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EIAS and been
Naming their new company EIAS 3D, Tomas and the Igors have been working since Spring of 2010 to bring the latest version of EIAS, version 9. 0, to market.

EIAS and used
Form • Z from auto • des • sys is also popularly used as a companion for EIAS.

EIAS and 3D
The Electric Image Animation System ( EIAS ) is a 3D computer graphics package published by EIAS3D.

EIAS and .
The first version of EIAS released under the Play moniker was version 2. 9.
On January 12, 2010 it was announced that Tomas Egger, Igor Yatsenko, and Igor Ivaniuk had become the new owners of EIAS.
The existing customer base for EIAS favors it for its fast renderer, its high output quality, and its camera mapping features.
Animator is the EIAS animation program.
Camera is the EIAS rendering program, known for its speed and high image quality.
Primarily, it exists for importing models in formats that the other EIAS tools cannot import directly, and for exporting models to other formats.
For instance, in EIAS version 8. 0, Animator supports five of the most popular model input formats, while Transporter supports 29 formats.
Transporter can export a model in one of 14 different formats, most usefully the Electric Image FACT format preferred by the other EIAS components.
It supports ACIS modeling, " ÜberNurbs " ( EIAS ' subdivision surfaces modeling technology ), LAWS ( based on parametric formulas ) as well as Boolean operations and other modern modeling tools.
As a result, users of EIAS 5. 5 and newer use a third-party modeler instead.

has and been
Besides I heard her old uncle that stays there has been doin' it ''.
Southern resentment has been over the method of its ending, the invasion, and Reconstruction ; ;
The situation of the South since 1865 has been unique in the western world.
The North should thank its stars that such has been the case ; ;
As it is, they consider that the North is now reaping the fruits of excess egalitarianism, that in spite of its high standard of living the `` American way '' has been proved inferior to the English and Scandinavian ways, although they disapprove of the socialistic features of the latter.
In what has aptly been called a `` constitutional revolution '', the basic nature of government was transformed from one essentially negative in nature ( the `` night-watchman state '' ) to one with affirmative duties to perform.
For lawyers, reflecting perhaps their parochial preferences, there has been a special fascination since then in the role played by the Supreme Court in that transformation -- the manner in which its decisions altered in `` the switch in time that saved nine '', President Roosevelt's ill-starred but in effect victorious `` Court-packing plan '', the imprimatur of judicial approval that was finally placed upon social legislation.
Labor relations have been transformed, income security has become a standardized feature of political platforms, and all the many facets of the American version of the welfare state have become part of the conventional wisdom.
Historically, however, the concept is one that has been of marked benefit to the people of the Western civilizational group.
In recent weeks, as a result of a sweeping defense policy reappraisal by the Kennedy Administration, basic United States strategy has been modified -- and large new sums allocated -- to meet the accidental-war danger and to reduce it as quickly as possible.
The malignancy of such a landscape has been beautifully described by the Australian Charles Bean.
There has probably always been a bridge of some sort at the southeastern corner of the city.
Even though in most cases the completion of the definitive editions of their writings is still years off, enough documentation has already been assembled to warrant drawing a new composite profile of the leadership which performed the heroic dual feats of winning American independence and founding a new nation.
Madison once remarked: `` My life has been so much a public one '', a comment which fits the careers of the other six.
Thus we are compelled to face the urbanization of the South -- an urbanization which, despite its dramatic and overwhelming effects upon the Southern culture, has been utterly ignored by the bulk of Southern writers.
But the South is, and has been for the past century, engaged in a wide-sweeping urbanization which, oddly enough, is not reflected in its literature.
An example of the changes which have crept over the Southern region may be seen in the Southern Negro's quest for a position in the white-dominated society, a problem that has been reflected in regional fiction especially since 1865.
In the meantime, while the South has been undergoing this phenomenal modernization that is so disappointing to the curious Yankee, Southern writers have certainly done little to reflect and promote their region's progress.
Faulkner culminates the Southern legend perhaps more masterfully than it has ever been, or could ever be, done.
The `` approximate '' is important, because even after the order of the work has been established by the chance method, the result is not inviolable.
But it has been during the last two centuries, during the scientific revolution, that our independence from the physical environment has made the most rapid strides.
In the life sciences, there has been an enormous increase in our understanding of disease, in the mechanisms of heredity, and in bio- and physiological chemistry.
Even in domains where detailed and predictive understanding is still lacking, but where some explanations are possible, as with lightning and weather and earthquakes, the appropriate kind of human action has been more adequately indicated.
The persistent horror of having a malformed child has, I believe, been reduced, not because we have gained any control over this misfortune, but precisely because we have learned that we have so little control over it.

has and used
In the field of the social sciences a considerable fund of tested knowledge has been accumulated that can be used to good advantage.
However, as a practicing historian, he, himself, has left few clues to the amount of professional scholarship that he used when writing history.
Patchen has almost never used strict poetic forms ; ;
A driver of a dairy truck, who begins work at 1 a.m. finishes before breakfast, then goes out and grows a garden, and who has used the cannery to save and feed a family of five, asked, `` What in the world will we do ''??
Gloria ( surname: Ziraldo ), circa 30, who was born in Italy and once did `` chorus work '' in Toronto, has been around longer than most of the others, wistfully remembers the old days when `` we used to get the seamen from the ships, you know, with big turtleneck sweaters and handkerchiefs and all.
An acoustical interferometer has been constructed and used, with helium gas as the thermometric fluid, to measure temperatures near 4.2 and 2.1 Af.
Even if the electric power fails after an attack, any time that the heater has been used will make the shelter that much more comfortable.
If your state has no provisions for the numbering of pleasure boats, you must apply for a number from the U.S. Coast Guard for any kind of boat with mechanical propulsion rated at more than 10 horsepower before it can be used on Federal waterways.
`` Selective selling '' -- concentrating sales on the larger accounts -- has been used effectively by some manufacturers.
Harris has indicated that two devices, the Launder-Ometer and Terg-O-Tometer are most widely used for rapid detergent testing, and he has listed the commercially available standard soiled fabrics.
Oliver has recently used the second-level approach with the largest snakes, and has come to these conclusions: the anaconda reaches a length of at least 37 feet, the reticulate python 33, the African rock python 25, the amethystine python at least 22, the Indian python 20, and the boa constrictor 18-1/2.
In some programs, treatment is concentrated over a short period of time, while in others, after the initial contact is established, flexible spacing of interviews has been experimentally used with apparent success.
This subject, who has been undergoing psychoanalytic psychotherapy for five years, did not give a positive Kohnstamm reaction under any of the four standardized conditions used in this experiment while sober.
While the U. S. Department of Labor has a program of projecting industry and occupational employment trends and publishing current outlook statements, there is little tangible evidence that these projections have been used extensively in local curriculum planning.
The consuming public has used up a good part of these liquid assets, or they have been drained by the rising price level, and we have apparently gotten to the end of the line in making consumer or home mortgage terms easier.
A careful student has suggested that `` In any new revision ( of the Judicial Code ) the legislators would do well to remember that the allocation of power to the federal courts should be limited to those matters in which their expertise in federal law might be used, leaving to the state judiciaries the primary obligation of pronouncing state law ''.
Each teacher has in his classroom a metal file, equipped with a lock, which is used to store cumulative record folders.
Moreover, whereas in Interstate Commerce Commission parlance `` variable cost '' means a cost deemed to vary in direct proportion to changes in rate of output, in the type of analysis now under review `` variable cost '' has been used more broadly, so as to cover costs which, while a function of some one variable ( such as output of energy, or number of customers ), are not necessarily a linear function.
Once he has been identified, however, a new melody is used to accompany his narrative, a bleak motif with barren octaves creating a rather ancient effect:
`` Disaffiliation '', by the way, is the term used by the critic and poet, Lawrence Lipton, who has written several articles on this subject, the first of which, in The Nation, quoted as Epigraph: `` We disaffiliate.
Accepted crystallographic symbolism has been used ; ;
Merchant has found that the same basic relationships which describe the geometry and force systems in the case of the cutting mechanism can also be applied to the discontinuous chip formation provided the proper values of instantaneous shear angle and instantaneous chip thickness or cross-sectional area are used.
This country has not used them, and I hope that we never will be compelled to use them.

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