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So and decided
So they decided to also develop their own alternative in the form of an improved floppy disk controller and printer interface that could be built right into a floppy disk enclosure.
So they decided to designed a TRS-80 and CP / M software compatible computer system, which ( following the lead of Apple Computer ) they decided to name after a " typical Dutch flower ".
' So I decided to do that way back when, never got around to it until finally now.
So far as transport was concerned, he decided that dogs would be one element in a complex strategy that also involved horses and motor sledges, and much man-hauling.
So the Cowboys decided to run outside.
So in 1993 he decided to press a few hundred vinyl copies of the song.
So in principle, any problem that can be solved ( decided ) by a Turing machine can be solved by a computer that has a bounded amount of memory.
So he decided to auction the fossils he had purchased from them on their behalf.
So just before expiring 3 years you have decided to replace the bulb with a new one and scheduled for a maintenance.
So, Emperor Charlemagne considered making Metz his imperial capital, before he finally decided in favor of Aachen.
So Lady Astor decided to contest the vacant Parliamentary seat.
So the bishops assembled once again on 23 October 502 at a place known as Palma, and after reviewing the events of the previous two sessions decided that since the pope was the successor of Saint Peter, they could not pass judgment on him, and left the matter to God to decide.
So that the distractions of a busy life should not interfere with Head's introspective analysis, it was decided that the experimentation should take place in Rivers's rooms.
So as a last minute decision by Commodore they decided to bundle the console with Flair's Oscar and Millennium's Diggers.
So now, having the support of their father-in-law, king Adrastus, they decided to claim what was theirs.
So I decided that maybe my hairdo would be ' 60s, because Grace felt she looked best in the ' 60s and kept her look from that era.
So I decided I needed a change of pace, and since I am a long-time mystery fan, it occurred to me that a medieval mystery might be fun to write.
So I decided to devote Falls the Shadow to Simon and The Reckoning to Llewelyn ".
So the WBA decided the cut had come from a headbutt, and the judges ' scorecards were reviewed.
So when the telephone company decided to replace its worn out phone booth in front of Burda's Pharmacy with a new one, he decided to solve both problems at once by putting the police phone in the old booth.
After a lengthy discussion Bob Hardison said “ Well if you have no objection, we will name it after my old white horse, Arapahoe .” So it was decided and a new application filed.
So he decided to name it " Flasher " after his niece Mable Flasher Vrooman.

So and Lima
So, Bogotá became one of the principal administrative centers of the Spanish possessions in the New World, along with Lima and Mexico City, though it remained somewhat backward compared to those two cities in several economic and logistical ways.

So and
So, for example, the absolute value of 3 is 3, and the absolute value of 3 is also 3.
* 1991 Not So Soft
* 2002 So Much Shouting, So Much Laughter
* 1990: Best Gospel Vocal Performance, Female "' Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus "
* 1990: Country Song of the Year " Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus "
* 1991 Best Country Instrumental Performance " So Soft, Your Goodbye "
So successful was the Sayfawa rejuvenation that by the early 16th century Mai Idris Katakarmabe ( 1487 1509 ) was able to defeat the Bulala and retake Njimi, the former capital.
* Little Nemo in Slumberland: So Many Splendid Sundays ( 1905 10 )-Sunday Press Books, 2005, ISBN 0-9768885-0-5
* 1974 " Psychedelic Warlords " / " It's So Easy " ( 7 " single )
So after the movie, at some point whether it's within a year or a few years we're probably gonna have that conversation about maybe it's time, maybe it's time to go out on top.
So it can be assumed that the characters are living in the timeframe of 2004 2005.
So the logarithm cannot be defined for the whole complex plane, and even then it is multi-valued any complex logarithm can be changed into an " equivalent " logarithm by adding any integer multiple of 2πi at will.
* 1977 So Ji-sub, South Korean swimmer, model and actor
So a strand will never be 7 mm, but will be 6. 5 7 mm.
* " Nonsense ( And Why It's So Popular )" course syllabus from The College of Wooster.
The network first tried to tell a family saga with So ist das Leben die Wagenfelds, before failing with Geliebte Schwestern.
* 1967 William So, Hong Kong Singer and actor
So despite 5 first half turnovers, the Bills were only trailing Dallas 31 17 going into the final period, and after their comeback from the 32-point deficit in the playoffs, a 14-point comeback seemed perfectly within their capabilities.
So perhaps you should cooperate but wait, that's being a sucker yourself, as your associate will undoubtedly defect, and you won't even get the six months off.
So far, the quest for a theory of everything is thus unsuccessful on two points: neither a unification of the strong and electroweak forces which Laplace would have called ` contact forces ' has been achieved, nor a unification of these forces with gravitation has been achieved.
* The following samples presumably predate the Lord of the Rings, but they were not explicitly dated: DTS 16, DTS 17, DTS 18 Elvish Script Sample I, II, III, with parts of the English poems Errantry and Bombadil, first published in the Silmarillion Calendar 1978, later in Pictures by J. R. R. Tolkien, as well as DTS 23 So Lúthien, a page of the English Lay of Leithan text facsimiled in The Lays of Beleriand: 299.

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