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Dr and .
Dr. Gillian Tett, a Cambridge University trained anthropologist who went on to become a senior editor at the Financial Times is one of the leaders in this use of anthropology.
Two binary abaci constructed by Dr. Robert C. Good, Jr., made from two Chinese abaci
Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp | The anatomy lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp by Rembrandt shows an anatomy lesson taking place in Amsterdam in 1632.
* Animal ( Muppet ), a drummer character in The Muppet Show band, Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem
Johnston was born in Washington, Kentucky, the youngest son of Dr. John and Abigail Harris Johnston.
As reported in the Third Edition of Science and Sanity, The U. S. Army in World War II used Korzybski's system to treat battle fatigue in Europe with the supervision of Dr. Douglas M. Kelley, who went on to become the psychiatrist in charge of the Nazi prisoners at Nuremberg.
The obituary stated (" The merchant of death is dead ") and went on to say, " Dr. Alfred Nobel, who became rich by finding ways to kill more people faster than ever before, died yesterday.
Perhaps this meal was like the 1932ish Baghdad tea, where she stares " unbelievingly ", horrified by the first hint of the future, when her host Dr Jordan, Director of Antiquities, pausing while playing Beethoven, says " Our Jews are perhaps different from yours.
Most notably are the characters of Dr. Eric Leidner in Murder in Mesopotamia, Signor Richetti in Death on the Nile, and many minor characters in They Came to Baghdad were archaeologists.
The Main characters included an archaeologist, Dr. Eric Leidner, as well as his wife, multiple specialists, assistants and the men working the site.

Dr and Seuss
The text was excerpted by cartoonist Greg Williams from the Wikipedia article Dr. Seuss.
* Dr Seuss cartoons from WW2
After his extraordinary career at Warner Bros. ended in 1962, Jones started Sib Tower 12 Productions and began producing memorable cartoons for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, including a new series of Tom and Jerry shorts and the television adaptation of Dr. Seuss ' How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
During the World War II years, Jones worked closely with Theodor Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, to create the Private Snafu series of Army educational cartoons.
Theodor Geisel, better known as children's author Dr. Seuss, was a member of the class of 1925.
# REDIRECT Dr. Seuss
# REDIRECT Dr. Seuss
Theodor Seuss Geisel (; March 2, 1904 – September 24, 1991 ) was an American writer, poet, and cartoonist most widely known for his children's books written under the pen names Dr. Seuss, Theo LeSieg and, in one case, Rosetta Stone.
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# REDIRECT Dr. Seuss
* Dr. Seuss ( 1904 – 91 ).

Dr and used
Unlike his translation of the Pastoral Care, Alfred here deals very freely with his original and though the late Dr. G. Schepss showed that many of the additions to the text are to be traced not to Alfred himself, but to the glosses and commentaries which he used, still there is much in the work which is solely Alfred's and highly characteristic of his style.
* Full stops / Periods in abbreviations: Americans tend to write Mr., Mrs., St., Dr .; the British will most often write Mr, Mrs, St, Dr, following the rule that a full stop / period is used only when the last letter of the abbreviation is not the last letter of the complete word.
No other atypical studied ( risperidone, quetiapine, and ziprasidone ) did better than the typical perphenazine on the measures used, nor did they produce fewer adverse effects than the typical antipsychotic perphenazine ( a result supported by a meta-analysis by Dr. Leucht published in Lancet ), although more patients discontinued perphenazine owing to extrapyramidal effects compared to the atypical agents ( 8 % vs. 2 % to 4 %, P = 0. 002 ).
Dr. Bill Streever describes a boat made by the native Inupiat people in Barrow, Alaska: " It is a skin boat, an umiaq, built from the stitched hides of bearded seals and used to hunt bowhead whales in the open-water leads during spring ...
In The Road To Bloody Sunday, local GP Dr. Raymond McClean estimated the crowd as 15, 000, which is the figure that was used by Bernadette Devlin McAliskey in Parliament.
Stoker's Dr. Abraham Van Helsing is a direct parallel to Le Fanu's vampire expert Baron Vordenburg: both characters used to investigate and catalyse actions in opposition to the vampire, and symbolically represent knowledge of the unknown and stability of mind in the onslaught of chaos and death.
* In some of the manuscripts written by Dr. John Dee, the character of delta is used to represent Dee
* 1845 – Ether anesthetic is used for childbirth for the first time by Dr. Crawford Williamson Long in Jefferson, Georgia.
Abbreviated " Dr " or " Dr .", it is used as a designation for a person who has obtained a doctorate-level degree.
" may be used – for example, instead of Dr Miller and Dr Rubinstein: Drs Miller and Rubinstein.
Dr. is used in front of the name as the title " Doktor " for doctorate title, the same level as Ph. D. title.
In Pakistan, the title Dr. is used for both the Academic Doctors ( Ph. D.
or Dr. is also used for the Homeopathic Doctors as per 1965 Act of the Government of Pakistan. in 2011 Pharmacy Council of Pakistan Approved Dr. title for PharmD ( Doctor of Pharmacy ) Graduate which is 5-Years degree ( Department of Pharmacy University of Peshawar ). The Physical therapist holding Doctor of Physical therapy ( DPT ) can also write prefix Dr. before their names.
For example, in court of justice where strictly formal Thai language is used, Dr cannot be mentioned as a person's title.
The success of his discovery soon spread around Europe and for example was used en masse in the Spanish Balmis Expedition, a three year long mission to the Americas, Philippines, Macao, China, and Saint Helena Island led by Dr. Francisco Javier de Balmis with the aim of giving thousands the smallpox vaccine.
* In 1950, Dr. M. V. Wilkes and Wheeler used EDSAC to solve a differential equation relating to gene frequencies in a paper by Ronald Fisher.
In an English-speaking context, family names are most often used to refer to a stranger or in a formal setting, and are often used with a title or honorific such as Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss, Dr, and so on.
) This plot point was also used in a Sherlock Holmes story based on the Basil Rathbone era, where a friend of Dr. Watson's is a baronet who is due to receive his inheritance on the New Year's Day of the year where his twenty-first birthday will be celebrated, only for the law to deprive him of the money as he was born on February 29 ; with the 84-year-old Baronet distraught at the news that 1900 is not a leap year, Holmes helps the Baronet fake his death long enough for his grandson-who is the appropriate age to receive the inheritance-to establish his claim and receive the money himself.

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