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Hanoi and had
He underwent brain surgery at the French Hospital of Hanoi on Wednesday December 6 to remove the blood clot that had formed.
However, in February 1979, following China's limited invasion of Vietnam, Hanoi complained that from 1957 onward China had provoked numerous border incidents as part of its anti-Vietnam policy and expansionist designs in Southeast Asia.
Since 2006 Vietnam has had an embassy in Caracas and Venezuela an embassy in Hanoi.
* 1075 – 1077: the Song Dynasty of China and the Lý Dynasty of Vietnam fight a border war, with Vietnamese forces striking first on land and with their navy, and afterwards Song armies advancing as far as modern-day Hanoi, the capital, but withdraw after Lý makes peace overtures ; in 1082, both sides exchange the territories that they had captured during the war, and later a border agreement is reached.
Diệm had only expected 10, 000 refugees, but by August, there were over 200, 000 waiting in Hanoi and Haiphong to be evacuated ; the migration helped to strengthen Diệm's political base of support.
After the coastal attacks began, Hanoi lodged a complaint with the International Control Commission ( ICC ), which had been established in 1954 to oversee the terms of the Geneva Accords, but the US denied any involvement.
The Hanoi government ( unlike the US government, which had to give permission at the highest levels for the conduct of these missions ) probably assumed that they were all a coordinated effort to escalate military actions against North Vietnam.
He claimed that North Vietnamese radar had tracked Maddox along the coast, and was thus aware that the destroyer had not actually attacked North Vietnam and that Hanoi ( or the local commander ) had ordered its craft to engage Maddox anyway.
" Fonda said she had no regrets about the broadcasts she made on Radio Hanoi, something she asked the North Vietnamese to do: " Our government was lying to us and men were dying because of it, and I felt I had to do anything that I could to expose the lies and help end the war.
On May 2, 2000, the Vietnamese Communist Party and the Vietnamese government announced that Pham Van Dong, former Politburo member, former prime minister, had died in Hanoi on April 29, 2000 after several months of serious illness at the age of 94.
In 1995 his first wife had died, and two weeks after his installation in Hanoi he met Vi Le, Australia's senior trade commissioner, born in Vietnam, whom he married.
Territorial disagreements along the border and in the South China Sea that had remained dormant during the Vietnam War were revived at the war's end, and a postwar campaign engineered by Hanoi against the ethnic Chinese Hoa community elicited a strong protest from Beijing.
The present government of Vietnam firmly holds to the view that the Hanoi Hilton was a prison for criminals, not POWs, and that those held in the Hanoi Hilton were " pirates " and " bandits " who had attacked Vietnam without authority.
* John A. Dramesi, former prisoner of war who had been held by the Viet Cong in the Hanoi Hilton.
In late February 2003, Urbani was called in to The French Hospital of Hanoi to look at patient Johnny Chen, an American businessman who had fallen ill with what doctors thought was a bad case of influenza.
Before Hanoi Rocks, McCoy had become well known in his home country, Finland, due to his work in the punk rock band Pelle Miljoona Oy.
( Co-founder along with McCoy and front man for Hanoi Rocks ) and former " wife " to Stiv Bators of the band ` The Lords Of The New Church ` ( they had a pagan marriage which was not registered ).
On February 23, a 47-year-old Chinese-American businessman ( Johnny Chen, a Shanghai resident ) who had stayed on the 9th floor of the Metropole Hotel ( across the hall from the Chinese doctor ) travelled to Hanoi, Vietnam.
There were repeated attempts from 1954 onward to force the North Vietnamese out of Laos but, regardless of any agreements or concessions, Hanoi had no intention of abandoning the country or its Laotian communist allies.
In August, 1950, Souphanouvong had joined the Viet Minh in their headquarters north of Hanoi, Vietnam, and become the head of the Pathet Lao, along with its political arm dubbed Neo Lao Hak Sat ( Lao Patriotic Front ).
Planning in Hanoi for a winter-spring offensive during 1968 had begun in early 1967 and continued until early the following year.

Hanoi and no
no: Hanoi Hilton
The extent, however, to which this punishment was perpetrated may be impossible to gauge and while detailed accounts survive regarding how civilians were disemboweled by Viet Cong, the use of this torture appears to have been quite arbitrary and there is no record that such actions were sanctioned by the North Vietnamese government in Hanoi.
Cambodian neutrality in the war no longer existed, and China, preoccupied with its Cultural Revolution, did not intercede with Hanoi.
Hanoi no longer demanded that South Vietnamese President Nguyen Van Thieu be removed from office, the U. S. did not have to cease its aid to the southern government and both Washington and Hanoi could continue to resupply their allies or forces on a parity basis.
no: Hanoi Rocks
Hanoi, however, wasted no time in making use of what it had gained.
Vietnam did not mobilize its regular divisions, which was ment to protect Hanoi if necessary, and no troops were pulled out of Cambodia during the war.

Hanoi and way
The columnist Joseph Kraft, who was also touring North Vietnam, said he believed the damage to the dikes was incidental and was being used as propaganda by Hanoi, and if the U. S. Air Force were " truly going after the dikes, it would do so in a methodical, not a harum-scarum way ".
Divide and conquer is a powerful tool for solving conceptually difficult problems, such as the classic Tower of Hanoi puzzle: all it requires is a way of breaking the problem into sub-problems, of solving the trivial cases and of combining sub-problems to the original problem.
To pave the way and to confuse the allies as to its intentions, Hanoi launched a diplomatic offensive.
Columnist Joseph Kraft who was also touring North Vietnam, believed that the damage to the dikes was done in error and was being used as propaganda by Hanoi, and that that if the U. S. Air Force were " truly going after the dikes, it would do so in a methodical, not a harum-scarum way.
In Finland Hanoi Rocks is known as the Finnish rock band who, at their time, had come closest to real international fame, only much later giving way to such groups as HIM, Nightwish, Stratovarius, and Children of Bodom.
In an incident that pointed towards Michael Learns to Rock's popularity in Asia, fake tickets had been sold to the tune of 20, 000 numbers ( more than twice the number that of the real ones sold ) for a concert in Hanoi, Vietnam in December 1997 and while the concert was on, the people outside with the fake tickets tried to break their way in to the concert hall through the windows, ceilings and the doors, causing riot police to be summoned to take care of the situation The band traveled to South Africa in January 1998, playing sell-out concerts at Johannesburg and Pretoria, consequently taking Nothing to Lose to the top of the charts in South Africa.
In the ' Towers of Hanoi ' example, the Prolog inference engine figures out how to move a stack of any number of progressively smaller disks, one at a time, from the left (' left ') pole to the right pole (' right ') in the described way, by means of a center (' center ') pole as transit, so that there's never a bigger disk on top of a smaller disk.
Édouard Lucas, the inventor of the Tower of Hanoi puzzle, was known to have come up with an elegant solution which used binary and Gray codes, in the same way that his puzzle can be solved.
* 15 September 1974, Air Vietnam Flight 706-Le Duc Tan, a ranger in the South Vietnamese army who had recently been demoted from captain to lieutenant for the theft of two cars in Da Nang, smooth-talked his way past security checkpoints and hijacked a Boeing 727 en route from Da Nang to Saigon, demanding to go to Hanoi.

Hanoi and political
Including Vietnam's foreign democide, Rummel estimates that a minimum of 400, 000 and a maximum of slightly less than 2. 5 million people died of political violence from 1975-87 at the hands of Hanoi.
The Hỏa Lò Prison, was a prison used by the French colonists in Vietnam for political prisoners, and later by North Vietnam for prisoners of war during the Vietnam War when it was sarcastically known to American prisoners of war as the " Hanoi Hilton ".
The bombing campaigns of the Air Force were tightly controlled by the White House for political reasons, and until 1972 avoided the main Northern cities of Hanoi and Haiphong and concentrated on bombing jungle supply trails, especially the Ho Chi Minh Trail.
In August 1950, Souphanouvong joined the Viet Minh in their headquarters north of Hanoi, Vietnam, and become the head of the Pathet Lao, along with its political arm dubbed Neo Lao Hak Sat ( Lao Patriotic Front ).
According to a record, prepared by Soviet Ambassador to the United States Anatoliy Dobrynin, of discussions between Dobrynin and Kissinger, the crux of the U. S. position, was progress still must be made at the Paris talks and, for domestic political reasons, Nixon " simply cannot wait a year for Hanoi to decide to take some new step and take a more flexible position.
The political instability in Saigon gave North Vietnamese leaders in Hanoi an impetus to step up their military campaign in the south, because they believed the South Vietnamese government were able to survive because they still had a strong military to combat the growing influence of the Viet Cong.
In a significant contrast to the political scene in South Vietnam, the North Vietnamese government in Hanoi were far more occupied with their military effort.
Truong Chinh ( pseudonym meaning “ Long March ”, born Dang Xuan Khu ( 9 February 1907, Xuan Truong District, Nam Dinh Province – 30 September 1988, Hanoi ) was a Vietnamese communist political leader and theoretician.
Including Vietnam's foreign democide, Rummel estimates that a minimum of 400, 000 and a maximum of slightly less than 2. 5 million people died of political violence from 1975-87 at the hands of Hanoi.
Hanoi, which had developed as a political center during the Tang Dynasty, was the center of an early Vietnamese polity.
However, on the Vietnam War, the program opposed " any efforts to bomb Hanoi into submission " and to work for a peace agreement that would protect Communist political cadres in South Vietnam from further military or police reprisals.

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