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However and nonspecific
However, the most common subcategories can be broken down as follows: 40 % peripheral vestibular dysfunction, 10 % central nervous system lesion, 15 % psychiatric disorder, 25 % presyncope / dysequilibrium, and 10 % nonspecific dizziness.
However, self-injurious behaviors occur in other conditions, including nonspecific mental retardation, autism, Rett syndrome, Cornelia de Lange syndrome, Tourette syndrome, familial dysautonomia, choreoacanthocytosis, sensory neuropathy including hereditary sensory neuropathy type 1, and several psychiatric conditions.

However and staining
However, the staining effect only appears in solutions with very little sulfite, and most hydroquinone developers contain substantial quantities of sulfite.
However, in systemic lupus erythematosus the fibrinoid deposits may contain significant amounts of nuclear debris, including acidic DNA, and may be haematoxyphilic ( staining purple or blue with the basic dye haematoxylin ).
However, the use of myeloperoxidase staining in this setting has been supplanted by the widespread use of flow cytometry.
However, the soldier is shot and killed, his blood staining the American flag.
However because of its situation on Euston Road, one of London ’ s busiest roads, it has become stained with pollution and recent cleaning attempts have been unable to remove the staining of much of the Portland stone.

However and by
However, I confess my hope that I will be innocent again, not with a pristine, accidental innocence, but rather with an innocence achieved by the slow cutting away of the flesh to reach the bone.
However, by comparing the TV snatches, two different radio station re-runs, and the censored Los Angeles Times version, I found that the radio stations had edited out questions ( ABC removed the one regarding Laos ) or even a paragraph out of the middle of the President's answer.
However, the litter remained, augmented by several dozen lunchroom suppers.
However, the healthy inventory position of the textile industry lends support to the broadly expressed belief that improvement in that industry can be expected by the second half of 1961.
However, there is also much to be gained by making use of the abilities of the local people who are available and interested in recreation.
However, technical difficulties arise by melting at local hot spots.
However, they do demonstrate the presence of large normal pressures in the presence of flat shear fields which were forecast by the theory in the first part of the paper.
However, there are photographs of suspended drops of cyclohexanol phthalate ( viscosity 155 poises ) suspended in corn syrup of 71 poises in a paper by Mason and Bartok.
However, one must expect that vaporization and ejection of material by hypervelocity impacts would cause a deviation from a linear relationship.
However, there was no real question of the justice of creating a strong Poland, both industrially and agriculturally, and one unplagued by large minorities of Germans or Russians.
However, as witnessed by the large corporate bond calendar at present, as well as the record amount of municipal bond issues approved by voters, the over-all demands for capital funds seem likely to remain high, so that any downward pressure on rates from reduced demand should not be great.
However, it is not known to either the union or the public precisely how much of a cost increase is caused by a given change in the basic wage rate, although the companies are presumed to have reliable estimates of this magnitude.
However, in the actual assessment of the cutting force by instrumental methods for any thickness of coating a number of spurious effects occur which must be taken into account and which make the measured value larger than the true cutting force indicated by eqn. ( 1 ).
However, a growing intellectual sophistication and the new certitudes imparted by courses in psychology and anthropology make the students increasingly critical of their somewhat provincial and overprotective parents.
However, by cultivating a wine dealer and accepting his advice, one will soon enough ascertain whether he has any knowledge of wines ( as opposed to what he may have been told by salesmen and promoters ) and, better yet, whether he has a taste for wine.
However much football has been over-emphasized, the public likes to measure its collegiate favorites by the scoreboard, so, while Yale need never give its record a thought again since outscoring its opponents 694 to 0 in the season of 1888, Dartmouth had to wait until its championship team of 1925 for national recognition.
However, if the child has been constantly surrounded, during nursery and early school age, by peer groups ; ;
However, she really does not know how to match the quantity of dollars given away by a quality of leadership that is basically needed.
However, at the same time Montgomery selects as his hero De Gaulle, who is a militarist dominated by political ambitions.
However, Plato reports that syntax was devised before him, by Prodicus of Ceos, who was concerned by the correct use of words.

However and Af
However, the possible absence of a center of symmetry not only moves the hydrogen atom off Af, but also allows the oxygen atoms to become nonequivalent, with Af at Af and Af at Af ( space group Af ), where Af represents the oxygens on one side of the Af layers and Af those on the other side.
However, any oxygen nonequivalence would shorten either the already extremely short Af interlayer distance of 2.55 A or the non-hydrogen-bonded Af interlayer interactions which are already quite short at 2.58 Aj.
However, Af adsorbs water from the atmosphere and this may account for the low chromium analysis and high total weight loss.
However, the conversion from mass to size is unreliable, since many photographic meteors give evidence of a fluffy, loosely bound meteorite structure with densities as low as Af.
However, since the pencil contains a secant of **zg it actually contains only Af singular lines.
However, if there is no additional complex of singular lines, the order of the image regulus of a pencil is precisely Af.
However, in the foothill areas and valleys of the interior of the province, precipitation can exceed 8000 mm per year with virtually no dry season ( Köppen climate as Af ), as that belongs to the rainiest region on the planet.

However and tumor
However, over 10 % of patients presenting to oncology units will have metastases without a primary tumor found.
However, visual detection in any form listed above, is not sufficient for establishing pathological classification, cell type or the stage of the present tumor.
However, environmental factors and therapeutic interferences may cause some discrepancies between tumor burden and bioluminescence intensity in relation to changes in proliferative activity.
However, brain scans such as by an MRI can help rule out other diseases, such as a stroke or a brain tumor.
However, if the doctor is not sure whether the mass is an abscess or a tumor, an ultrasound may be performed.
However in certain leukemias this can coincide with protection against cancer relapse owing to the graft versus tumor effect.
However, when the ability of all these compounds to kill tumor cells in cell culture was investigated, it turned out that the antitumor potency did not at all depend on whether or not the respective compound could inhibit COX-2, showing that inhibition of COX-2 was not required for the anticancer effects.
However, the issues are complex, as neovascular growth is not always beneficial, since it plays a role in tumor growth, and also the damage from wet macular degeneration, a disease for which smoking ( a major source of carbon monoxide in the blood, several times more than natural production ) increases the risk from 4 to 6 times.
However, when the ability of all these compounds to kill tumor cells in cell culture was investigated, it turned out that the antitumor potency did not at all depend on whether or not the respective compound could inhibit COX-2, showing that inhibition of COX-2 was not required for the anticancer effects.
However, because the organisms create a mass that can mimic a lung tumor, the diagnosis may require a tissue sample ( biopsy ).
However, on August 24, 1963, he underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor, which left him partially paralyzed, forcing him to miss several Senate sessions.
However, final diagnosis of this tumor, like most tumors, relies on histopathologic examination ( biopsy examination ).
However, studies show that removal of hyaluronan from tumors prevents tumor invasion.
However, it is currently unclear whether targeting DNMT1 alone is sufficient to reactivate tumor suppressor genes silenced by DNA methylation.
However, new evidence indicates that a multimeric complex ( Granzyme B, perforin, and granulysin ) can enter a cell through the mannose 6-phosphate receptor ( or another receptor found in tumor cells ) and is enclosed in a vesicle ( a sac ).
However, a surgical biopsy is required to find the grade of the tumor.
However, the remaining copy of the tumor suppressor gene can be inactivated by a point mutation, leaving no tumor suppressor gene to protect the body.
However, Murphy would leave Testament after a brain tumor diagnosis in 1999.
However, decreases in this adhesion ability of the cell has been linked to metastasis and tumor progression.
However once cancer begins, cancer cells undergo a process of natural selection: the few cells with new genetic changes that enhance their survival or reproduction continue to multiply, and soon come to dominate the growing tumor, as cells with less favorable genetic change are out-competed.
However, a mutation can damage the tumor suppressor gene itself, or the signal pathway that activates it, " switching it off ".
However, cases exist in which one mutated copy of a tumor suppressor gene can render the other, wild-type copy non-functional.
However, cases exist in which one loss of function copy of a tumor suppressor gene can render the other copy non-functional, called the dominant negative effect.

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