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forcible and discharge
These mechanisms include, for example, forcible discharge of ascospores enabled by the structure of the ascus and accumulation of osmolytes in the fluids of the ascus that lead to explosive discharge of the ascospores into the air.
Important factors in forcible discharge include Buller's drop, a droplet of fluid that can be observed to accumulate at the proximal tip ( hilar appendage ) of each basidiospore ; the offset attachment of the spore to the subtending sterigma, and the presence of hygroscopic regions on the basidiospore surface.
Some basidiomycetes lack forcible discharge, although they still form basidiospores.
In these cases the basidiospore typically lacks a hilar appendage, and no forcible discharge occurs.
Each example is thought to represent an independent evolutionary loss of the forcible discharge mechanism ancestral to all basidiomycetes.
Different mechanisms for forcible spore discharge have evolved among members of the zygomycete order Entomophthorales.
The forcible discharge mechanism of Pilobolus is exploited by parasitic nematodes including lungworms in the genus Dictyocaulus.

forcible and spores
In fungi, both asexual and sexual spores or sporangiospores of many fungal species are actively dispersed by forcible ejection from their reproductive structures.

forcible and termed
Violations of the law against hubris included what would today be termed assault and battery ; sexual crimes ranging from forcible rape of women or children to consensual but improper activities ; or the theft of public or sacred property.

forcible and involves
:::( c ) that the offence for which the arrest is sought is in progress and is of a forcible and serious nature and involves the use of life threatening violence or a strong likelihood that it will cause grievous bodily harm.

forcible and small
Additionally, the Justice Court hears civil law suits up to a limit of $ 10, 000, small claims cases up to $ 2, 500, and issues evictions, called writs of restitution ( after a forcible detainer or special detainer action ( eviction ) being successfully completed by a landlord ).
Given the sometimes forcible merger of small craft unions into large industrial unions in Australia, it is unusual that the AIMPE has not merged with the industrial union in the maritime industry, the MUA.
The small campus had seven forcible sex offences as well as 18 assaults and two hate crimes reported between the years 2006 and 2008.
Mr. Thomas D ' Arcy McGee, who had never been a Member of the Association attended, and his speech described by Michael Doheny to be “ calm, forcible and conclusive on the points at issue ; and the excitement it created was, in no small degree, enhanced by the fact that the speaker was a young man theretofore unknown ”.
The finished forcible resembles more than anything a small branding iron.

forcible and drop
The several forms of forcible change in management caused a severe drop in production and other economic disruptions.

forcible and water
Wizards wield the elemental magics ( air, earth, fire, and water ), while anyone who knows the proper chants and songs ( along with a forcible of blood metal ) can use the magic required to grant endowments.

forcible and ),
Part I violent crimes include murder and criminal homicide ( voluntary manslaughter ), forcible rape, aggravated assault, and robbery ; while Part I property crimes include burglary, arson, larceny / theft, and motor-vehicle theft.
During the 1990s, Rick Ross, a noted cult intervention advocate who took part in a number of deprogramming sessions, was sued by Jason Scott, a former member of a Pentecostalist group called the Life Tabernacle Church ( part of United Pentecostal Church International ), after an unsuccessful forcible deprogramming.
The Bourbon Restoration is the name given to the period following the successive events of the French Revolution ( 1789 – 1799 ), the end of the First Republic ( 1792 – 1804 ), and then the forcible end of the First French Empire under Napoleon ( 1804 – 1814 / 1815 ) – when a coalition of European powers restored by arms the monarchy to the heirs of the House of Bourbon, who once again became possessors of the Kingdom of France.
The forcible displacement of Polish nationals from Reichsgau Wartheland was conducted from mid 1940, first across the border to the colonial district of General Government ( see: Action Saybusch ), and after the attack on USSR, to Polenlager camps and other ghettoized villages.
During the Civil War ( 1917 – 1921 ), the Bolsheviks adopted War Communism, which entailed the breakup of the landed estates and the forcible seizure of agricultural surpluses.
He continued his studies in Strasbourg, under the professor of Hebrew, Johannes Pappus ( 1549 – 1610 ), a zealous Lutheran, the crown of whose life's work was the forcible suppression of Calvinistic preaching and worship in the day, and who had great influence over him.
Phimosis may occur after other types of chronic inflammation ( such as balanoposthitis ), repeated catheterization, or forcible foreskin retraction.
Towards the end of 1312 a number of Tuscan Spirituals deserted their monasteries and took forcible possession of the monasteries of Carmignano ( near Florence ), Arezzo, and Asciano, putting the Relaxati to flight.
The protagonist is an insubordinate junior diplomat who is appointed as ambassador to this cantankerously independent planet in the hope that he will be assassinated ( as the previous ambassador had been ), thereby justifying the forcible invasion and conquest of the Texans.
* Eloquence ( from Latin eloquentia ), fluent, forcible, elegant or persuasive speaking.
How the golden monkey can go far from Mrs. Coulter is never explained within the books ; Mrs. Coulter has not undergone intercision ( as evidenced when she struggles against members of the Church attempting to intercise her and her dæmon ), and she never mentions forcible separation from her dæmon on earth or in the Land of the Dead, the means by which Lyra, Will and John Parry, and all witches are separated from their dæmon without severing the link between them.
* Boarding ( attack ), the forcible insertion of personnel onto a naval vessel
But the United States, from 1940 through 1991 never recognized the forcible and illegal annexation of the Baltic States in conformity with the principles of the Stimson Doctrine ( US Under Secretary of State Sumner Welles ` s Declaration of July 23, 1940 ), and more than 50 countries followed this position.
United States v. Alvarez-Machain, 504 U. S. 655 ( 1992 ), was a decision by the United States Supreme Court, which held that the fact of respondent's forcible abduction does not prohibit his trial in a United States court for violations of this country's criminal laws.
< sup > 1 </ sup > The ICTY Trial Chamber is satisfied beyond reasonable doubt both that the expulsions and forcible removals were systematic throughout the Autonomous Region of Krajina ( ARK ), in which and from where tens of thousands of Bosniaks and Bosnian Croats were permanently displaced, and that this mass forcible displacement was intended to ensure the ethnic cleansing of the region.
The forcible Sovietization and grievances over the ensuing border rearrangements in which Georgia lost sizeable portion of its pre-Soviet territories to Turkey ( see Treaty of Kars ), Azerbaijan SSR, Armenian SSR and Russia, fueled a widespread opposition to the new regime.
Fascist persecution, characterised as " centralising, oppressive and dedicated to the forcible Italianisation of the minorities " caused the emigration of more than 100, 000 Slovenes and Croats from the Julian March, mostly to the Kingdom of Yugoslavia ( around 70, 000 ), but also to Argentina ( some 30, 000 ).
According to Article 7 ( d ) of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court which established the International Criminal Court ( ICC ), " deportation or forcible transfer of population " constitutes a crime against humanity if it is " committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population, with knowledge of the attack ".
This is primarily because the goals served by a knock-and-announce policy tend to be lesser than other requirements ( such as the warrant requirement ) of a valid Fourth-Amendment search: whereas the latter is to protect a reasonable expectation of privacy in a person's body, papers, and effects ( among other things ), the knock-and-announce rule is designed only to provide a brief moment of privacy for an individual to compose himself before a valid search occurs, to prevent an individual from mistakenly believing that police are common intruders and thus endangering them, and to prevent property damage from a forcible entry.

forcible and which
To one who had been a man of war from his youth, who had won and lost many fights, the rout of a detachment and the forcible seizure of some debatable frontier lands was an untoward incident ; but it was not a sufficient reason for calling upon the British, although they had guaranteed his territory's integrity, to vindicate his rights by hostilities which would certainly bring upon him a Russian invasion from the north, and would compel his British allies to throw an army into Afghanistan from the southeast.
His adventurous life, his forcible character, the position of his state as a barrier between the Indian and the Russian empires, and the skill with which he held the balance in dealing with them, combined to make him a prominent figure in contemporary Asian politics and will mark his reign as an epoch in the history of Afghanistan.
Usually known as the Epistola ad Mellitum, it conflicts with the letter sent to Æthelberht, which the historian R. A. Markus sees as a turning point in missionary history, when forcible conversion gave way to persuasion.
* April 17 – Following several weeks of successful fighting the Khmer Republic surrenders there fore the Cambodian Civil War ends, in which the Communist party of the Khmer Rouge guerilla forces capture Phnom Penh, prompting a forcible mass evacuation of the city and starting off the infamous genocide.
Feeling that the primatial rights of the bishop of Rome were threatened, Leo appealed to the civil power for support, and obtained from Valentinian III the famous decree of 6 June 445, which recognized the primacy of the bishop of Rome based on the merits of Peter, the dignity of the city, and the legislation of the First Council of Nicaea ; and provided for the forcible extradition by provincial governors of any bishop who refused to answer a summons to Rome.
An observer commented that Calhoun was " the most elegant speaker that sits in the House ... His gestures are easy and graceful, his manner forcible, and language elegant ; but above all, he confines himself closely to the subject, which he always understands, and enlightens everyone within hearing ; having said all that a statesman should say, he is done.
" which it based on " the many reports describing the policy and practices conducted in the former Yugoslavia, ' ethnic cleansing ' has been carried out by means of murder, torture, arbitrary arrest and detention, extra-judicial executions, rape and sexual assaults, confinement of civilian population in ghetto areas, forcible removal, displacement and deportation of civilian population, deliberate military attacks or threats of attacks on civilians and civilian areas, and wanton destruction of property.
On June 6, 445, he issued a decree which recognized the primacy of the bishop of Rome based on the merits of Peter, the dignity of the city, and the Nicene Creed ( in their interpolated form ); ordained that any opposition to his rulings, which were to have the force of ecclesiastical law, should be treated as treason ; and provided for the forcible extradition by provincial governors of anyone who refused to answer a summons to Rome.
The game uses the ring out system, which is a forcible maneuver that ejects the opponent from the arena and gains an automatic victory for the round.
In 1685, King Louis XIV proclaimed " La Traite des Noirs ", which authorized the forcible removal of Africans from their homeland and their transport to work as slaves on the French sugar plantations.
They show an undue tendency to redness in the flesh painting — a defect which is still more apparent in his later works, ‘ in which the handling is less " square ," crisp and forcible.
Ironically, the issue of forcible quartering of British soldiers is held to be one of the major bones of contention which led to the American Revolution.
Here need only be mentioned Louvois's reorganization of the military orders of merit, his foundation of the Hôtel des Invalides, and the almost forcible enrollment of the nobility and gentry of France, in which Louvois carried out part of Louis's measures for curbing the spirit of independence by service in the army or at court.
Each one was picketed by deputations at their official residences until granted an audience, during which the Church leaders were asked to protest against forcible feeding.
The bill had an exception for " forcible rape ," which opponents criticized as potentially excluding drug-facilitated rape, date rape, and other forms of rape.
He denounced the treaty of 1813 with Sweden which bound Britain to consent to the forcible union of Norway, and he resisted the bill of 1816 for confining Napoleon in Saint Helena.
The Supreme Court brought a halt to the Smith Act prosecutions in 1957 in its decision in Yates v. United States,, which required that the government prove that the defendant had actually taken concrete steps toward the forcible overthrow of the government, rather than merely advocating it in theory.
In 1844 the Massachusetts legislature authorized the governor to appoint a Commissioner to reside in Charleston, South Carolina and New Orleans, Louisiana, to collect information as to the number from Massachusetts citizens unlawfully seized in those cities, and to prosecute some of the suits before higher courts for the purpose of testing the constitutionality of the laws under which the forcible seizures were being made.
Sanjay Gandhi had masterminded the Union government's unpopular campaign of family planning, which had allegedly involved forcible sterilization of young men by government officials.
The bill contained an exception for " forcible rape ," which opponents criticized as potentially excluding drug-facilitated rape, date rape, and other forms of rape.

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