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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1372
from Brown Corpus
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While and is
While the pattern is uneven, some having gained more than others, nationalism has in fact served the Western peoples well.
While sovereignty has roots in antiquity, in its present usage it is essentially modern.
While it is hazardous to project the trend of history, it seems clear that a genuine community is painfully emerging in the Western world, particularly among the countries of Western Europe.
While some think we move too fast and others too slowly, Florida's record is a good one and stands out among the 50.
While white is the coolest summer shade, there are lots of pastel hues along with tintable fabrics that will blend with any wardrobe color.
While it is easy enough to ridicule Hawkins' pronouncement in Pleas Of The Crown from a metaphysical point of view, the concept of the `` oneness '' of a married couple may reflect an abiding belief that the communion between husband and wife is such that their actions are not always to be regarded by the criminal law as if there were no marriage.
While this may well be true in general, I believe it is also important to keep in mind that some recent developments suggest that over the next year or so military electronics may be one of the most strongly growing areas in an economy which is not expanding rapidly in other directions.
While clay is still pressed in mold, press three equally spaced holes 1/4'' '' deep, using pencil eraser, in bottom of clay to allow for proper drying and firing.
While assembled lid is still on design head, gently but firmly press it on plaster board.
While some regression is inevitable, it is discouraged rather than encouraged so that the transference does not follow the stages of planned regression associated with certain casework adaptations of the psychoanalytic model for insight therapy.
While other conditions might be even more effective in bringing about a change from immobility to mobility in Kohnstamm reactivity, it is our hypothesis that all such conditions would have as a common factor the capacity to induce an attitude in the subject which enabled him to divorce himself temporarily from feelings of responsibility for his behavior.
While we had expected that compulsive children in the unstructured school setting would have difficulty when compared to those in the structured, we were surprised to find that the achievement of the high compulsives within the schools where the whole-word method is used in beginning reading compares favorably with that of the low compulsives.
While roleplaying for testing is not too well understood at the present time, it represents one of the major uses of this procedure.
While the phonemes can be very easily stated, no one is likely to be satisfied with the statement until phonemic occurrences can be related in some way to morphemic units, i.e. until the morphophonemics is worked out, or at least far enough that it seems reasonable to expect success.
While the U. S. Department of Labor has a program of projecting industry and occupational employment trends and publishing current outlook statements, there is little tangible evidence that these projections have been used extensively in local curriculum planning.
While it had long been known in general, that `` the public is always wrong '', the use of odd-lot indices now puts the adage on a statistical basis.
While there may be several such industries to which the model of this paper is applicable, the authors make particular claim of relevance to the explanation of the course of wages and prices in the steel industry of the United States since World War 2.
While this influence is a complex matter, depending upon personality factors in the individual as well as upon his social-class experience, there probably are some general statements about social-class background and educational policy that can be made with a fair degree of truth.
While one element is announcing progress, another is delineating its problems.

While and worldly
While going off to war in 1204, Francis had a vision that directed him back to Assisi, where he lost his taste for his worldly life.
While awaiting its convocation, he thought to remove the more serious defects by a reform of the monasteries, which had become exceedingly worldly in spirit and from which many of the inmates were departing.
While the latter attacked him and sought ecclesiastical censure, he recommended himself to the former by his criticism of the worldly possessions of the clergy.
While Bahubali wins, he renounces the worldly pursuits in favor of his brother.
Coddington was usually at odds with Roger Williams, who described him in a letter, several years after the founding of Portsmouth ( 1638 ) as, "... a worldly man, a selfish man, nothing for public, but all for himself and private ..." While highly critical of Coddington for obtaining a commission to govern Aquidneck Island separately from Providence and Warwick, Rhode Island historian and Lieutenant Governor Samuel G. Arnold had this to say of him: " He was a man of vigorous intellect, of strong passions, earnest in whatever he undertood, and self-reliant in all his actions.
While Balzac sought the comprehensive scope of Dante, his title indicates the worldly, human concerns of a realist novelist.

While and musician
While Coupland's book helped to popularize the phrase " Generation X ," in a 1989 magazine article he erroneously attributed the term to English musician Billy Idol.
While the Richter-tuned 10-hole chromatic is intended to be played in only one key, the 12 -, 14 -, and 16-hole models ( which are tuned to equal temperament ) allow the musician to play in any key desired with only one harmonica.
" While listening to The Today Show, musician Stevie Wonder heard a demonstration of the device and purchased the first production version of the Kurzweil Reading Machine, beginning a lifelong friendship between himself and Kurzweil.
While he was Vice President, Hubert Humphrey was the subject of a satirical song by songwriter / musician Tom Lehrer entitled " Whatever Became of Hubert?
While growing up in Austria, he wanted to become a musician, but went on to study law.
While a session musician, Johnson continued to perform locally, developing a flashy but tasteful electric guitar sound.
While on one such journey in Texas, he rediscovered his native and untutored talent for the flute and decided to travel to the northeast in hopes of finding employment as a musician in an orchestra.
While their characters were less significant, well-known actors who played cameos in the programme included Joan Sims, best known for her numerous roles in the Carry On films, who guest-starred in the feature-length episode " The Frog's Legacy " as an aunt of Trigger and old friend of Del's late mother ; future Hollywood star David Thewlis, who played a young wannabe musician in " It's Only Rock and Roll "; John Bardon, who played the role of Jim Branning in the soap opera " EastEnders ", as the supermarket security officer in " The Longest Night ".
While playing a guitar without humbuckers, a musician would hear a slight but significant hum through their pickups during quiet sections of music.
While in the hospital, Smith went through a period of depression, before making the decision to become a full-time musician.
While at BBC Radio 1, Ball began a relationship with DJ and musician Norman Cook ( also known as Fatboy Slim ).
While alive, Van Zandt was labeled as a cult musician ; though he had a small and devoted fanbase, he never had a successful album or single, and even had difficulty keeping his recordings in print.
While in Reading, Mulligan began studying clarinet with dance-band musician Sammy Correnti, who also encouraged Mulligan's interest in arranging.
While avid devotees of music ( inviting musicians into the house to perform nightly ), the family did not approve of his desire to become a musician, so he left home at the age of 13 and took up residence with legendary ( but reclusive ) singer Abdul Wahid Khan of the Kirana gharana, cousin of the more widely-known Abdul Karim Khan.
While not a sophisticated actor or a flawless musician, his huge voice and volcanic renditions of the most forceful tenor roles in the Italian and French repertoires had a tremendous impact on audiences, enabling him to build a worldwide reputation as an elite performer and charge promoters on both sides of the Atlantic top-tier fees for his services.
While shaking the handle, the musician makes a high-or low-pitched sound depending on the curve given to the blade by the pressure from his thumb.
While at Bard, Fagen met musician Walter Becker.
While Bachman assumed that Durkee was just a pizza delivery man, Durkee was actually an accomplished musician and musical director for Bette Midler and Barry Manilow.
While at Oxford, he became acquainted with the musician and artist John Malchair, and took up sketching.
While he self-identifies as a musician, it would be more apt to say that Gieve is a rogue-of-all-trades.
While in Olympia, he caught the attention of K Records owner and musician Calvin Johnson.
While he was not the first musician to use an analog sequencer, he was probably the first to turn it into a live performance instrument, thus laying the rhythmic foundation for classic Tangerine Dream pieces and indeed for the whole Berlin school sound.
While there, Lennon was inspired to embark on two recording projects: to make an album of the old rock ' n ' roll songs that inspired him to become a musician, and to produce another artist.
While playing, the broad side is closer to the waist of the musician and the shorter side is away from the musician.

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