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syllabus and studies
From his studies and experiences of the Napoleonic Wars, he provided a syllabus which became the central doctrine from which the staff worked.
A higher education textbook conforming to the government Malaysian studies syllabus states: " This explains the fact that when a non-Malay embraces Islam, he is said to masuk Melayu ( become a Malay ).
They claim that the exclusion of classical studies from the modern educational syllabus has led to a lack of awareness of the mythological foundations of western society's heritage.
A textbook for tertiary Malaysian studies following the government-approved syllabus states: " This explains the fact that when a non-Malay embraces Islam, he is said to masuk Melayu ( become a Malay ).
Vocational studies are supported by a full academic syllabus from Key Stage 2 to A-level standard.
The syllabus for education till Class 12 is taken care of by the Nagaland Board of School Education while the Nagaland University, Lumani controls all areas of further studies.
The Dars-e-Nizami syllabus comprises studies in Tafsir ( Qur ' anic exegesis ), Hifz ( Qur ' anic memorisation ), Sarf and Nahw ( Arabic syntax and grammar ), Persian, Urdu, Taarikh ( Islamic history ), Fiqh ( Islamic jurisprudence ), Shari ' ah ( Islamic law ) etc.

syllabus and included
Board Developed Courses have a syllabus and final exam set by the Board of Studies, and generally may be included in the calculation of the ATAR.
While both Itosu and Higaonna taught a " hard-soft " style of Okinawan " Te ", their methods and emphases were quite distinct: the Itosu syllabus included straight and powerful techniques as exemplified in the Naihanchi and Bassai kata ; the Higaonna syllabus stressed circular motion and shorter fighting methods as seen in the kata Seipai and Kururunfa.
: Unlike in 1958, natural selection has become part of the syllabus of our intellectual life and the topic is certainly included in every decent course in biology.
Her work included teacher training and syllabus implementation, bi-centenary and other special music projects such as regional bands and choirs, and special arts projects including working with indigenous Australians on the far west border of NSW.
The two series were first broadcast in 1988 and 1998, and have since been broadcast on BBC Radio and included on the A-level and GCSE English Literature syllabus.
Chidiock Tichborne was never called Charles-this is an error that has grown from a misprint in the AQA GCSE English Literature syllabus which has included the Elegy in its early poetry section for several years.
The Bronze Level syllabus for Western Swing included in the Dance Book written in the 1950s by Arthur Murray Dance Studios National Director, and Los Angeles basin resident, Lauré Haile, defined a " Coaster Step " as cross forward place, or back together side, or back forward back.
Her works White Man Sleeps and Wyoming have been included on the dance GCE A-Level syllabus.
Board of Secondary Education, Assam has also included Hmar as an MIL in its matriculation syllabus from 2005.
His poem " The Feed " is included in the syllabus of intermediate classes in Pakistan, and his short story " Joota " or " Shoe " is in the syllabus of O Level Urdu.
Exams can only test knowledge based on information included in the syllabus.
The first official guide to the programme containing its syllabus and official assessment information, was published in 1970 and included the theory of knowledge course.
The syllabus included hymn singing and worshipping God.
The school syllabus included rugby, cricket, swimming, tennis and athletics.
Pather Panchali is considered Bibhutibhushan's masterpiece and is included in the CBSE syllabus for students choosing to study Bengali.

syllabus and six
Of the six canonical texts or Vedangas that formed the core syllabus in Brahminic education from the 1st century AD till the 18th century, four dealt with language:
The Further Mathematics syllabus in VCE consists of three core modules, which all students undertake, plus three modules chosen by the student ( or usually by the school or teacher ) from a list of six.

syllabus and systems
Its syllabus has diversified into Historical European martial arts, MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu systems but it is still koryu and Seishin Teki Kyoko oriented.
The department has a library with management literature of Indian and foreign syllabus accommodative books of international authors, a separate computer lab supplemented by a seminar hall and an audio visual learning center which is equipped with VCD system, VCR, LCD Projector, overhead projector, slide projector and multimedia systems.

syllabus and Hindu
In 2010 the book made headlines when it was withdrawn from the University of Mumbai's English syllabus after complaints from the family of the Hindu nationalist politician Bal Thackeray.

syllabus and other
Part 141 is a more structured method for pilot training, based on FAA syllabus and other standards.
It is a commonly assigned reading for undergraduates of American universities majoring in the political or social sciences, and part of the introductory political theory syllabus at Cambridge, Oxford and other institutions.
Witherspoon instituted a number of reforms, including modeling the syllabus and university structure after that used at the University of Edinburgh and other Scottish universities.
This follows the Hong Kong education syllabus, serving as a reference for primary and secondary school students of mathematics, the English language, Putonghua, and other school subjects.
It incorporates several movements from other kata in the Isshin-Ryu syllabus, as well as from kata from other instructors, in addition to techniques and concepts Shimabuku favored.
The technical syllabus has recognizable similarities to Hung Gar, Choy Li Fut, and other Southern Chinese Martial Arts, including two forms, Tiger & Crane and Panther ( or " Book Set "), and one training practice (" Star Block ") that can be traced back to James Wing Woo.
At the same time, other researchers challenge the CET by pointing out that the test does not assess communicative competence as the teaching syllabus requires.
But Betty's mother and the president impose conditions on Katherine: she must follow the syllabus, submit lesson plans for approval, keep a strictly professional relationship among all faculty members, and not talk to the girls about anything other than classes.
" At the time it received relatively scant funding and resources, and built its syllabus from scratch, while borrowing aircraft from its parent unit as well as other units to support the practical aspects of their operations.
Motorcycle Safety Program ( Definition of Compulsory Basic Training syllabus ) Available http :// www. dsa. gov. uk / download. asp? path =/ documents / foi / other / ia00086pa. pdf
As of May 2010, however, the new ABM training syllabus allows for students to receive their wings immediately following the conclusion of their undergraduate training-in the same manner as the other two rated career fields, pilot and navigator.
Like all other Delhi Public Schools, DPS Chandigarh follows the CBSE syllabus.
University of Delhi offers courses in a wide variety of subjects and concentrations. The depth and breadth of the syllabus are very vast, extending well beyond course offerings to many other special programs and research opportunities. The Honors programmes offered by the varsity for a wide spectrum of subjects are highly sought after by students from all over the country.
* that the Secretary of the Navy review aspects of the Marine Corps which continues to hinder full assimilation of women, such as: syllabus differences in Basic Warrior Training / Marine Combat Training ( BWT / MCT ) programs at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, accepted nomenclature of " Women Marines (" WM ") as opposed to other Services which have discontinued use of gender specific labels, limited numbers of female instructors for male recruit training, and failure to eradicate the marketing slogan that characterizes Marines as " a few good men.
Many generalized items of a syllabus can be amplified in a specific curriculum to maximize efficient learning by clarifying student understanding of specified material such as grading policy, grading rubric, late work policy, locations and times, other contact information for instructor and teaching assistant such as phone or email, materials required and / or recommended such as textbooks, assigned reading books, calculators ( or other equipment ), lab vouchers, etc., outside resources for subject material assistance ( extracurricular books, tutor locations, resource centers, etc.
The curriculum is geared to the Swazi syllabus which is based on the British system, but is expanded to enable children from the United States and other countries to fit into the educational system in their home countries when they leave Swaziland.

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