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By and 1072
By 1072, Shen was appointed as the head official of the Bureau of Astronomy.

By and Fatimid
By the 11th century, Neo-Platonism was adopted by the Fatimid state of Egypt, and taught by their da ' i. Neo-Platonism was brought to the Fatimid court by Iraqi Hamid al-Din al-Kirmani, although his teachings differed from Nasafi and Sijistani, who were more aligned with original teachings of Plotinus.
By 1060s, the tentative balance between the different ethnic groups within the Fatimid army collapsed as Egypt was suffering through a serious span of drought and famine, the declining resources accelerated the problems between the different ethnic factions and outright civil war began, primarily the Turks and Black African troops were fighting each other while the Berbers shifted alliance in between.
By 1018, ad-Darazi had around him partisans-" Darazites "-who believed that universal reason became incarnated in Adam at the beginning of the world, passed from him into prophets, then into Ali and hence into his descendants, the Fatimid Caliphs.
By the end of the year, he had conquered Kairouan itself, dealing several severe defeats to the Fatimid armies.

By and Caliph
By the time Al-Ma ' mun became Caliph, the Arabs and the Byzantines had settled down into border skirmishing, with Arab raids deep into Anatolia to capture booty and Christians to be slaves in the Abbasid Caliphate.
By order of the new Caliph in 862, the imprisoned princes were to be released and allowed to return to their former domains on the condition of becoming Muslim.
By 1054 his forces were contending in Anatolia with the Byzantines and in 1055 he was commissioned by the Abbasid Caliph Al-Qa ' im to recapture Baghdad from the Buyids.
* 936: By coup, Ibn Raiq becomes the Amir al-Umara under Abbasid Caliph ar-Radi.
By this it is understood what position Yaqub bin Killis held with the Caliph Aziz.

By and Abū
* Imām Abū Ḥanīfah By Shiekh G. F. Haddad

By and Ma
In a " Gandhar Pancham " ( Imdadkhani, school of Vilayat Khan ) sitar, the bass or kharaj strings are removed and are replaced by a fourth chikari which is tuned to Ga. By playing the chikari strings with this tuning, one produces a chord ( Sa, Sa, Pa, Ga or Sa Sa Ma Ga or Sa, Sa, Dha, Gha depending on the raga ).
By 40 Ma ago, cetaceans had attained a length of 20 m or more in Basilosaurus, an elongated, serpentine whale that differed from modern whales in many respects and was not ancestral to them.
By August 1965, the RLAF had grown to include 27 T-28s, and the aggressive and charismatic Thao Ma had been promoted to brigadier general.
By the time Xiahou Yuan arrived at Mount Qi, Zhang He had already defeated Ma Chao.
By 35 Ma the landscape was colonised by trees such as beech, oak, redwood and palm, along with grasses.
By middle Miocene, 16 – 11. 6 Ma, a tundra landscape completely replaced any remaining woodlands.
* In 2010, several professional Starcraft players were suspected of being involved in illegal match fixing, with two people arrested and about seven gamers investigated, with two renowned gamers, Ma Jae-Yoon and By. CrocuS were confirmed as working as a broker between the bettors and the gamers.
In an Arabic article by the historian Habib Gamati, in al-Mossawer Magazine, Dar al-Hilal, Cairo, Egypt, dated February 19, 1954, and titled: " Tarikh Ma Ahmalahu Al-Tarikh Fi Galaat Al-Showbak " or " History Of What Was Abandoned By History At The Fortres Of Showbak of Jordan ", it is affirmed that the Rihani or Rayahin family is a Ghassanid clan or tribe.
By about 540 Ma, or only about 60 million years after Pannotia formed, Pannotia disintegrated into four continents: Laurentia, Baltica, Siberia and Gondwana.
By August, the Tibetans lost so much land to Liu Wenhui and Ma Bufang's forces that the Dalai Lama telegraphed the British government of India for assistance.
By August, the Tibetans lost so much land to Liu Wenhui and Ma Bufang's forces that the Dalai Lama telegraphed the British government of India for assistance.
By the end of the 13th-century Syria's new rulers, the Bahri Mamluks, designated Ma ' an and its surroundings as one of four districts of the al-Karak province.
By 1956 Ma ' an's population reached 4, 500 and in 1973 it was 9, 500.
By now Lachchi has given birth to a daughter, Looni Ma, by whose identification the ghost exposes his identity to Lachchi.
By 17 Ma, during the Early Miocene, Channidae had spread into western and central Eurasia, and by 8 Ma, during the late Tortonian, they could be found throughout Africa and East Asia.
By the time of the album's release, the song's popularity had dwindled, and Ma Hada La Hadas relatively poor sales were attributed to this factor.
By fall 785, however, with Tang forces under Ma Sui and Hun Zhen converging on Hezhong, Li Huaiguang committed suicide, and his army resubmitted to Tang.
By December 12 when they reached Ma ` arra, many of them were suffering from starvation and malnutrition.

By and ad
By reductio ad absurdum, Bastiat argued that the national trade deficit was an indicator of a successful economy, rather than a failing one.
By the 1st century BCE, noxii were being condemned to the beasts ( damnati ad bestias ) in the arena, with almost no chance of survival, or were made to kill each other.
By autumn 1915, with Asquith ’ s Coalition close to breaking up over conscription, he was blamed for the failure to bring in that measure and for the excessive influence which civilians like Churchill and Haldane had come to exert over strategy, allowing ad hoc campaigns to develop in Sinai, Mesopotamia and Salonika.
By autumn 1915 Asquith ’ s Coalition was close to breaking up over conscription, and in the absence of firm leadership ad hoc campaigns had developed in Sinai, Gallipoli, Mesopotamia and Salonika.
By the time of his death, Coburn was the voice of the " Like a Rock " Chevrolet television ad campaign.
By contrast, " ad hoc " reporting systems allow the users themselves to create specific, customized queries.
By 1466 the Fellows were divided into Benchers, those at the Bar ( ad barram, also known as utter barristers or simply barristers ) and those not at the Bar ( extra barram ).
By 1992, Chopra was serving on the National Institutes of Health ad hoc panel on alternative medicine.
By Athanasius ' own account ( Athanasius, Epistola ad Constantinum ), he believed Frumentius the most suitable person for the job and consecrated him as bishop, traditionally in the year 328, or according to others, between 340-346.
By poll, the entire national board approved the decision as did the state presidents of Massachusetts and Missouri, where a similar ad targeted the vote of Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill.
By and large, these generalized covariant derivatives had to be specified ad hoc by some version of the connection concept.
By a suitable choice of transformation belonging to this group, τ → ( aτ + b )/( cτ + d ), with ad − bc = 1, we may reduce τ to a value giving the same value for j, and lying in the fundamental region for j, which consists of values for τ satisfying the conditions
By 2007, the slogan had become an international icon and the phrase has been parodied more than any other ad slogan.
By using this type of reductio ad absurdum, Nagarjuna, Buddhapalita, Candrakirti, and later Lama Tsongkhapa simultaneously refutes incorrect / opposing viewpoints and establishes the position of.
By the late 12th century it had taken to sitting in a fixed location ( the one body of government in England to do so ), and by the 1170s it was possible to distinguish the Exchequer's work from that of the other parts of the curia regis, although the king of the time considered the Exchequer to simply be an element of the curia ; indeed, it was referred to as the Curia Regis ad Scaccarium, or King's Court at Exchequer.
By invoking reductio ad Hitlerum, an opponent's view is ridiculed even though the comparison may be relevant.
By assigning the loopback address to each known ad server, the user directs traffic intended to reach each ad server to the local machine.
By stating that Jews promulgate scientific hypotheses because they are Jewish, he is engaging in ad hominem argumentation that is outside the bounds of normal scientific discourse and an obvious waste of time to engage.
* Watched By More Northern Californians, Channel 7, ABC ( 1993 – 1996, local version of ABC ad campaign )
18 Visions, 7 Angels 7 Plagues, A Life Once Lost, All Else Failed, Arkangel, Arma Angelus, All That Remains, As Hope Dies, Asherah, American Nightmare, Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, Bleeding Through, Between the Buried and Me, Blood Brothers, Bloodjinn, Bloodlet, Brandtson, Breaking Pangea, Breathe In, Burnt By The Sun, The Cancer Conspiracy, Caliban, Candiria, Codeseven, Coheed and Cambria, Count the Stars, Commit Suicide, Cro-Mags, Curl up and Die, CKY, Dead to Fall, Dead Wrong, Death Threat, Diecast, Drowningman, Ed Gein, Eiffel, Ensign, Evergreen Terrace, Everytimeidie, Face the Fact ( Italy hardcore ), Fall Silent, From Autumn to Ashes, Found Dead Hanging, The Funeral, Glasseater, God Forbid, Hatebreed, Himsa, The Hope Conspiracy, The Hoods, Harakiri, Haste, Hopesfall, Hope and Suicide, Homesick for Space, If Hope Dies, In Pieces, Jesuseater, The June Spirit, Kalibas, Killswitch Engage, Knives Out, Lamb of God, Light Is the Language, Lickgoldensky, Long Since Forgotten, Love is Red, Martyr ad, Most Precious Blood, Moneen, Nemesis, Nora, Norma Jean, Not Waving But Drowning, xOne Fifthx, One Nation Under, On the Might of Princes, Open Hand, The Promise, Reach the Sky, The Rise, The Red Chord, Remembering Never, Ringworm, Saving Throw, Shai Hulud, Skycamefalling, Season of Fire, Static Lullaby, Stretch Arm Strong, Suicide Note, Sworn Enemy, Taken, Terror, This Afternoon, This Day Forward, Throwdown, Unearth, Undying, Until the End, The Wage of Sin, What Feeds the Fire, XdiscipleX a. d., Your Enemies Friends
By analogy, a homeward-bound Roman could be described as returning ad Larem ( to the Lar ).
By the end of an uncomfortable ad hoc meeting Renault's approval for the project, now accorded the code " 106E ", was provided.
In November 1753, Richardson ran an ad in the The Gentleman's Magazine to announce the " History of Sir Charles Grandison: in a Series of Letters published from the Originals,By the Editor of Pamela and Clarissa, London: Printed for S. Richardson, and sold by Dodsley in Pall Mall and others.

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