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and esoteric
Shingon shares material with Tibetan Buddhism –- such as the esoteric sutras ( called Tantras in Tibetan Buddhism ) and mandalas but the actual practices are not related.
Arthur Edward Waite ( October 2, 1857 May 19, 1942 ) was a scholarly mystic who wrote extensively on occult and esoteric matters, and was the co-creator of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck.
The argument over the quality of Fitzgerald ’ s translation of the Rubaiyat has, according to Dougan, diverted attention from a fuller understanding of the deeply esoteric message contained in Omar ’ s actual material " Every line of the Rubaiyat has more meaning than almost anything you could read in Sufi literature ".
* The Abode of the Message A residential spiritual community, conference center and school of esoteric study
The Quay Brothers ' works ( 1979 present ) show a wide range of often esoteric influences, starting with the Polish animators Walerian Borowczyk and Jan Lenica and continuing with the writers Franz Kafka, Bruno Schulz, Robert Walser and Michel de Ghelderode, puppeteers Wladyslaw Starewicz and Richard Teschner and composers Leoš Janáček, Zdeněk Liška and Leszek Jankowski, the last of whom has created many original scores for their work.
Sir Thomas Browne ( 19 October 1605 19 October 1682 ) was an English author of varied works which reveal his wide learning in diverse fields including medicine, religion, science and the esoteric.
His greatest work, Aglaophamus ( 1829 ), maintains, against the views put forward by G. F. Creuzer in his Symbolik ( 1810 1823 ), that the religion of the Greek mysteries ( especially those of Eleusis ) did not essentially differ from the national religion ; that it was not esoteric, and that the priests as such neither taught nor possessed any higher knowledge of God ; that the Oriental elements were a later importation.
For example, Madame Blavatsky ( 1831 91 ), the founder of the Theosophical Society, only practiced mediumship to contact powerful spirits capable of conferring esoteric knowledge.
It was in 805 that Kūkai finally met Master Hui-kuo ( 746 805 ) the man who would initiate him into the esoteric Buddhism tradition at Chang ' an's Qinglong Monastery ( 青龍寺 ).
The early Heian period ( 9th 10th century ) saw an evolution of style based on the esoteric sects Tendai and Shingon.
FUDOFSI (), headed by Constant Chevillon ( 1880 1944 ), was a federation of independent esoteric orders similar to FUDOSI, but strongly opposed to the other group.
According to the late Robert Amadou ( 1924 2006 ), Pierre Plantard in 1953 was accused of selling degrees of esoteric orders for exorbitant sums.
The novel covers approximately 15 20 years of the life of film scholar Jonathan Gates, whose academic investigations draw him into the shadowy world of esoteric conspiracy that underlies the work of fictional B-movie director Max Castle.
Benjamin Creme subscribes to the modern esoteric view that Nordic aliens ( like those mentioned by George Adamski Creme accepts Adamski's sightings as valid ) pilot flying saucers from the civilization on Venus that is thought to exist on the etheric plane ( Esotericists believe that since the Venusians ' civilization is on the etheric plane, the planet's heat doesn't affect them ) and are capable of stepping down the level of vibration of themselves and their craft to the slower level of vibration of the atoms of the physical plane.
* SOULÉS, Georges Raymond ( 1907 1986 ) Mouvement Social Révolutionnaire politician and esoteric writer ( nom de plume: Raymond Abellio ).
Samael Aun Weor ( Hebrew: סמאל און ואור )( March 6, 1917 December 24, 1977 ), born Víctor Manuel Gómez Rodríguez, Colombian citizen and later Mexican, was an author, lecturer and founder of the ' Universal Christian Gnostic Movement ' with his teaching of ' The Doctrine of Synthesis ' of all religions in both their esoteric and exoteric aspects.
While a student in the F. R. A., Samael Aun Weor methodically studied the entire Rosicrucian library and it was here that he allegedly learned the secret of the " Great Arcanum ", or white Sexual Magic the esoteric key which purportedly underpins all of the world's great religions.
De Selby has a host of critical analyzers the narrator among them many of whom have highly conflicting opinions of his esoteric thoughts.
Antoine Court who named himself Antoine Court de Gébelin ( ca. 1719 May 10, 1784 ) was a former Protestant pastor, born at Nîmes, who initiated the interpretation of the Tarot as an arcane repository of timeless esoteric wisdom in 1781.
* Francis Parker Yockey ( 1917 1960 ), American esoteric philosopher and political theorist
* W. E. Butler ( 1898 1978 ), occultist and esoteric author in Britain
Arthur Farwell ( March 23, 1872 January 20, 1952 ) was an American composer, conductor, educationalist, lithographer, esoteric savant, and music publisher.
In the occult study of the esoteric meaning of runes, the Uthark theory originated in the 1930s with the work of philologist Sigurd Agrell ( 1881 1937 ), a professor at Lund University, Sweden.

and thinker
... was also a great and profound chess thinker second only to Steinitz, and his works Die Blockade, My System and Chess Praxis established his reputation as one of the father figures of modern chess.
* 1864 John Henry Mackay, Scottish individualist anarchist, thinker and writer ( d. 1933 )
Carl Jung ( 1875 1961 ) was a Swiss psychiatrist, an influential thinker and the founder of analytical psychology.
The true source of ethnolinguistics and the thinker who contributed most to the debate on the relationship between culture, language and linguistic communities was the German philologist Wilhelm von Humboldt ( 1767 1835 ).
Chanakya ( c. 350 275 BC ) was a political thinker in Takshashila.
* Montesquieu ( 1689 1755 ) French political thinker.
* Jan Hus, Bohemian religious thinker and reformer ( c. 1369 1415 ).
* October 8 Gabriel Marcel, French Catholic existential thinker ( b. 1889 )
* October 25 James Burnett, Lord Monboddo, Scottish philosopher and evolutionary thinker ( d. 1799 )
Ernst Mayr judged him to be the most important evolutionary thinker between Darwin and the evolutionary synthesis around 1930 40, and was " one of the great biologists of all time ".
The Canadian political thinker Charles Blattberg has argued that such events ought to be seen as part of a process in which Canadians advanced a " border " as distinct from a " frontier " from east to west.
In 1414 1418 the Council of Constance took place, during which, on 6 July 1415, John Hus ( Czech religious thinker, philosopher and reformer ), who was seen as a threat to Christianity by the Roman Catholic Church, was burned at the stake.
Israel Shahak (; born Himmelstaub, April 28, 1933 July 2, 2001 ) was a Polish-born Holocaust survivor and Israeli professor of chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, known especially as a liberal political thinker, author, and civil rights activist.
Hobson ( 1858 1940 ) — Liberal thinker and political theorist
George Woodcock ( May 8, 1912 January 28, 1995 ) was a Canadian writer of political biography and history, an anarchist thinker, an essayist and literary critic.
* Charles Fourier ( 1772 1837 ), French utopian socialist thinker
Abraham Isaac Kook ( 1865 1935 ) was the first Ashkenazi chief rabbi of the British Mandatory Palestine, the founder of the Religious Zionist Yeshiva Merkaz HaRav, Jewish thinker, Halachist, Kabbalist and a renowned Torah scholar.
* John Stuart Mill ( 1806 1873 ), an influential classical liberal thinker and philosopher of the 19th century, son of James Mill
Henri-Benjamin Constant de Rebecque ( 25 October 1767 8 December 1830 ) was a Swiss-born French nobleman, thinker, writer and politician.
Al-Ghazali ( 1058 1111 ) the Muslim Sufi thinker wrote the Alchemy of Happiness, a manual of spiritual instruction throughout the Muslim world and widely practiced today.
* Abraham Isaac Kook ( 1864 1935 ), rabbi, thinker, diplomat, mediator, scholar
Bai Shouyi ( February 1909 March 21, 2000 ) (), also known as Djamal al-Din Bai Shouyi, was a prominent Chinese Muslim historian, thinker, social activist and ethnologist who revolutionized recent Chinese historiography and pioneered in relying heavily on scientific excavations and reports.
Francis Parker Yockey ( September 18, 1917 June 16, 1960 ) was an American political thinker and polemicist best known for his neo-Spenglerian book Imperium: The Philosophy of History and Politics, published under the pen name Ulick Varange in 1948.

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