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They and expanded
They expanded under Spanish regency to encompass half of North America and half of South America.
They and other authors freely expanded or modified pre-existing models, constantly refining the moral content without interest or access to much more detail regarding the factual content.
They began as baptismal formulae and were later expanded during the Christological controversies of the 4th and 5th centuries to become statements of faith.
They have been measured in detail, and match what would be expected if small thermal variations, generated by quantum fluctuations of matter in a very tiny space, had expanded to the size of the observable universe we see today.
They also said agriculture should not be expanded, sustainable support capabilities should be incorporated into the area and pollution sources should be reduced.
They city also expanded with the incorporation of the city of Rockingham and the establishment of the Davenport Municipal Airport.
They established bases on the northern highlands of the Ethiopian Plateau and from there expanded southward.
They expanded the house from 14 to 21 rooms, and included a china closet.
They expanded the range of geometry to many new kinds of figures, curves, surfaces, and solids ; they changed its methodology from trial-and-error to logical deduction ; they recognized that geometry studies " eternal forms ", or abstractions, of which physical objects are only approximations ; and they developed the idea of the " axiomatic method ", still in use today.
They also demanded that the colour palette be expanded to 4096 colours, the same as that of the Amiga.
They expanded it to include additional language families.
They based their growth on maritime trade and expanded their colonial empire in Asia, the Americas and the South Africa.
They named Saint Kitts " Liamuiga " meaning " fertile island ", and would likely have expanded further north if not for the arrival of Europeans.
They started writing Qt in 1991, and since then Qt has steadily expanded and improved.
They predict that human beings may eventually be able to transform themselves into beings with such greatly expanded abilities as to merit the label " posthuman ".
They expanded the franchise beyond the Constitutional requirement to more nearly embrace “ the people ”.
They expanded its mission beyond education and exhibitions to include collecting.
They were expanded greatly, and began to be offered by a number of state and local governments during the early Progressive Era in the late nineteenth century.
They feature expanded cargo and passenger space however usually achieve lower mileage and cost more to manufacture.
They are notably absent from cities such as Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg that lie on flat plains and have expanded outwardly on former agricultural land.
They expanded their influence to the eastern and southern coast from Bosa to Karalis, consolidating a large number of Phoenician colonies all over the western Mediterranean under one empire for the first time.
They were massively expanded during World War II, forming ten Airborne Corps plus numerous Independent Airborne Brigades, with most or all achieving Guards status.
They found that the Barrier Inlet had expanded to form a large bay, in which were hundreds of whales, which led to the immediate christening of the area as the Bay of Whales.
They had expanded the river in this area, to a width of over 150 meters.

They and down
They, and the two large fans which I could dimly see as daylight filtered through their vents, down at the far end of the hall, could be turned on by a master switch situated inside the office.
They escorted him down from the porch and through the rain to his office.
They lapsed into silence, and the freight wallowed up a hill, scooted down the other side, shaking and clanking to itself.
They went down in a heap and for a long minute there was nothing to see but flailing arms and legs.
They lay, with the birds hopping from branch to branch above them and the bright sky peeping down at them.
On December 21, the day that the Irish House of Commons petitioned for removal of Sir Constantine Phipps, their Tory Lord Chancellor, Molesworth reportedly made this remark on the defense of Phipps by Convocation: `` They that have turned the world upside down, are come hither also ''.
They insist they are ashamed of such violence and intimidation as occurred in Alabama when the Freedom Riders sought to break down racial discrimination in local bus depots.
They don't expect to stop him, just slow him down some with the bat.
They crept down the muddy slope toward the waiting boats.
They cantered down the peninsula, not slackening until the coach reached Woodside where the Santa Cruz uplands begin.
They are laid a minimum of 24'' '' deep and in some areas four feet down, particularly under roads, to stay clear of all other piping such as water and sewers and to minimize shocks from heavy trucking.
They love to dust, scrub, polish, wax floors, move the furniture around from place to place, take down the curtains, put up new ones and have themselves a real ball.
They hurled a cement barge against a freighter in Honolulu Harbor, knocked down telephone lines, marooned automobiles, flooded lawns, killed six cows.
They threatened constantly to give the British a hold on this region, from whence they could move easily down the rivers to the French settlements near the Gulf.
They bore down on him.
They would be coming for him next, bearing down on him from both directions.
They even talked about Lucille down at the Young Christians' League where I spent a lot of time in Bible classes and helping out with the office work for our foreign mission.
They had all turned down his son.
They breakfasted together, but Martin did not refer to his triumph, and Dolores found a great deal to do in the kitchen, bobbing up and down from the table so that talk was impossible.
They took nearly a month to investigate, marshal statistics, and put their arguments down in black and white.
They ignored the ladder down to the planet surface and, with only a glance at the seismological gauge to judge surface resistance, dropped to the ground.
They have more slender muzzles, sharper ears that they use in the hunt for termites, black vertical stripes on a coat of yellowish fur, and a long, distinct manes down the midlines of their necks and backs.
They settled down near Kurile Lake, which was inhabited by the Kamchatka Ainu and North Kuril Ainu.
They would have traveled overland down through the Appalachian Mountains to the Scots-Irish community in the Waxhaws region, straddling the border between North and South Carolina.
They also had a flag carrier at the front who guided the forces behind him ; when the flag was upright the combatants behind would stand and when turned down, they would sit.

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