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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1060
from Brown Corpus
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advised and poor
A major improvement in manufacturing yield came when a chemist advised the companies fabricating semiconductors to use distilled rather than tap water: calcium ions present in tap water were the cause of the poor yields.
Though often used in many areas for horses, barbed wire is not advised ; its use is considered poor management.
From reports the efficiency of communications: in particular the main artery SS 45 Val Trebbia, in fact it was partly renovated, but still stretches of road with strong characterization of other times with the logical consequences, lend, so the utmost care when you are in travel it is advised caution and moderation in the rate since the stroke, especially among Rivergaro and Perino, very twisty corners with poor visibility and bumpy surface.
In other trains, ladies are advised to travel in AC Coaches as these would be free of the economically poor and socially backward men.
Between 1948 – 50, he was Liberal agent in Stockport but following the poor general election results experienced by the Liberal Party in 1950 and 1951, he was advised by the losing Liberal candidate for Stockport, Reg Hewitt, to join the Labour Party.
There is little to interest the casual tourist, and facilities for the visitor are poor even by local standards-tourists would be better advised to explore Kucove from Berat.
Meltzer curtly advised Heidelberger that he ought not to go into science, because " science is no profession for a poor man's son.
Hand feeding is not advised as moray eels can inflict painful wounds, and have poor eyesight which makes it difficult to distinguish between food and fingers.
His doctrine of benevolence advised a moral obligation to the poor, during a time when the interest in the lower classes was subsiding.
While the poor performance is regrettable, it in no way constitutes mis-selling in the legal sense unless it can be shown that the endowment was unsuitable for the client's needs at the time it was advised.
* When he was consulted on how Spartans might best forestall invasion of their homeland, Lycurgus advised, " By remaining poor, and each man not desiring to possess more than his fellow.

advised and woman
" Though advised regularly of Beaux ’ s progress abroad and to " not be worried about any indiscretions of ours ", her Aunt Eliza repeatedly reminded her niece to avoid the temptations of Paris, " Remember you are first of all a Christian – then a woman and last of all an Artist.
The couple had at first exchanged letters, which Beatty signed ' Jack ', as Ethel was still a married woman and discretion was advised.
Edward had been advised by British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin that he could not remain king and marry a divorced woman with two living ex-husbands.
Before her visit to Britain in the autumn of 1914, which Jones chaperoned, Freud advised: " She does not claim to be treated as a woman, being still far away from sexual longings and rather refusing man.
She advised them to go to the woman who tended the cows, who warned them that the fort where Fráech's wife was kept was guarded by a serpent, but promised to leave the gate open for them.
The woman is generally advised to lie still for a half hour or so after the insemination to prevent seepage and to allow fertilization to take place.
The syringe may be left in place for several minutes and the woman is advised to lie still for half-an-hour or so to assist fertilization.
In 1653, Pieter van Foreest advised the technique of genital massage for a disease called " womb disease " to bring the woman into " hysterical paroxysm ".
In the same verse woman are advised to not " strike their feet " as to draw attention to their hidden adornment.
In her romantic pursuit of the sensitive Chopin, whose music she fell in love with before seeing him in person, George / Aurora is advised that she must act like a man pursuing a woman, though she is also advised to avoid damaging his health by not pursuing him at all.
The woman said the same group had been approaching other women, and she later informed Strathclyde police, who advised anyone approached in a similar way to contact them.
In a letter to Alida Bigelow dated 9 / 23 / 1919, F. Scott Fitzgerald advised the young woman to " read " Salt " young girl so that you may know what life B.
Women experiencing irregularities ( droplets ) are sometimes advised to wear coloured underwear to mitigate the detectability of evidence of zavah status and hence a need to determine that a woman is a zavah.
He advised her on the use of Chloroform during child birth and Gatty became the first woman in Sheffield to use the drug during labour.
A small woman, meanwhile, would be better advised to receive her suitor lying down ... but should make sure that her feet are hidden under her dress, so that her true size is not disclosed.
Her boss told her that she would be allowed to come to work dressed as a woman, and her co-workers were advised to refer to her as " Alina ".
She tells him that when she was in the hospital, she met a young woman patient who was advised by her doctors to find someone or something to love — a husband, a son, a job, even a dog.
Lactantius described an example from ancient Rome involved the prosecution of a woman suspected to have advised a woman not to marry Maximinus II: " Neither indeed was there any accuser, until a certain Jew, one charged with other offences, was induced, through hope of pardon, to give false evidence against the innocent.

advised and appear
Given that the vast majority of all emeralds are treated as described above, and the fact that two stones that appear visually similar may actually be quite far apart in treatment level and therefore in value, a consumer considering a purchase of an expensive emerald is well advised to insist upon a treatment report from a reputable gemological laboratory.
In the video Saddam's son Uday advised al-Ali about hires in Al-Jazeera: " During your last visit here along with your colleagues we talked about a number of issues, and it does appear that you indeed were listening to what I was saying since changes took place and new faces came on board such as that lad, Mansour.
In 2002, director Richard Loncraine persuaded Barker to appear as Winston Churchill's butler David Inches in the BBC-HBO drama The Gathering Storm and then cast him in the larger role of the General in the TV film My House in Umbria in 2003, alongside Maggie Smith ( whom he had, early in their careers, advised to give up acting as he felt she would not be a success ).
It can be regarded as an intermediate level of follow-up between continuous monitoring in an inpatient setting on one hand, and the situation where an individual is advised to return only when ( or if ) symptoms appear or reappear on the other.
He arranged the details of the king's surrender to the Scots, although he does not appear to have advised or even to have approved of the step.
Patients with serious cases are advised to rest in bed and refrain from activity for 1 – 2 weeks after symptoms appear.
After the earliest period, the history of which is essentially unknown, but to which the walls in the core hill portion of the town attest, dated to the 1st century BC, the first stage of the development of Trevi beyond the hill took place under the Empire, when Hadrian restored the main road through the territory, the Via Flaminia, thus spurring the growth of a suburb in the plain at the place now called Pietrarossa, where sporadic excavations over several centuries have brought to light many remains: among them Roman baths that appear to have been still more or less in use in the time of St. Francis, who is known to have visited the area and to have advised people to bathe there.
It is advised to consult a doctor immediately if these symptoms appear while taking this medication.
They are advised by a faculty member and must appear before a defense committee.
While executive producer of ABC's " PrimeTime Live ," Kaplan in 1992 advised then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton how to deal with the Gennifer Flowers affair issue, recommended that the Clintons appear on rival CBS program " 60 Minutes ," and advised the Clintons on how to handle that interview.

advised and court
Rabbi Chaim Noach Levin also wrote in his notes on Megillas Yuchsin that he heard directly from Rabbi Yosef Shaul Halevi, the head of the Rabbinical court of Lemberg, that when he wanted to go see the remains of the Golem, the sexton of the Alt-Neu Shul said that Rabbi Yechezkel Landau had advised against going up to the attic after he himself had gone up.
It is a pre-trial diet to enable the court to be advised whether both parties, the prosecution and the defence, are ready to proceed to trial and may also deal with ancillary procedural matters.
During the reigns of the Norman monarchs, the English Crown was advised by a royal court or Curia Regis, which consisted of magnates, ecclesiastics and high officials.
According to the court chronicler Brantôme, " many people advised the king and the Dauphin to repudiate her, since it was necessary to continue the line of France ".
These honored people advised also on matters of court ritual.
To her stepdaughter, Mary, now Duchess of Burgundy, she gave immeasurable guidance and help: using her own experiences in the court of Edward IV, where she had largely avoided being used as a pawn and contributed to the arrangement of her own marriage, she wisely guided the Duchess in deciding her marriage ; against the wave of marriage offers that flooded to the two Duchesses in Ghent ( from the recently widowed Duke of Clarence, from the 7-year old Dauphin of France, Charles, from a brother of Edward IV's wife, Elizabeth Woodville ), she stood firm, and advised Mary to marry Maximilian of Habsburg, the 18-year old son of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III, to whom Charles the Bold had betrothed Mary, and who was ambitious and active enough, in Margaret's opinion, to defend Mary's legacy.
The rank was apparently bought cheaply ; his predecessor from whom he purchased the rank was advised to sell up and leave the army rather than face a court martial and probable dismissal.
Amalia of Solms-Braunfels, a member of the stadholder's family and an art-lover, bought a painting with a pissing cow, but some court ladies seemed to have advised against it.
Although he could be subpoenaed, he could not be forced to give evidence ; Queen Victoria, his mother, advised him not to attend the court.
It is also advised that any additional documents ( such as domestic court decisions and any relevant municipal laws ) are provided to the Committee as part of the complaint.
* High jury awards for the employee, attorney fees and litigation costs if the problem is ignored or not treated properly ( in case of firing the victim ) when the complainants are advised to and take the issue to court.
Courts and procuratorates are advised by the constitution that they " should provide translations for any party to the court proceedings who is not familiar with the spoken or written languages in common use in the locality.
The Qing court strengthened its northern border garrisons, and advised the Khalkhas to resist Galdan.
Islamic literature further states that the experts of economics in Pharaoh's court advised him that killing the male infants of the Israelites, would result in loss of manpower.
The young Gheorghe, advised by the Moldavian ambassador to the Sublime Porte, moved to Moldavia sometimes before October 1624, where, by means of the wealth his father managed to accumulate, he eventually entered into the ranks of court dignitaries.
* Curia advisari vult, or c. a. v., a Latin legal term meaning " the court wishes to be advised "
However, he and Miller gain an advantage when the partner who advised settling out of court confesses he long suspected Beckett had AIDS but never said anything, and how he regrets his inaction.
At that time, his father was shogun, and was being advised by his long-time Confucian advisor, Arai Hakuseki, who held considerable influence in the shogun's court at Edo.
After the hearing our counsel, Mr. John Finerty, advised the sub-commission that questions based on private information were highly improper, would be sufficient cause for mistrial in any ordinary court, and that he could not continue as counsel if they were to be permitted in future.
Wells, who was in charge of the Belknap case, was advised by Attorney General Alphonso Taft, upon President Ulysses S. Grant's instructions, that the evidence against Belknap would not sustain a conviction in court and that Belknap had suffered enough during the Senate trial.
" After Manson made a statement to the court, however, he then advised the women against testifying.
Legend says she advised Piers Gaveston, who owned the Forest of Dartmoor from 1308, and who was in hiding here after being banished from the king's court, telling him to return to court predicting that " his humbled head shall soon be high ".
The unfair dismissal claim would, if he is well advised, be in respect of the post-termination period and sue in court for wrongful dismissal in respect of the notice period, thus stretching out the statutory limits by making the unfair dismissal limit only start running from a later date to allow perhaps more loss of earnings and ignoring the breach of contract limit by using the court instead of tribunal to deal with wrongful dismissal.

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