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part and symphonic
Eloy, a progressive rock band formed by guitarist Frank Bornemann in 1969, had a distinctly symphonic sound in the second part of the ' 70s when Jurgen Rosenthal and Detlev Schmidtchen were part of the group ( which also included Klaus-Peter Matziol ).
He also pioneered the use of chorus as part of symphonic texture with his Ninth Symphony and Choral Fantasia.
A symphonic poem may stand on its own, or it can be part of a series combined into a symphonic suite.
A symphonic poem can also be part of a group of interrelated works, such as Vltava ( The Moldau ) as part of the six-work cycle Má vlast by Bedřich Smetana.
That performance was part of a series of " Concerts Monteux ", presented between February and April 1914, in which Monteux conducted the orchestra of the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées in a wide range of symphonic and concertante works, including the concert premiere of the orchestral version of Ravel's Valses Nobles et Sentimentales.
Especially, Mariss Jason's impact on Norwegian music, Jason was able to completely change people's idea of what part symphonic music in the Norwegian culture has played.
Instead, he orchestrated some little-known piano works by Tchaikovsky such as The Seasons, along with themes from the opera Cherevichki and the latter part of the symphonic fantasia Francesca da Rimini.
The symphonic metal band Nightwish also provided a cover as part of the Dark Passion Play tour, featuring Troy Donockley on the uilleann pipes.
According to the website of Italian symphonic metal band Rhapsody of Fire ( previously known as Rhapsody ), York had been recruited for a narrated part on the band's next full-length album Triumph or Agony.
* O. Zin ' kevïch: Dinamika obnovleniya: ukrainskaya simfoniya na sovremennoy ėtapye v svete dialektiki traditsii i novatorstva ( 1970 – 1980-kh godov ) dynamics of revival: Ukrainian contemporary symphonic music as part of the dialectics of tradition and innovation, in the period 1970 – 80 ( Kiev, 1986 )
Instrumental and vocal classical music is an iconic part of Italian identity, spanning experimental art music and international fusions to symphonic music and opera.
The Norwegian symphonic goth metal band Where Angels Fall played support on the European part of the tour.
Espíritu, who formed in 1973 but had roots since 1969, would go on to be an internationally followed group in the latter part of symphonic rock's heyday.
In the following year, the second symphonic game music concert took place in Leipzig as part of the " Games Convention 2004 " opening ceremony, performed by the Prague FILMharmonic Orchestra, where Fabian produced three music pieces: The Secret of Monkey Island, Turrican and Metal Gear Solid and worked as synthesizer programmer for the concert.
Such single vocalist performances diminish however the effect of dialogue ( at least in the two first parts of the symphonic drama-in the third part there is only Phaedo telling the story of Socrates ' death ).
In modern times, the work is part of the core symphonic repertoire and is frequently performed and recorded.
Since that first full performance, the Sixth Symphony has become part of the symphonic repertory, but is the least performed of Bruckner's symphonies, never overcoming its original status as a symphonic " step-child.
In the libretto, each part of the symphonic intermezzo between Acts I and II – L ' Abbandono ( The Desertion ) and La tregenda ( The Spectre ) – is preceded by explanatory verses recounting the intervening events.
The " Harmoniemusik " has had an important influence on the development of the symphonic orchestra, of which it becomes an integral part.
One of the first symphonies in which a choir is used throughout the work and is an integral part of the musical texture, A Sea Symphony helped set the stage for a new era of symphonic and choral music in England during the first half of the 20th century.

part and composition
The composition for which Diabelli is now best known was actually written as part of an adventuring story.
In Rome, Both had developed a new style of composition due, at least in part, to his interaction with Claude Lorrain.
The desire, or the need, did not come upon him often, and it came usually when he was feeling ill or depressed ; then whole lines and stanzas would present themselves to him without any effort, or any consciousness of composition on his part.
Some of these groups have been transferred out of the Kingdom Fungi, in part because of fundamental biochemical differences in the composition of the cell wall.
It is remarkable that the composition of this league does not reflect that of the Latin people who took part in the Latiar or Feriae Latinae given by Pliny and it has not as its leader the rex Nemorensis but a dictator Latinus.
On the other hand, Finland and Austria joined the Eurozone from the beginning although their currencies were not part of the ECU basket ( since they had joined the EU in 1995, two years after the ECU composition was " frozen ").
The " Palestrina style " now serves as a basis for college Renaissance counterpoint classes, thanks in large part to the efforts of the 18th century composer and theorist Johann Joseph Fux, who, in a book called Gradus ad Parnassum ( Steps to Parnassus, 1725 ), set about codifying Palestrina's techniques as a pedagogical tool for students of composition.
In genres which the non-vocal part is conceived using electronic media, the instrumental not necessarily has to be conceived by musical instruments, but is the term to refer to some composition or version that does not include vocals.
The development of Schaeffer ’ s practice was informed by encounters with voice actors and microphone usage and radiophonic art played an important part in inspiring and consolidating Schaeffer's conception of sound based composition ( Dack 1994, 3 – 11 ).
Neon played a role in the basic understanding of the nature of atoms in 1913, when J. J. Thomson, as part of his exploration into the composition of canal rays, channeled streams of neon ions through a magnetic and an electric field and measured their deflection by placing a photographic plate in their path.
NADW's distinctive composition ( particularly high-salinity ) compared to other watermasses allows its path to be traced as it mixes with Circumpolar Deep Water, which in turn fills the deep Indian Ocean and part of the South Pacific.
There had long been standing bodies of musicians around operas, but not for concert music: this situation changed in the early 19th century as part of the increasing emphasis in the composition of symphonies and other purely instrumental forms.
Some Modernist poets have made the placement of individual lines or groups of lines on the page an integral part of the poem's composition.
* " Pavane, the Girl with the Flaxen Hair ," a dramatic script written and directed by Wyllis Cooper, inspired in part by Ravel's composition, for the old-time radio series Quiet Please.
Relieving the Sovereign of these responsibilities and gaining control over the Cabinet's composition was an essential part of evolution of the Premiership.
The part lexicon-type layout ( with a marginal " dictionary " composed by Jennifer Sigler, who also edited the book ) spawned a number of concepts that have become common in later architectural theory, in particular " Bigness ": ' old ' architectural principles ( composition, scale, proportion, detail ) no longer apply when a building acquires Bigness.
The spandrel of doors is sometimes ornamented in the Decorated period, but seldom forms part of the composition of the doorway itself, being generally over the label.
The more modern third floor is hidden by a balustraded parapet and plays no part in the composition of the facade.
Each part of the basic plane possesses an affective colouration ; this influences the tonality of the pictorial elements which will be drawn on it, and contributes to the richness of the composition resulting from their juxtaposition on the canvas.
In chemical composition it may be considered as essentially an isomorphous mixture of pyrope and almandine, in the proportion of two parts pyrope to one part almandine.
Die Meistersinger is, like Orfeo, Capriccio, and Wagner's own earlier Tannhäuser, a musical composition in which the composition of music is a pivotal part of the story.
By studying the interactions of homogeneous substances in contact, i. e., bodies, being in composition part solid, part liquid, and part vapor, and by using a three-dimensional volume-entropy-internal energy graph, Gibbs was able to determine three states of equilibrium, i. e., " necessarily stable ", " neutral ", and " unstable ", and whether or not changes will ensue.

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