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1955 and started
Atomic timekeeping services started experimentally in 1955, using the first caesium atomic clock at the National Physical Laboratory, UK ( NPL ).
From about 1955 he started to work on sheaf theory and homological algebra, producing the influential " Tôhoku paper " ( Sur quelques points d ' algèbre homologique, published in 1957 ) where he introduced Abelian categories and applied their theory to show that sheaf cohomology can be defined as certain derived functors in this context.
They started playing together as a duo, formed the influential London Blues and Barrelhouse Club in 1955, and made their first record together in 1957.
It was developed on the T-54 hull in 1951 ; series production started in 1955.
During this time he also started to experiment with ink and wash painting seen in work like Portrait of a Woman ( 1955 ) as well as creating portraits to illustrate the music surrounding him in Harlem.
In April 1955, oil exploration started in the kingdom with its first oil fields being discovered in 1959.
Mayol ’ s fascination with dolphins started in 1955 when he was working as a commercial diver at an aquarium in Miami, Florida.
Brabham soon " seemed to merge into Cooper Cars ": he was not an employee, but he started working at Cooper on a daily basis from the midpoint of the 1955 season building a Bobtail mid-engined sports car, intended for Formula One, the top category of single seater racing.
However, by 1955, when the first ITV stations started transmitting, virtually all new British televisions were featuring 13-channel tuners, quickly making Band III converters obsolete.
The top-ranked UEFA competition is the UEFA Champions League, which started in the 1992 / 93 season and gathers the top 1-4 teams of each country's league ( the number of teams depend on that country's ranking and can be upgraded or downgraded ); this competition was re-structured from a previous one that only gathered the top team of each country ( and thus less competitive, held from 1955 – 1992 and known as the European Champion Clubs Cup or just European Cup ).
The bombers, whose names all started with the letter " V " and which were known collectively as the V-class, were the Vickers Valiant ( first flew 1951, entered service 1955 ), Avro Vulcan ( first flew 1952, in service 1956 ) and Handley Page Victor ( first flew 1952, in service 1958 ).
In 1955 Jack Scruby started producing miniatures using RTV rubber molds, which greatly reduced their expense, and he turned this into a business ( Scruby Miniatures ) in 1957 and started publishing War Game Digest.
Construction started in 1952 and lasted until 1955.
Development of such engines started under the aegis of the Atomic Energy Commission in 1955 as Project Rover, with work on a suitable reactor starting at Los Alamos National Laboratory and Area 25 in the Nevada Test Site.
Already in 1955 he started writing for the Casabella magazine, where he became editor between 1959 – 1964.
Oil production started from Rawdhatain in 1955 and Minagish in 1959.
Buck started broadcasting Cardinals games for KMOX radio in 1954, teaming with Harry Caray, Milo Hamilton ( 1954 ), and Joe Garagiola ( from 1955 ).
The Helicopter Division started out at the main Bristol Aeroplane Company site in Filton, but from 1955 it was moved to the Old Mixton factory in Weston-Super-Mare, which had been used to build Blenheims during the War.
Dewey is not listed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D. C. because the United States Department of Defense has ruled that the war officially started, from a U. S. perspective, on November 1, 1955, after the U. S. took over following the French defeat at Dien Bien Phu.
This master plan, initiated in 1955, started out as a 49-bed facility with a one-room emergency room.
The Lyke Wake Walk was started by a local farmer, Bill Cowley, in the North Riding of Yorkshire, England, in 1955.
Lincoln Village was started in 1955 as a planned community by a real estate subsidiary of Nationwide Insurance.
Ortiz, born in Ponce, started his professional career in 1955 with a first round knockout of Harry Bell in New York.
In 1953, Vickers had started building the swept wing VC-7 / V-1000 with Conway engines, but BOAC short-sightedly claimed that the Britannia and Comet 4 would be adequate for its purposes, and in 1955 when the military version of the V-1000 was cancelled, the 75 % complete prototype was scrapped.

1955 and working
After working as assistant director on Resnais's Night and Fog in 1955, Marker made Sunday in Peking, a short documentary " film essay " that would characterize Marker's unique film style for most of his career.
Fuller hosted a benefit for Lugosi which preceded the showing of Bride of the Atom ( early working title of Bride of the Monster ) on May 11, 1955.
In 1955, W. Thomas Grubb, a chemist working for the General Electric Company ( GE ), further modified the original fuel cell design by using a sulphonated polystyrene ion-exchange membrane as the electrolyte.
He also had a longtime working relationship with director Blake Edwards, starring in My Sister Eileen ( 1955 ), Days of Wine and Roses ( 1962 ), The Great Race ( 1965 ) and That's Life!
Cohen ( 1955 ): working class teenagers joined gangs due to frustration of inability to achieve status and goals of the middle class ; Cloward and Ohlin ( 1960 ): blocked opportunity, but unequal distribution of opportunities lead to creating different types of gangs ( that is, some focused on robbery and property theft, some on fighting and conflict and some were retreatists focusing on drug taking ); Spergel ( 1966 ) was one of the first criminologists to focus on evidence-based practice rather than intuition into gang life and culture.
After working all day, Parks boarded the Cleveland Avenue bus around 6 p. m., Thursday, December 1, 1955, in downtown Montgomery.
Following pressure by the American Rocket Society, the National Science Foundation, and the International Geophysical Year, military interest picked up and in early 1955 the Army and Navy were working on Project Orbiter, two competing programs, the army's which involved using a Jupiter C rocket, and the civilian / Navy Vanguard Rocket, to launch a satellite.
He served in the U. S. Army from 1955 to 1957, working at the National Security Agency.
In 1955, theatrical producer Martin Gabel was working on a stage adaptation of the James M. Cain novel Serenade, about an opera singer who comes to the realization he is homosexual, and he invited Laurents to write the book.
Issigonis, who had been working for Alvis, had been recruited back to BMC in 1955 and, with his skills in designing small cars, was a natural for the task.
For Henri Pousseur, after an initial period working with twelve-tone technique in works like Sept Versets ( 1950 ) and Trois Chants sacrés ( 1951 ), serialismevolved away from this bond in Symphonies pour quinze Solistes and in the Quintette la mémoire d ’ Anton Webern, 1955, and from around the time of Impromptu encounters whole new dimensions of application and new functions.
In the fall of 1955 SAAB thought the capacity was insufficient and started working on SAABs räkneautomat SARA, " SAAB's calculating machine ", which was going to be twice as fast as BESK.
She met with her first family in 1951, and by 1955 was working with Illinois Psychiatric Institute, encouraging other therapists to focus on families instead of individual patients.
For much of the period from 1955 until 1965 most of Crawford's television roles involved ZIV Television, who was among the relative handful of producers willing to accept the occasional challenges inherent in working with the hard-living Crawford.
While working odd jobs, he wrote short stories, essays, and book reviews, some of them collected in the volume Notes of a Native Son ( 1955 ).
By 1955, he had built a working model from balsa wood and had filed his first patent for the hovercraft, No 854211.
Often working alongside layout artist Hawley Pratt, he also introduced or redesigned a number of famous Warner characters, including Yosemite Sam in 1945, the cat-and-bird duo, Sylvester and Tweety in 1947, and Speedy Gonzales in 1955.
Marko Petkovšek is a Slovenian mathematician, born: 1955, working mainly in symbolic computation.
After working covertly for several years, Nosaka re-emerged in 1955 as the First Secretary of the JCP.
With Shannon, Fogarty, Hill, and Lasker working together, the NIH's budget as a whole increased more than tenfold between 1955 and 1965.
After working as a copywriter in New York from 1951 to 1955, from the mid-1950s, when he received a Fulbright Fellowship, through 1965, Ashbery lived in France.
After publishing, in September 1955, a critical article about the construction of Nowa Huta, a Cracow conurbation built on a site chosen by Soviet " advisors " as the " first socialist municipality in Poland ", which brought to light the inhuman working and living conditions of the labourers involved in the venture — a story which occaioned consternation before eventually winning favour with the Communist authorities unsure at first how to react to a fault-finding depiction of their pet project by one of their own — Kapuściński was awarded the Golden Cross of Merit at the age of 23.
During this period he had the opportunity to develop a broad symphonic repertoire, leading the Budapest Opera Orchestra from 1955 to 1957, and working as an Assistant Professor of Conducting at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music.

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