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Writing and Major
* Etulain, Richard W. Writing Western History: Essays on Major Western Historians ( 2002 )
Writing for the plurality ( Lamer, La Forest, Gonthier and Major ), La Forest held that the exclusion of same-sex couples from the definition of " spouse " in the impugned Act did not violate Section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Major directions in recent travel writing scholarship include: studies about the role of gender in travel and travel writing ( e. g. Women Travelers in Colonial India: The Power of the Female Gaze by Indira Ghose ); explorations of the political functions of travel ( e. g. Radicals on the Road: The Politics of English Travel Writing in the 1930s by Bernard Schweizer ); postcolonial perspectives on travel ( e. g. English Travel Writing: From Pilgrimages to Postcolonial Explorations ( 2000 ) by Barbara Korte ); and studies about the function of language in travel and travel writing ( e. g. Across the Lines: Travel, Language, and Translation by Michael Cronin ).
Writing an introductory article to the Germanic languages in The Major Languages of Western Europe, Germanicist John A. Hawkins sets forth the arguments for a Germanic substrate.

Writing and General
`` We, the Subscribers, do agree, that as soon as a convenient Number of Persons have subscribed to this, or a similar Writing, We will present a petition to the Hon'ble General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, praying for an Act incorporating into a Body politic the subscribers to such Writing with Liberty to build such a Bridge, and a Right to demand a Toll equal to that received at Malden Bridge, and on like Terms, and if such an Act shall be obtained, then we severally agree each with the others, that we will hold in the said Bridge the several shares set against our respective Names, the whole into two hundred shares being divided, and that we will pay such sums of Money at such Times and in such Manners, as by the said proposed Corporation, shall be directed and required ''.
Bourland, who had studied under Korzybski, coined the term in a 1965 essay entitled A Linguistic Note: Writing in E-Prime ( originally published in the General Semantics Bulletin ).
The Awards recognize written and artistic works in 30 categories, including Architecture, Comic Art, Ceramics & Glass, Digital Art, Design, Drawing, Fashion, Film & Animation, Jewelry, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Video Games, Art Portfolio, Photography Portfolio, Dramatic Script, Humor, Journalism, Personal Essay / Memoir, Persuasive Writing, Poetry, Novel Writing, Science Fiction / Fantasy, Short Story, Short, Short Story, General Writing Portfolio, Nonfiction Portfolio, and Creativity & Citizenship.
All candidates take the same Listening and Speaking Modules, while the Reading and Writing Modules differ depending on whether the candidate is taking the Academic or General Training Versions of the Test.
Writing in the 1960s, former Attorney General Francis Biddle hinted at the subject when he described Walsh in the mid-1930s as " an elderly politician with a soft tread and low, colorless voice ... whose concealed and controlled anxieties not altogether centered on retaining his job.
*( 1995 ; Outstanding Writing ; General Hospital )
* Win, 2003, Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team, for General Hospital
* Writing case used by General James Wolfe at Quebec
Tusculum College offers these main fields of specialization to its undergraduate students: Athletic Training, Biology ( with concentrations in Medical Pre-Professional, Pre-Physical Therapy, Medical Technology, Organismal Biology, and Pre-Pharmacy ), Business Administration ( with concentrations in General Management, Management Accounting, and Economics ), English ( with concentrations in Literature and Writing ), Environmental science, Field Guide / Naturalist, History, Film & Broadcasting, Mathematics ( with Computer Science concentration ), Museum Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Sports Management, Sports Science, and Visual Arts ( with concentrations in Fine Arts and Graphic Design ).
* Extra Mile Productions conducted the General Miguel Malvar Essay Writing Contest in commemoration of the 100th Death Anniversary of General Miguel Malvar.
The Central City News has won more than 20 national and state awards from the National Newspaper Association and the Louisiana Press Association, including General Excellence, Best Feature Writing, Best Columnist, and Best Local News Coverage.
* NOMINATION ( 1983 & 1984 ; Best Writing ; General Hospital )
:* First Place, Columnist Katie Strickland, General Column Writing

Writing and Mansfield
* Mathur, Piyush, The Archigenderic Territories: Mansfield Park and A Handful of Dust, in Women's Writing 5: 1, 71 – 81 ().
Chidgey ’ s honours include the Glenn Schaeffer Prize in Modern Letters ; the Meridian Energy Katherine Mansfield Fellowship to Menton, France ; the Todd New Writers ’ Bursary ; the Ursula Bethell Residency in Creative Writing at the University of Canterbury ; and the Buddle Findlay Sargeson Fellowship.

Writing and Commander
Writing in The Times Literary Supplement, Phillip Stead thought that Fleming " continues uninhibitedly to deploy his story-telling talents within the limits of the Commander Bond formula.

Writing and lower
Writing around 415CE, St. Augustine of Hippo in his book City of God refers to a man " double in his upper, but single in his lower half -- having two heads, two chests, four hands, but one body and two feet like an ordinary man.
Writing upperBB for the upper Bollinger Band, lowerBB for the lower Bollinger Band, and last for the last ( price ) value:
The Writing Workshop developed by Lucy Calkins is used throughout the lower school to teach writing.

Writing and Mississippi
She teaches at the University of Mississippi and also in the Chatham University Low-Residency Master of Fine Arts Program in Creative Writing.
In 2005 an interview of Brown, Foetry. com And What Academia Doesn't Want You to Know About the Creative Writing Industry ,” appeared in VOX, an experimental literary journal based in Oxford, Mississippi, and was later reprinted in Left Curve, a literary journal based in San Francisco.

Writing and March
Writing for Science Fiction Studies in March 1975, Ian Watson proposed the following chronology for the first six novels.
*“ Writing on the Wall ”, published March 24, 1997
" Writing in the New Statesman, Tatchell reported that on 12 March 2003 he ambushed Tony Blair's motorcade in an anti-Iraq war protest.
* " Low-lands "-First published in New World Writing, No. 16, Philadelphia: Lippincott, on 16 March 1960, pp. 85 – 108.
Writing in An t-Oglach ( Free State Army monthly ), March, 1931, he wrote I set to work and … succeeded in convincing a majority of the Committee of the necessity of our giving way for the moment .” When Clarke was told about Hobson ’ s exertions, and that the decision to accept Redmond ’ s nominees would not have been possible but for Hobson, he nearly broke down.
Fritz Fischer ( March 5, 1908 – December 1, 1999 ) was a German historian best known for his analysis of the causes of World War I. Fischer has been described by The Encyclopedia of Historians and Historical Writing as the most important German historian of the 20th century.
* Rolf Kasparek, Interview: " Writing About One Topic Is Too Limiting " March 12, 2012
" Andrew Green in ' Writing the Great War: Sir James Edmonds and the Official Histories 1915 – 1948 ' ( 2003 ) considered the volumes of the Official History for Gallipoli, the Somme, 3rd Ypres and the German March offensive of 1918 and concluded that Edmonds had been far more objective than others had given him credit for.
* Writing Assessment Principles ( November 2006, revised March 2009 )
Writing of the novel began in 1924, and from March to June, published the first several chapters of the serial.
Writing in National Review in March 2007, Dinesh D ' Souza described The Myth of Islamic Tolerance as being attractive to those who would like to criticize Muslims at large for 9 / 11.
The Second Language Writing IS ; it held its first meeting in Tampa in March 2006, covering topics ranging from Broadening Perspectives in Second Language Writing and Alternative Placement Methods for Second Language Writers to Issues in Technologies for L2 Composition Classrooms and Crossing Bridges with Second Language Writing Partnerships .”
The film was nominated for 11 Academy Awards: Best Actor in a Supporting Role ( Mikhail Baryshnikov ), Best Actress in a Leading Role ( Anne Bancroft ), Best Actress in a Leading Role ( Shirley MacLaine ), Best Actress in a Supporting Role ( Leslie Browne ), Best Art Direction-Set Decoration ( Albert Brenner, Marvin March ), Best Cinematography, Best Director, Best Film Editing, Best Picture, Best Sound ( Theodore Soderberg, Paul Wells, Douglas O. Williams and Jerry Jost ) and Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen.

Writing and 1862
* superb comb builder :- Writing in Switzerland in 1862, H. C. Hermann stated the comb of an Italian bee-cell occupied only 15 cells for every 16 of the common black bee, and the cubic content was larger by 30 per cent.
Writing in 1862 in his Scores and biographies, Arthur Haygarth called Pilch " the best batsman that has ever yet appeared ".

Writing and recommended
Writing with Rachel Caspari, their Race and Human Evolution ( 1997, Simon & Schuster ) was very favorably reviewed in professional journals and in the New York Times, where it was recommended reading.
" Writing for gamekeepers in 1851, T. B. Johnson recommended that: " The nest of this bird should be diligently sought ... and destroyed, shooting the parent birds first, if possible.
For example, it is explicitly recommended in the " Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals: Writing and Editing for Biomedical Publication " issued by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors ( previously called the Vancouver guidelines ):
Writing for Sequential Tart, Sheena McNeil recommended both the anime and manga of Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, describing them as " ultra-cute with a lot of humor " and " great fluff ".
Writing to a fan, Ellison recommended Kersh, writing, " you will find yourself in the presence of a talent so immense and compelling, that you will understand how grateful and humble I felt merely to have been permitted to associate myself with his name as editor.
Writing for Allmusic, music critic Scott Yanow wrote of the album "... this album is mostly recommended to her greatest fans.

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