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Following and FIS
Following Oslo's decision to bid for the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 1966, it became evident that more upgrades would be needed to meet the International Ski Federation's requirements.
Following Vikersundbakken being awarded the FIS Ski-Flying World Championships 2012 in 2008, the general assembly of the Norwegian Ski Federation that year decided to terminate the plans for a ski flying hill in Rødkleiva.

Following and Nordic
Following Chamberlain's ideas, he condemned what he called " negative Christianity ," the orthodox beliefs of Protestant and Catholic churches, arguing instead for a so-called " positive " Christianity based on Chamberlain's claim that Jesus was a member of a Nordic enclave resident in ancient Galilee who struggled against Judaism.
Following the success of this procedure, Nordic Prince was stretched in 1980.
Following the acquisition it was announced that JoWood and the The Adventure Company will become publishing labels for Nordic Games GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nordic Games Holding.
Following the outbreak of war Thomson devised a plan to attack the Nordic League as ' Nazi traitors ' in the hope of establishing the BUF's patriotic credentials, although it came to nothing and actually ran alongside attempts by Francis Hawkins to establish BUF control over the League.

Following and World
Following World War II, Alabama experienced growth as the economy of the state transitioned from one primarily based on agriculture to one with diversified interests.
Following the Second World War, far-reaching social, economic and political changes profoundly affected a number of areas where Ismāʿīlīs resided.
Following World War I, Fleming actively searched for anti-bacterial agents, having witnessed the death of many soldiers from sepsis resulting from infected wounds.
Following this, the widespread adoption of ailerons versus wing warping made aircraft much easier to control, and only a decade later, at the start of World War I, heavier-than-air powered aircraft had become practical for reconnaissance, artillery spotting, and even attacks against ground positions.
Following evacuation in 1941 during the Great Patriotic War ( World War II ), he graduated in Aşgabat, in today's Turkmenistan.
Following the pioneering example of Anthony Aveni, this allowed New World archaeoastronomers to make claims for motives which in the Old World would have been mere speculation.
Following World War II, Bonn was in the British zone of occupation, and in 1949 became the capital of West Germany.
Following World War I, the 1920 Treaty of Sèvres demilitarized the strait and made it an international territory under the control of the League of Nations.
Following the performances of the Canadian, American and Argentine teams at the 2011 Rugby World Cup, some commentators have suggested the Lions conduct a shortened tour the Americas in the future.
Following the First World War, the British Battles Nomenclature Committee was formed to decide on standard names for all battles and subsidiary actions.
Following success as the successor to the Whig party, the party's share of the popular vote plummeted after the First World War as it lost votes to the new Labour party and fractured into groups such as the National and Coalition Liberals.
Following the First World War, these concepts were modified by the Reichswehr.
Following the war, Italy occupied Ethiopia for five years ( 1936 – 41 ), before eventually being driven out during World War II by British Empire and Ethiopian patriot forces.
" Following its completion, Chaplin embarked on the Third Liberty Bond campaign, touring the United States for one month to raise money for the Allies of World War One.
Following the Second World War, conservatives in France supported Gaullist groups and have been nationalistic, and emphasized tradition, order, and the regeneration of France.
Following the Second World War, psychologists conducted research into the different motives and tendencies that account for ideological differences between left and right.
Following World War II the duration of civil wars grew past the norm of the pre-19th century, largely due to weakness of the many postcolonial states and the intervention by major powers on both sides of conflict.
Following World War II, the major European powers divested themselves of their colonies at an increasing rate: the number of ex-colonial states jumped from about 30 to almost 120 after the war.
Following World War II, the general trend in the world wine market for cheap, easy-drinking wine saw a brief boom for the region.
Following World War II, the US Navy Department adopted the dog tags used by the US Army and Air Force, so a single shape and size became the American standard.
Following World War II, Denmark ended its two-hundred year long policy of neutrality.
Following World War I, an upsurge of political consciousness throughout the Caribbean led to the formation of the representative government association.
Following World War II, it became obvious that the organizations that had been developed in previous decades no longer effectively met the needs of the postwar era.
Following World War II, Jacques-Louis David was increasingly regarded as a symbol of French national pride and identity, as well as a vital force in the development of European and French art in the modern era.

Following and Ski
Following his death in 1977, his family donated his library to the National Ski Hall of Fame and Museum where it has become the nucleus for the Roland Palmedo Memorial Library.

Following and Championships
Following his victory in Athens, he set four new records at the 1899 Amateur Championships and, as a prominent figure on the British weightlifting scene, his financial success was virtually assured.
Following his second NHL season, Kariya was named to Canada's team for the 1996 World Championships in Vienna, Austria.
Following the International Convention in Reno, Nevada, the inaugural Optimist International Junior Bowling Championships ( OIJBC ) took place there.
Following his rookie season with the Vancouver Canucks, Daniel made his third World Championships appearance, in 2001 in Germany.
Following his rookie season with the Vancouver Canucks, Henrik made his third World Championships appearance, in 2001 in Germany.
Following a disappointing season in 2007 / 2008 Hendry unexpectedly reached his 12th semi-final at the World Championships, a new record surpassing Steve Davis ' 11.
Following his death in 2002, Saskatoon hosted the IIHF Championships in 2009.
Following the 2005 World Championships in Austria, Pálffy announced his retirement from the Slovak national team.
Following her spectacular comeback in the international athletics arena in 1998, which included winning both the 5000 m and 10000 m at the European Championships, Sonia O ' Sullivan took a break from competition for most of 1999, during which time she gave birth to her daughter, Ciara, on 10 July 1999.
Following a break in 1997 they returned to World Class Rowing in 1998 winning gold at the 1998 Cologne World Championships as a coxed four steered by Brett Hayman.
Following this collegiate victory and his subsequent disappointing finish at the 1993 World Championships in the double scull event, Müller decided to concentrate solely on the single scull.
Following the Flames ' elimination in the 2007 Stanley Cup Playoffs, Phaneuf joined the Canadian senior team at the 2007 Men's World Ice Hockey Championships in Moscow.
Following the 1997 Tomlin order, players were now free to participate in both PDC and BDO events ( with the exception of the World Championships ).
Following Great Britain's worst performance at a European Athletics Championships for twenty years, CEO and former long distance runner David Moorcroft stepped down from his position at UK Athletics: " I am convinced that I am taking the right decision at the right time.
Following these successes were Championships in 1992 and 1995 ( PUMA League ).
Following hosted several editions of the Italian Championships in Athletics, the 1975 Summer Universiade ( the stadium was the only venue in the Universiade ), and the 1987 World Athletics Championships and still hosts the annual meeting of the Golden Gala.
Following his breakthrough at the World Championships and the Winter X Games, Autti went on to finish second at the 2005 Nippon Open, third at the 2005 U. S. Open Snowboarding Championships and first in Big Air at the Arctic Challenge, the exclusive snowboarding event founded by Terje Haakonsen.
Following that, she suffered a heavy defeat to World No. 2 Ana Ivanovic at the Barclays Dubai Tennis Championships.
Following her silver medal win at the 1999 U. S. Championships, Nam had endorsements in South Korea and appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
Following his sophomore year, he was chosen for the 1995 World Championships, but did not appear in any games as the United States finished in sixth place.

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