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; and Electronics
In North America, there are several small regional manufacturers that also service the industry ; CTI Electronics, OEM Controls, Otto Engineering, PQ Controls, CH Products, BG Systems, and Elobau Sensor Technologies.
* Philips Electronics Blackburn Lancashire ; vacuum tubes, capacitors, delay-lines, Laserdiscs, CDs.
There were plans to release the G7400 in the United States as the Odyssey³ and later as the Odyssey³ Command Center ; the system was demonstrated at the 1983 Consumer Electronics Show and some prototypes have been found.
VESA ( Video Electronics Standards Association ) Local Bus worked alongside the ISA bus ; it acted as a high-speed conduit for memory-mapped I / O and DMA, while the ISA bus handled interrupts and port-mapped I / O.
The home console versions of Zero Wing were never released in North America due to the release of the arcade version distributed by Williams Electronics ; however, the European Mega Drive version of the game will play on American consoles.
In 1961 Sinclair registered Sinclair Radionics Ltd. His original choice, Sinclair Electronics, was taken ; Sinclair Radio was available but did not sound right.
" In a later interview, this time for the first Trekkies film, Doohan related the story of a young fan who was contemplating suicide ; Doohan says that he convinced her to attend his next convention appearance, and later found out that his encouragement and kind words had not only saved her life, but also inspired her to go back to school and become an Electronics Engineer.
Major manufacturing employers include Becton Dickinson, a medical products company that operates two facilities in Columbus ; Behlen Manufacturing, which produces steel buildings, grain bins, and agricultural equipment ; CAMACO, a manufacturer of automotive seat frames ; Cargill, which operates a ground-beef processing plant ; Archer Daniels Midland, which runs a corn-milling facility ; and Vishay Dale Electronics, a subsidiary of Vishay Intertechnology that produces electronic components.
Major employers in Sweet Home include White's Electronics, a metal detector manufacturer ; HEVI-Shot, a manufacturer of shotshell ammunition ; Cascade Timber Consulting, a timber investment management organization ; Weyerhaeuser ; the United States Forest Service and the Sweet Home School District.
; Electronics and technology
Beginning in 1986, the game was ported to numerous platforms with different companies handling the conversions ; several home versions were published by Electronic Arts, Tiger Electronics released handheld and tabletop LCD versions of the game, and it was ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System by Rare.
Due to the combined nature of the Canadian Forces, however, it is not impossible for an air force Chief Warrant Officer or a naval Chief Petty Officer 1st Class ( CPO1 ) to rise to that post, especially in units with a high number of support trades personnel ; examples might include a Logistics Branch CPO1 being appointed RSM of a service battalion, or an air force Communications and Electronics Branch CWO appointed to the position in a Communication Regiment.
It was conceived by Darrell Wagner at Dunhill Electronics ; he was billed on the packaging as a " Licensed Tax Consultant and former IRS Revenue Agent ".
In addition to Sony and Sanyo, Beta-format video recorders were also sold by Toshiba, Pioneer, Murphy, Aiwa, and NEC ; the Zenith Electronics Corporation and WEGA Corporations contracted with Sony to produce VCRs for their product lines.
Informatics, Electronics, and Telecommunications ;
Electronics can be shielded by wrapping them completely in conductive material such as aluminum foil ; however, the effectiveness of the shielding may be less than perfect.
* Raytheon Company Semiconductor Division Files Kept to Monitor the Electronics Industry, 1965 – 1986 ( call number M0661 ; 11. 5 linear ft .) are housed in the Department of Special Collections and University Archives at Stanford University Libraries

; and Formally
* Formally, when working over the reals, as here, this is accomplished by considering the limit as ε → 0 ; but the " infinitesimal " language generalizes directly to Lie groups over general rings.
Formally, these failed when they were rejected by the Church of England's General Synod in 1972 ; conversations and co-operation continued, however, leading in 2003 to the signing of a covenant between the two churches.
Formally, we are given a set of hypotheses and a set of manifestations ; they are related by the domain knowledge, represented by a function that takes as an argument a set of hypotheses and gives as a result the corresponding set of manifestations.
Formally, a statistic s is a measurable function of X ; thus, a statistic s is evaluated on a random variable X, taking the value s ( X ), which is itself a random variable.
Formally, the case where only a subset of parameters is defined is still a composite hypothesis ; nonetheless, the term point hypothesis is often applied in such cases, particularly where the hypothesis test can be structured in such a way that the distribution of the test statistic ( the distribution under the null hypothesis ) does not depend on the parameters whose values have not been specified under the point null hypothesis.
; Formally real field
Formally, Aff ( V ) is naturally isomorphic to a subgroup of, with V embedded as the affine plane, namely the stabilizer of this affine plane ; the above matrix formulation is the ( transpose of ) the realization of this, with the ( n × n and 1 × 1 ) blocks corresponding to the direct sum decomposition.
Formally, HPGCC is a cross-compiler ; it compiles code for the ARM-based HP calculators, but runs on a PC rather than the target system.
Formally, Korea's governmental FTC ( Fair Trade Commission: 공정거래위원회 ; 公正去來委員會 ) announces a limited Chaebol list every year as size of industrial assets ( not including financial companies ).
Formally the euro is the only legal tender in Büsingen ; however, the Swiss franc is far more popular in everyday use as shopping is generally done in nearby Schaffhausen instead of across the border ( s ) in Germany.
Formally, the algorithm's performance will be a random variable determined by the random bits ; thus either the running time, or the output ( or both ) are random variables.
Formally, a deterministic algorithm computes a mathematical function ; a function has a unique value for any given input, and the algorithm is a process that produces this particular value as output.
Formally, Chrétien and Martin have remained publicly respectful of each other ; while much of the verbal sparring was between their supporters.
Formally, a squeeze preserves the hyperbolic metric expressed in the form ; in a different coordinate system.
Bābak Khorram-Din ( Formally known as " Pāpak " meaning " Young Father ") (, alternative spelling: Bābak Xorramdin ; 795, according to some other sources 798 — January 838 ) was one of the main PersianArmenian historian Vardan Areweltsʻi, ca.
Formally described, it alternates slow sections in a modal F with faster sections, " Neue Kraft fühlend " ( with renewed strength ), in D. The slow sections each have two elements, ( 1 ) a passage reminiscent of the opening of the first movement in which the instruments overlap each other with a brief motive ; ( 2 ) a chorale, the actual song.
Formally, a Markov partition is used to provide a finite cover for the smooth system ; each set of the cover is associated with a single symbol, and the sequences of symbols result as a trajectory of the system moves from one of the covering sets to another.
Formally, citizen science has been defined as " the systematic collection and analysis of data ; development of technology ; testing of natural phenomena ; and the dissemination of these activities by researchers on a primarily avocational basis ".
Formally, at least, the European Commission has primarily a monitoring role ; in practice, however, there is considerable scope for it to help set the policy agenda and persuade reluctant Member States to implement agreed policies.
Formally, let P be a poset ( partially ordered set ), and let F be a filter on P ; that is, F is a subset of P such that:
Formally ;
Formally, a biased graph Ω is a pair ( G, B ) where B is a linear class of circles ; this by definition is a class of circles that satisfies the theta-graph property mentioned above.

; and fixture
Only the daytime games survived during this period ; game shows remained a fixture of daytime television through the 1960s along with soap operas, reruns, and local telecasts of old films.
Before Grace's debut in the fixture, the Gentlemen had lost 19 consecutive games ; of the next 39 games they won 27 and lost only 4.
As a result, unlike Thackeray's other novels, it remains popular with the general reading public ; it is a standard fixture in university courses and has been repeatedly adapted for movies and television.
Depardieu does his obnoxious-yet-strangely-lovable act with ease ; however, the romantic comedy fixture MacDowell is less convincing.
This is especially useful when using common symbols ; i. e. in the context of stagecraft, a lighting designer will typically draw from the USITT standard library of lighting fixture symbols to indicate the position of a common fixture across multiple positions.
However, heavy snowfall in Brussels on the intended matchday forced the cancellation of what would have been the first Heineken Cup match held in Belgium ; the fixture was instead played the following day in Paris.
Another fixture to Reading's skyline is the William Penn Memorial Fire Tower ; one mile from the Pagoda on Skyline Drive.
Another early addition to the show was Chris Berman, who joined ESPN a month after its debut and became a fixture at SportsCenter until the early 1990s, when his main efforts became focused on the network's NFL coverage and Baseball Tonight ; however, Berman remains a frequent contributor to the Sunday night 11 p. m. edition.
The screen may be a permanent fixture, such as at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the St. Louis Science Center, Boston's Museum of Science, and Birmingham, Alabama's McWane Science Center ; or lowered and raised as needed, such as at the Science Museum of Minnesota ( where it shares an auditorium with a standard IMAX screen ).
* morning fixture Dave Herman was not afraid to mix Erik Satie or Donna Summer into the playlist ;
The Balkan Hound has been a permanent fixture in the Balkans throughout history with the first standard written for the breed in 1924 ; however, it was not until 1940 that the Fédération Cynologique Internationale accepted the standard which had been accepted elsewhere.
On 6 September 1913, Barry played their first ever fixture ; a Southern League match against Mid-Rhondda United at Jenner Park.
This period, which coincided with an upsurge in American nationalism, saw major growth in choral music, with musical societies being formed in most major cities, like New York ; these choral societies remained a fixture of American music throughout the 19th century.
Dip switches are still used in some remote controls to prevent interference ; for example, to control a ceiling fan ( and its light fixture ) that was retrofitted to a single-circuit junction box.
Units are a permanent fixture for the player ; they gain levels, can be refitted with the latest equipment, can be upgraded to new and stronger models, and can even be renamed.
In the first round Czechoslovakia ( following their ill-judged decision to walk off the field in 1920 ) enhanced their reputation as Olympic ' bad sports ' during an ill-tempered fixture against an equally unforgiving Swiss ; the game went fruitlessly to extra-time.
Had they not fulfilled the fixture they would have been expelled from the League ; Hartlepool stepped into the breach and offered the use of the Victoria Ground.
The president was local baseball fixture Sam W. Wolfson, previously the owner of the Jacksonville Braves ; the Suns replaced the Jacksonville Jets Sally League club.
For the next twelve seasons, he became a fixture in center field for St. Louis ; although he struggled at the plate from 1958 to 1960, his defensive skill was apparent.
It is frequently stated the referee's whistle was first used in a game between Nottingham Forest and Sheffield Norfolk in 1878 ; however the last such fixture known to have taken place between the two clubs was in 1874.
In the case of a two-legged fixture, the two matches are still considered either as two draws or as one win and one loss ; in the case of a single match, it is still considered as a draw.
All other significant sports have their own varsity match at some point during the year ; some of these, such as the cricket fixture and the Ice Hockey Varsity Match have attracted significant attention in the past.
The republic have never won a competitive fixture ; a 1 – 0 friendly match win against Liechtenstein is their sole victory to date.

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