2013 Janeiro 16

I'm headed back to São Paulo, Brasil for a month starting on January 16, 2013. See you there! If you're reading this, please visit my new website AI3 Javantea out. Read more »

First Night Back in São Paulo

Customs in Brasil is way easy. They confused me for a moment speaking too quickly but switched to English when I failed to respond. They weren't impressed by my clif bars. The bus to Paulista is hourly and 30 real. A cab would have been sixty in comparison. The bus would have held my bike, I'm regretting leaving it ... Read more »


Over the weekend I have made massive improvements to my blog. I chose a theme and applied it quite well. I made a logo which is not really a logo but the name of the site using my AltSci font. I'm not too thrilled about the splash part on the main page but I'll figure out ... Read more »

More Seen, More Learned

Today I started walking early in the morning and ended at 2PM after a great lunch. Certainly until my cast is off, I will not be able to walk as much as I did today. I overdid it and I'm expecting awful problems to start to occur tomorrow with my arm. Generally walking and a cast do not ... Read more »

Sunburn, Paulista

As planned I made my way to a hostel near Paulista. Unplanned was how I got there, who I met on the way, and a sunburn covering my face, head, ears, and probably neck. Despite being untouched the previous two days, the sun came out in full force today. I did not use any sunscreen which I will remedy ... Read more »