Having a Wonderful Time

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It's so easy to have a wonderful time in São Paulo. Everyone is so nice. I can't go a few minutes without someone saying hello, what's up, let's chat in Português and then saying hi in English after they hear my accent. There are surprisingly large number of English speakers in this area and they are all friendly.

On Thursday night I went to a high class dance club that was packed until after 6:30am when we left. It was playing drum and bass and was very interesting. I now also know that shorts are not allowed at such places unless there are significant mitigating factors. Guess how I know?

I finally got to see Capoeira. Right on the street a block from the hostel they were singing, playing authentic instruments, and dancing. Amazing. One guy did a backflip right in the middle of it.

So what to take camping? Clif bars, clothes, water, hmm... I think I should ask them.

I've now added a Gallery section with all photos that I've uploaded. Right now they aren't sorted, titled, or tagged, but that will happen in the future. The easiest way to get information about a photo is to e-mail me or leave me a message on my phone.