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Peter and however
He was extremely skeptical of Peter Bartholomew's discovery in Antioch of the Holy Lance, especially because he knew such a relic already existed in Constantinople ; however, he was willing to let the Crusader army believe it was real if it raised their morale.
It is quite likely, however, that the epistle of Galatians was written prior to the Jerusalem council, and that it refers to a meeting between Paul, Barnabas, and Peter, James, and John that happened earlier.
The whole, however, may be judged from this fragment: " We Irish, though dwelling at the far ends of the earth, are all disciples of St. Peter and St. Paul ... we are bound to the Chair of Peter, and although Rome is great and renowned, through that Chair alone is she looked on as great and illustrious among us ... On account of the two Apostles of Christ, you pope are almost celestial, and Rome is the head of the whole world, and of the Churches ".
John Elliot, however, suggests that the notion of Silvanus as secretary or author or drafter of 1 Peter represents little more than a counsel of despair and introduces more problems than it solves because the Greek rendition of 5: 12 suggests that Silvanus was not the secretary, but the courier / bearer of 1Peter.
For a quantum computer, however, Peter Shor discovered an algorithm in 1994 that solves it in polynomial time.
Boycott was still anchored at the other end however, and he and Peter Willey added 50 runs before lunch.
According to the usual and entirely probable explanation they became, however, for a time disciples of John the Baptist, and were called by Christ from the circle of John's followers, together with Peter and Andrew, to become His disciples ().
The Dutch East India Company did not, however, actually employ the Swedish botanist and physician Carl Peter Thunberg ( 1743 – 1828 ), who arrived in Japan in 1775.
Note, however, that II Peter 3: 1 and 3: 8 address the " beloved ," which are assumed to be the elect, or Christians.
Most prominent pterosaur researchers of the late 20th Century however, including S. Christopher Bennett and Peter Wellnhofer, did not adopt these subgeneric names, and continued to place all pteranodont species into the single genus Pteranodon.
The family was originally seated in Row 19, in seats C, D, and E ; however, Peter placed the call to his father from seat 30E.
Peter Garrison, contributing editor for Flying magazine, has said that " In my opinion, however, the most promising engine for aviation use is the Mazda rotary.
" He was not forthcoming with anything more than cryptic clues, however: " Peter Woodthrope played Estragon remembered asking him one day in a taxi what the play was really about: ' It's all symbiosis, Peter ; it's symbiosis ,' answered Beckett.
Minter was involved in writing this game for Peter Molyneux's Lionhead Studios throughout 2003, however the project was canceled in December 2004.
The Aragonese were now, however, running quite short of money, and Peter was threatened by the prospect of a French attack on Aragon.
Not all are fully incorporated into the Church, but " the Church knows that she is joined in many ways to the baptized who are honored by the name of Christ, but who do not however profess the Catholic faith in its entirety or have not preserved unity or communion under the successor of Peter " ( Lumen gentium, 15 ).
Linnaeus was a professor at the University of Uppsala and an eminent botanist ; however, one of his colleagues, Peter Artedi, earned the title " father of ichthyology " through his indispensable advancements.
Peter W. Edbury, however, has more recently argued that William must be considered extremely partisan as he was naturally allied with Raymond, who was responsible for his later advancement in political and religious offices.
Sixtus had, however, no appreciation of antiquities, which were employed as raw material to serve his urbanistic and Christianising programs: Trajan's Column and the Column of Marcus Aurelius ( at the time misidentified as the Column of Antoninus Pius ) were made to serve as pedestals for the statues of SS Peter and Paul ; the Minerva of the Capitol was converted into an emblem of Christian Rome ; the Septizonium of Septimius Severus was demolished for its building materials.
Recent research, however, reveals that the song was chosen from the collection of young Peter Ford, the son of Blackboard Jungle star Glenn Ford and dancer Eleanor Powell.
The series, however, now deals with a wide range of contemporary issues including illicit affairs, drug abuse, rape, and civil partnerships, inviting criticism from conservative commentators such as Peter Hitchens that the series has become a vehicle for liberal and left-wing values and agendas, with characters behaving out of character to achieve those goals.
Storms however meant that the crew of Saint Peter was soon driven to refuge on an uninhabited island in the Commander Islands group ( Komandorskiye Ostrova ) in the south-west Bering Sea.

Peter and cannot
Jean Froissart states as follows: " Now will I name some of the principal lords and knights ( men-at-arms ) that were there with the prince: the earl of Warwick, the earl of Suffolk, the earl of Salisbury, the earl of Oxford, the lord Raynold Cobham, the lord Spencer, the lord James Audley, the lord Peter his brother, the lord Berkeley, the lord Basset, the lord Warin, the lord Delaware, the lord Manne, the lord Willoughby, the lord Bartholomew de Burghersh, the lord of Felton, the lord Richard of Pembroke, the lord Stephen of Cosington, the lord Bradetane and other Englishmen ; and of Gascon there was the lord of Pommiers, the lord of Languiran, the captal of Buch, the lord John of Caumont, the lord de Lesparre, the lord of Rauzan, the lord of Condon, the lord of Montferrand, the lord of Landiras, the lord Soudic of Latrau and other ( men-at-arms ) that I cannot name ; and of Hainowes the lord Eustace d ' Aubrecicourt, the lord John of Ghistelles, and two other strangers, the lord Daniel Pasele and the lord Denis of Amposta, a fortress in Catalonia ".
Peter W. Edbury, on the other hand, argues that William, as well as the thirteenth-century authors who continued William's chronicle in French and were allied to Raymond's supporters in the Ibelin family, cannot be considered impartial.
* They deny that they implicitly repudiate the dogma of papal infallibility as defined at the First Vatican Council, and maintain that, on the contrary, they are the fiercest defenders of this doctrine, since they teach that the Apostolic See of Peter, under the rule of a true Pope, cannot promulgate contradictory teachings.
* In the film Lawrence of Arabia ( 1962 ) T. E. Lawrence, played by actor Peter O ' Toole, quotes Themistocles saying, " I cannot fiddle, but I can make a great state from a little city.
As critic Peter Blake has stated, the importance of this show in shaping American architecture in the century " cannot be overstated.
Stokely " Stoke " Jones, a firebrand activist who cannot get around without crutches, introduces the " peace sign " to Peter and his friend, Stanley " Skip " Kirk, by displaying it on the back of his jacket.
The Wittgensteinian philosopher Peter Winch discussed the paradox in The Idea of a Social Science and its Relation to Philosophy ( 1958 ), where he argued that the paradox showed that " the actual process of drawing an inference, which is after all at the heart of logic, is something which cannot be represented as a logical formula ... Learning to infer is not just a matter of being taught about explicit logical relations between propositions ; it is learning to do something " ( p. 57 ).
Anscombe ( 1957 ), Peter Geach ( 1957 ), and Charles Taylor ( 1964 ) all adhere to the former position, namely that intentional idiom is problematic and cannot be integrated with the natural sciences.
But when their youngest son Tim ( Tyler Andrews ) flunks out of community college, Peter and Annie cannot escape the duties of parenthood.
This however was denied by Peter Lecount, one of the L & BR engineers, who wrote in his ' History of the Railway connecting London and Birmingham ' ( 1839 ), page 48: " It is not because locomotives cannot draw a train of carriages up this incline that a fixed engine and endless rope are used, for they can and have done so, but because the Company are restricted, by their Act of Parliament, from running locomotive engines nearer London than Camden Town.
With no family and few friends, Lucy becomes so captivated with the quirky Callaghans and their unconditional love for her that she cannot bring herself to hurt them by revealing that Peter doesn't even know her.
Scholars such as Peter Auer and Li Wei argue that the explanation of the social motivation of code-switching lies in the way code-switching is structured and managed in conversational interaction ; in other words, the question of why code-switching occurs cannot be answered without first addressing the question of how it occurs.
There is only one See founded on Peter by the word of the Lord ( St. Cyprian, Epistle 43 ), outside of which we cannot find either true faith or eternal salvation.
He who does not have the Church for a mother cannot have God for a father, and whoever abandons the See of Peter on which the Church is established trusts falsely that he is in the Church ( ibid, On the Unity of the Catholic Church ).
But, the Catholic dogma that no one can be saved outside the Catholic Church is well-known ; and also that those who are obstinate toward the authority and definitions of the same Church, and who persistently separate themselves from the unity of the Church, and from the Roman Pontiff, the successor of Peter, to whom ' the guardianship of the vine has been entrusted by the Savior ,' ( Council of Chalcedon, Letter to Pope Leo I ) cannot obtain eternal salvation.
After the Van Daans begin to quarrel once more, Peter declares that he cannot tolerate the situation and Anne soothes him by reminding him of the goodness of those that have come to their aid.
Environment minister Peter Kent argued that, " The Kyoto protocol does not cover the world's largest two emitters, the United States and China, and therefore cannot work.
Peter begins to explain about his Uncle Ben, but Mary Jane interrupts him to say that he cannot let a single moment define his life.
Peter Kropotkin thus wrote that year in Le Révolté that " a structure based on centuries of history cannot be destroyed with a few kilos of dynamite ".
This was probably near the end of June as Peter recalls adding a vocal to the tape of " Don't Forget to Remember " and singing on two other songs that he cannot now identify.
For example, Superman passes himself off as Clark Kent, and Spider-Man disguises himself in a costume so that he cannot be recognized as Peter Parker.
Peter Russel says the Maharishi ’ s desire to bring the TM technique to the world cannot be separated from his desire to continue the teaching of an accessible adaptation of ancient thought to western minds in as pure a way as possible.
He eventually concludes that Peter cannot be Spider-Man, since he wore his costume unmasked on Halloween night, a risky move the real Spider-Man would not make, and continues with his investigation.
According to Poynter Institute senior scholar Roy Peter Clark, " This constitutes plagiarism by any definition I can think of .... The capturing of someone else's material that is this extensive cannot, in my opinion, have been done accidentally.

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