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Glorantha and has
Glorantha shares some fantasy tropes such as dwarves, elves, trolls, giants, but has developed them differently to the more conventional versions based on the work of Tolkien.
The world of Glorantha has various cultures analogous to Earth spread over two major landmasses and a widespread archipelago.
Inventors of iron, which has many extraordinary magical properties in Glorantha.
With the exception of the Third and current, Sixth Editions, the default setting for RuneQuest has been the world of Glorantha.
For some years, Stafford has been slowly writing several novels set in Glorantha.
It has its roots in Greg Stafford's fantasy world of Glorantha, but was designed as a generic system, suitable for, but not tied to any particular genre.

Glorantha and so
Stafford's first imaginings of Glorantha date back to 1966, when he began his studies at Beloit College, as a vehicle for him to deepen his own understanding of mythology by creating his own mythology, and also ( so he says ) as a way of getting to know girls.

Glorantha and far
However, other long-term fans felt that the game fit Glorantha far better than RuneQuest.

Glorantha and background
Glorantha is the Fantasy world created by Greg Stafford and since used as the background for several role-playing games, including RuneQuest ( 1st ed.
* Glorantha: Introduction to the Hero Wars, world background ( with no game rules whatsoever ).
* Guide to Glorantha, background information about the world of Glorantha.

Glorantha and for
White Bear and Red Moon is notable for containing the first published material about Glorantha, later used as the primary setting for the role-playing games RuneQuest, Hero Wars and HeroQuest.
Stafford was greatly influenced by the ideas on mythology of Joseph Campbell, and echoes of Campbell's work are to be found in many aspects of Glorantha ; for instance the story of the " God Learners " can be seen as an exercise on the implications of Campbell's idea of a unifying monomyth, and the story of Prince Argrath an exploration of Campbell's The Hero with a Thousand Faces.
This edition both loosened the connection between RuneQuest and Glorantha, introducing ' Fantasy Europe ' as the principal game world for Rune Quest, and much broadened the scope of Glorantha, which was treated as an alternative game world.
Mongoose Publishing obtained rights from Issaries to publish material concerning the world of Glorantha, focusing exclusively ( and for the first time ) on the little-explored Second Age of Gloranthan history.
Tales of the Reaching Moon was a British fanzine dedicated to the fantasy world of Glorantha and producing material for fantasy role-playing games based there.
Early editions of the HeroQuest system were published by Issaries Inc., designed to be the RPG system of choice for Greg Stafford's fantasy world of Glorantha, effectively replacing the 1980s RuneQuest.
* Ducks, a fictional race of sentient creatures similar in appearance to actual ducks in the Glorantha setting for the fantasy role-playing games RuneQuest and Suikoden
* Glorantha: the Second Age ( for Runequest )
Elves of Glorantha ( setting for the role-playing games RuneQuest and HeroQuest ) share little with Tolkien's elves but their connection with forests and their preference of archery-they are mobile, humanoid plants.

Glorantha and White
He founded the company Chaosium to publish the board wargame White Bear and Red Moon in 1974 ( other sources say 1975 ), which was set in Glorantha.
The first game system set in Glorantha was the board game White Bear and Red Moon.
Stafford is perhaps most famous as the creator of the fantasy world of Glorantha, but is also a prolific games designer-he was designer of Pendragon, he was co-designer of the RuneQuest, Ghostbusters, Prince Valiant and HeroQuest role-playing systems, founder of the role-playing game companies Chaosium and Issaries, designer of the White Bear and Red Moon, Nomad Gods, King Arthur ’ s Knights and Elric!
Around 1974, Stafford created White Bear and Red Moon, a board game about the violent struggle between several cultures in the Dragon Pass region of Glorantha.
Despite Glorantha being the focus of his life's work, Greg considers his masterpiece to be the Arthurian chivalric role-playing game Pendragon, which was published in 1985 by Chaosium, and republished in 2005 by White Wolf.
White Bear and Red Moon is a fantasy board wargame set in the world of Glorantha, created by Greg Stafford and published in 1975.

Glorantha and Moon
The advent of popular use of the internet caused a boom in fan creations in Glorantha, supported by some unofficial business ventures, such as Reaching Moon Megacorp, and a lively convention scene.

Glorantha and Dragon
Various later editions of RuneQuest, the narrative role-playing game HeroQuest ( the first edition of which was published as Hero Wars ), and the video game King of Dragon Pass were also set in Glorantha, as were several prominent fan efforts.
Set in the fictional world of Glorantha, it depicts the lives and fortunes of one of several barbarian clans, settling the untamed lands of Dragon Pass over the course of several decades.
He was one of the designers on the Glorantha based video game " King of Dragon Pass ".

Glorantha and role-playing
Unlike Dungeons & Dragons, the other approach to fantasy role-playing which traces its roots back to the 1960s and which derives from the wargaming scene, the roots of Glorantha lie in experiments with mythology, storytelling, and recreation and blending of ancient societies.
Unlike many fantasy settings, Glorantha emphasises religion, myth and belief to a level rarely seen in role-playing or fantasy fiction elsewhere.
RuneQuest is a fantasy role-playing game first published in 1978 by Chaosium, created by Steve Perrin and set in Greg Stafford's mythical world of Glorantha.
* Issaries, the fictional Lightbringer god of trade in the Glorantha setting of the role-playing game RuneQuest

Glorantha and RuneQuest
Unfortunately, RuneQuest did not prosper with its association with Avalon Hill, and the relationship between Chaosium, who held the rights to Glorantha, and Avalon Hill, who held the rights to RuneQuest, finally broke down completely in 1995.

Glorantha and HeroQuest
Green Knight Publishing formed to focus on Pendragon, Chaosium " proper " retained Call of Cthulhu, Stormbringer, and Mythos, while Greg Stafford founded Issaries, Inc. to publish HeroQuest and focus on bringing new Glorantha related material into print.
* Glorantha. com-Issaries website containing information about Glorantha and HeroQuest
* Hero Wars: Roleplaying in Glorantha, containing the core rules ( now superseded by HeroQuest ).
* HeroQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, containing the complete rules and an introduction to the Glorantha setting.
* HeroQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha ( with Greg Stafford et al.

Glorantha and game
More abstractly, Campbell's idea that myths are how we shape our lives deeply informs the picture of life in Glorantha throughout the game world's publication history.

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