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According and Theory
According to physicist Phil Anderson, the term was coined by himself and Volker Heine when they changed the name of their group at the Cavendish Laboratories, Cambridge from " Solid state theory " to " Theory of Condensed Matter ", as they felt it did not exclude their interests in the study of liquids, nuclear matter and so on.
According to Bertrand Russell's Theory of Descriptions, the negation operator in a singular sentence can take either wide or narrow scope: we distinguish between " some S is not P " ( where negation takes " narrow scope ") and " it is not the case that ' some S is P '" ( where negation takes " wide scope ").
According to Horst Müller's Kritik der kritischen Theorie (" Critique of Critical Theory "), Adorno posits totality as an automatic system.
According to official Residents lore, there was internal turmoil which resulted in a large, " embarrassing " food fight ; they decided to resolve this tension in 1974 by recording what would later become Not Available – representative of N. Senada's Theory of Obscurity taken to its logical conclusion.
According to the Threat Simulation Theory he proposes, during much of human evolution physical and interpersonal threats were serious, giving reproductive advantage to those who survived them.
Works such as Ildefons Cerda's General Theory of Urbanization ( 1867 ), Camillo Sitte ’ s City Planning According to Artistic Principles ( 1889 ), and Robinson ’ s The Improvement of Cities and Towns ( 1901 ) and Modern Civic Art ( 1903 ), all were primarily concerned with urban design, as did the later City Beautiful movement in North America.
According to a book by Franklin Foer, How Football Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization, Arkan threatened players on opposing teams if they scored against Obilić.
According to the accounts, researchers thought that some version of this Unified Field Theory would enable a person to use large electrical generators to bend light around an object so that the object became completely invisible.
According to W. Pauli ( Theory of relativity ), Schwarzschild is the first to introduce the correct Lagrangian formalism of the electromagnetic field as
* On the Gravitational Field of a Point-Mass, According to Einstein's Theory, The Abraham Zelmanov Journal, 2008, Volume 1, P. 10-19
* On the Gravitational Field of a Sphere of Incompressible Liquid, According to Einstein's Theory, The Abraham Zelmanov Journal, 2008, Volume 1, P. 20-32
According to Social Identity Theory, intergroup conflict starts with a process of comparison between individuals in one group ( the ingroup ) to those of another group ( the outgroup ).
According to Professor Stephen Tierney, perhaps the earliest notable example of academic interest in the deliberative aspects of democracy occurred in John Rawls 1971 work A Theory of Justice.
According to the Multiverse Theory, the idea of a parallel universe may not be fictional, but reality that exists on another vibrational plane.
According to L. A. producer Take, Low End Theory " literally picked up where Sketchbook left off — with much better promotion, much better sound ".
According to Allan Bloom's 1974 obituary in Political Theory, Strauss " was raised as an Orthodox Jew ," but the family does not appear to have completely embraced Orthodox practice.
According to communication theorist Robert T. Craig in his essay ' Communication Theory as a Field ' ( 1999 ), " despite the ancient roots and growing profusion of theories about communication ," there is not a field of study that can be identified as ' communication theory '.
According to Turchin and Joslyn ( 1997 ), this " natural " systemic definition is not sufficient for their Theory of Meta-system Transition, it also is not equivalent to the definition of system of systems in Autopoietic Systems Theory, and it differs from the definition proposed by K. D.
According to L. G. Kelly, author of The True Interpreter: A History of Translation Theory and Practice in the West ( 1979 ), " Western Europe owes its civilization to its translators.
The Future of Reality Theory According to John Wheeler:
According to the Frame Dominance Theory, when the mandible ( jaw ) is elevated, a consonant sound will be produced.
According to Giles ' Communication Accommodation Theory, interpersonal contacts are negotiations.
According to Joshua Gunn, these are adapted from books of ritual magic such as Crowley's Magick: Elementary Theory.

According and resulting
According to Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 4. 8 million Vietnamese people were exposed to Agent Orange, resulting in 400, 000 people being killed or maimed, and 500, 000 children born with birth defects.
According to Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, " everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which he is the author ".
According to some, results of keno games in great cities were sent to outlying villages and hamlets by carrier pigeons, resulting in its Chinese name 白鸽票 báigē piào, literally “ white dove ticket ”, pronounced baak-gap-piu in Cantonese ( which the Western spelling ' pak-ah-pu ' / ' pakapoo ' was based on ).
According the Heitler-London theory, so-called two-body molecular-orbitals are formed, namely the resulting orbital is:
According to a Symbolics employee, the reason for the change in policy was Richard Stallman's making changes with which they disagreed, such as removing Symbolics ' copyright notices on Symbolics ' produced enhancements and transferring the resulting enhancements to the other commercial licensees, and at one point leaving the software in a state where it would not compile.
According to utilitarianism the moral worth of an action is determined only by its resulting outcome although there is debate over how much consideration should be given to actual consequences, foreseen consequences and intended consequences.
According to this series, an area of Earth stretching from Florida to Venezuela will be devastated by an alien attack in 2153, resulting in the death of 7 million people.
According to scholar Ervand Abrahamian, although there were several decades of prohibition of torture that spread from Europe to most parts of the world, by the 1980s, the taboo against torture was broken and torture " returned with a vengeance ," propelled in part by television and an opportunity to break political prisoners and broadcast the resulting public recantations of their political beliefs for " ideological warfare, political mobilization, and the need to win ' hearts and minds.
According to the Internet Movie Database, Fisher had said that her costumes in the previous two films had been so long that viewers could not tell " she was a woman ", resulting in the skimpy outfit for Return of the Jedi.
According to Israel, about 9, 000 attacks were launched from 1949 to 1956, resulting in hundreds of Israeli civilian casualties.
According to Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 4. 8 million Vietnamese people were exposed to Agent Orange, resulting in 400, 000 people being killed or maimed, and 500, 000 children born with birth defects.
According to one report, Louis ordered Pitau to " make him a piece to remember ", and Pitau took two years on the piece, resulting in a " triangular-shaped 69-carat gem the size of a pigeon's egg that took the breath away as it snared the light, reflecting it back in bluish-grey rays.
According to the National School Safety Center, since the 1992-1993 U. S. school year there has been a significant decline in school-associated violent deaths ( deaths on private or public school property for kindergarten through grade 12 and resulting from schools functions or activities ):
According to records of the Führer Conferences on Naval Affairs, 4, 980 of these were executed, resulting in the destruction of the organised resistance movement in Germany for the remainder of World War II.
According to Kendall Bennett, developer of the VBE / AF standard, the VESA Software Standards Committee was closed down due to a lack of interest resulting from charging high prices for specifications.
According to various sources, the resulting death toll was likely between 20 and 40 million.
According to Banks ' appendices to Consider Phlebas, the war began in 1327 AD, and continued for 48 years and one month, resulting in an eventual but total victory for the Culture.
According to these scriptures, Amitābha possesses infinite merits resulting from good deeds over countless past lives as a bodhisattva named Dharmakāra.
According to former City Clerk Beverly Masters, an explosion and the resulting house fire in the early 1980s prompted expansion of the community's public safety offerings.
According to published reports, bookkeeping by the government was spotty, resulting in losses from unpaid property taxes the town failed to assess.
According to articles, reports and a biography, Turpin couldn't deal with the obscurity resulting from the loss of his crown.
According to the Sutta Pitaka, the " ten wholesome courses of conduct " will disappear and people will follow the ten unwholesome concepts of theft, violence, murder, lying, false speech, sexual misconduct, abusive and idle talk, covetousness and ill will, wanton greed, and uncontrolled lust resulting in poverty and the breakdown of law and cooperation or regard for the dharma.
According to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, in 1999 the company had revenue of $ 3. 5 million, with a resulting net loss of $ 26. 3 million.
According to local mythology, the Rock of Cashel originated in the Devil's Bit, a mountain 20 miles ( 30 km ) north of Cashel when St. Patrick banished Satan from a cave, resulting in the Rock's landing in Cashel.

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