
The Barbershop Harmony Society provides a highly organized competition structure for a cappella quartets and choruses singing in the barbershop style.

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