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By and same
By the same means he perceives this fact as having communicated itself to the audience ; ;
By the same test predispositions destructive of human personality exercise their most sinister impact, with the result that men of good will are often trapped and nullified.
By this standard, it is determined that where two stations operating on the same frequency are involved, objectionable interference from station A exists at any point within the service area of station B where station A's signal is of an intensity one-twentieth or more of the strength of station B's signal at that point.
By 1937 he had clarified his intentions to serve his people: `` I have striven for clarity and melodious idiom, but at the same time I have by no means attempted to restrict myself to the accepted methods of harmony and melody.
By comparing reaction cells sealed from the same manifold temperature dependency corresponding to activation energies ranging from 11 to 18 Af was observed while dependence on the first power of the light intensity seemed to be indicated in most cases.
By this same combination of the will and the imagination, each one of us can learn to portray permanently the kind of character we would like to be.
By way of explanation we ourselves are prone to imagine that this achievement stems from the same American Catholic zeal and generosity which brought the parochial school system into existence.
By contrast, the cursive developed out of the Nabataean alphabet in the same period soon became the standard for writing Arabic, evolving into the Arabic alphabet as it stood by the time of the early spread of Islam.
By having three stations, a total of three different cars can be operated on at the same time, each one at a different stage of its assembly.
By comparison the Harvard Mark I could perform the same task in just six seconds.
By 300 BC, a punctuation symbol ( two slanted wedges ) was co-opted as a placeholder in the same Babylonian system.
By 1997, the refinery reached the same rate of production it was at before the war.
By comparison, the same index ranked neighbor Ukraine, 131st and Russia, 140th.
It continues to the present day in much the same format, but is now entitled " Beachcomber ", not " By the Way ".
By varying ability scores, the same system is used for a human hero as a trollish villain.
By avoiding stale views of memory, the CPUs can cooperate on the same program and programs can migrate from one CPU to another.
* By whether the same key is used for both encryption and decryption ( symmetric key algorithms ), or if a different key is used for each ( asymmetric key algorithms ).
By the same time, the Croatian Adriatic coast had taken shape as an internationally popular tourist destination, all coastal republics ( but mostly SR Croatia ) profited greatly from this, as tourist numbers reached levels still unsurpassed in modern Croatia.
By contrast, several countries can also use the same currency ( for example, the euro ), or one country can declare the currency of another country to be legal tender.
By the same principle when the pH is too high, the kidneys excrete bicarbonate ( HCO < sub > 3 </ sub >< sup >-</ sup >) into urine as urea via the Urea Cycle ( aka the Krebs-Henseleit Ornithine Cycle ).
By the same construction, every locally compact Hausdorff space X is a dense subspace of a compact Hausdorff space having at most one point more than X ..
By the same token, Mu is thought of as " Tree " rather than " Wood ".
By the 1990s, the US had adopted the M4 carbine, a derivative of the M16 family which fired the same 5. 56mm cartridge but was lighter and shorter ( in overall length and barrel length ), resulting in marginally reduced range and power.
By the end of January 1918, the Investigatory Commission of Petrograd Soviet ( probably same as of Revtribunal ) petitioned Sovnarkom to delineate the role of detection and judicial-investigatory organs.
By 916 fleets under Sihtric Cáech and Ragnall, said to be grandsons of Ímar ( that is, they belonged to the same Uí Ímair kindred as the Ímar who was killed in 904 ), were very active in Ireland.

By and author
* 1994: Desilu: The Story of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz By Coyne Stephen Sanders and Tom Gilbert ( author ) ( Whole life, and focuses prominently on the Business affairs of Desilu Productions )( PNT )
By inventing and inserting documents that appear to be factual, an author tries to create a sense of authenticity beyond the normal and expected suspension of disbelief for a work of art.
In 1992, author Ted Nelson – who coined both terms in 1963 – wrote: By now the word " hypertext " has become generally accepted for branching and responding text, but the corresponding word " hypermedia ", meaning complexes of branching and responding graphics, movies and sound – as well as text – is much less used.
By this time, the pollution from burning coal and steel production created a black fog ( or smog ), which even a century earlier had induced author writer James Parton to dub the city " hell with the lid off ".
By Dr. Zaehner, the author of Mysticism, Sacred and Profane, their deliberate induction is regarded as immoral.
By the end of the fourth century the Presbyter ( author of 2 and 3 John ) was thought to be a different person to the Apostle John.
By focusing on creating an internally consistent fictional world, the author makes secondary belief possible.
By reading it thoroughly and critically, the disciples learned to appreciate the theories of the author.
By the early 1980s, Mozambique became what Joseph Hanlon — author of Peace Without Profit: How the IMF Blocks Rebuilding in Mozambique — called a " Cold War battlefield.
By this point the Situationist International consisted almost exclusively of the Franco-Belgian section, led by Guy Debord and Raoul Vaneigem, with some exceptions, such as Danish artist and author Asger Jorn.
By consulting the Pinakes, a library patron could find out if the library contained a work by a particular author, how it was categorized, and where it might be found.
By 1860 Virginian author George Fitzhugh was using the " challenging phrase “ master race ”, which soon came to mean considerably more than the ordinary master-slave relationship ".
By the time Du Pre was forced to find a new name for itself, the Carrington hotel was already being referenced as “ the Buda House .” In the “ Dupre Notes ” weekly column of the Sept. 25, 1886 edition of the Hays County Times and Farmer ’ s Journal, the author notes that “ The Buda House is one of the best hotels in the state.
By the time of its discovery, most scholars did not consider Apostle Thomas the author of this document and the author remained unknown.
By contrast, a recent historian and author, Richard Bisgrove, described Brown's process as perfecting nature by
By the late 1930s, when Ellery Queen — author and character — moved to Hollywood to try movie scriptwriting, the tone of the novels began to change along with the detective's character.
The second mention is where the author of the Epistle to the Hebrews writes, " By faith Enoch was transferred, that he should not see death, and was not found, because God had transferred him ; for before his transference he had the witness that he had pleased God well.
By 2003, Hollywood reacted against these unauthorized modifications, as it considered them to be a destruction of the filmmakers work, and a violation of the controls an author has over his or her works.
Noted children's author Cynthia Rylant has written a slender volume, Old Town in the Green Groves, that covers the two years in Laura's life between On The Banks of Plum Creek and By The Shores of Silver Lake which are unnarrated in the original series of books.
By 1931 he had settled into a career as an author of books as well as short fiction, publishing two more Captain North novels and his first historical novel, Captain Nemesis, which was republished from an earlier pulp serial.
By November 1910, the word was popular enough for the author A. E. James to begin a series of stories in the London Magazine featuring the misadventures of a pretty fifteen-year-old girl and titled " Her Majesty the Flapper ".
By the author of " Cometh Up as a Flower.
By Rhoda Broughton, author of " Cometh Up as a Flower.

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