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1959 and switched
The dinar was pegged at par with the British pound until 1959 when, without changing its value, the peg was switched to the United States dollar at the rate of 1 dinar = 2. 8 dollars.
They kept the Iso design and used Iso engines until 1958 ; in 1959 they switched to the BMW 300 cc engines.
She switched to the liberal Progressive Party in 1959, and represented the Houghton constituency as that party's sole Member of Parliament, and the sole parliamentarian unequivocally opposed to apartheid, from 1961 to 1974.
The lights were officially switched on with a Grand Opening Floodlight Game on Monday 19 October 1959 with First Division Chelsea the visitors.
The Gold Cup was switched to the " New Course " in 1959, and this is now the regular track used for the event.
A number of albums featured Sir Thomas Beecham and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, including Beecham's 1959 stereo recordings, which were switched from the regular Angel label to the Seraphim one.
From 1959 to 1963, DAB switched from the old wooden to new aluminium barrels.
On April 26, 1959, it swapped affiliations with KPTV, becoming an NBC affiliate ( KGW's sister station, KING-TV in Seattle, also switched from ABC to NBC at the same time ).
Klym later switched to the Progressive Conservative Party, and was first elected to the Manitoba legislature in the 1959 provincial election, defeating Liberal-Progressive incumbent William Lucko by 371 votes in the Winnipeg-area riding of Springfield.
Returning to MCAS El Toro in 1959, the squadron switched to the F8U Crusader and were assigned to the USS Oriskany.
Cunningham switched away from these designs in 1959 when Chrysler abandoned the hemispherical concept in favor of the wedge-head B engine.
They were officially switched on for a friendly against Newcastle United on 28 October 1959, which United won 8 – 2 in front of a crowd of 9, 414.
Before KVEW's existence, KEPR-TV had carried ABC as a secondary affiliation until 1959 ; KNBS-TV operated briefly in nearby Walla Walla, Washington as an ABC affiliate in 1960 ; KNDU signed on in 1961 and became the area's primary ABC affiliate until 1965, when it switched its primary affiliation to NBC.
Before KAPP signed on, KIMA-TV had carried ABC as a secondary affiliation until KNDO signed on in 1959 and became the area's primary ABC affiliate until 1965, when it switched its primary affiliation to NBC.
It carried programming from all three networks until KNDO signed on in 1959 as an ABC affiliate, but KNDO switched affiliations to NBC in 1965.
In 1959, Perez supported William M. Rainach for governor in the Democratic primary and then switched his backing to James Houston " Jimmie " Davis in the party runoff, which Davis secured over New Orleans Mayor deLesseps Story Morrison, Sr., a long-time Perez target.

1959 and RAND
To combat these shortcomings, the Delphi method was developed by Project RAND during the 1950-1960s ( 1959 ) by Olaf Helmer, Norman Dalkey, and Nicholas Rescher.
Bob Bosak returned to RAND in 1956 to become head of programming for the Semi Automatic Ground Environment ( SAGE ), the automated NORAD system that controlled US air defenses from 1959 to 1983 and
While working at the RAND Corporation, Brodie wrote Strategy in the Missile Age ( 1959 ) which outlined the framework of deterrence.

1959 and Corporation
In the autumn of 1959, the British Broadcasting Corporation presented a series of talks by four scientists competent in cosmology.
* Method and apparatus for forming semiconductor structures, filed August 1954, issued February 1959, assigned to Philco Corporation
Henry Crown became the company's largest shareholder, and merged his Material Service Corporation with GD in 1959.
* Chrysler Corporation press release introducing Panelescent ( EL ) Lighting on 8 September, 1959.
In 1959 Bristol Aircraft merged with several major British aircraft companies to form the British Aircraft Corporation ( BAC ), and Bristol Aero Engines merged with Armstrong Siddeley to form Bristol Siddeley.
In 1959 Bristol was forced by Government policy to merge its aircraft interests with English Electric, Hunting Aircraft, and Vickers-Armstrongs to form the British Aircraft Corporation ( BAC ).
The Mini is a small economy car that was made by the British Motor Corporation ( BMC ) and its successors from 1959 until 2000.
An attempt at getting the McGees onto television came in September 1959, produced by William Asher for NBC ( and co-sponsored by Singer Corporation and Standard Brands ), with younger actors Bob Sweeney and Cathy Lewis in the roles.
The chairmanship of Eric Mensforth from 1953 – 1968 marked the start of the transition, which was aided by the government when in 1959 – 1961 they forced the merger of the 20 or so aviation firms into three groups, British Aircraft Corporation and Hawker Siddeley Group took over fixed-wing designs, while the helicopter divisions of Bristol, Fairey and Saunders-Roe ( with their hovercraft ) were merged with Westland to form Westland Helicopters in 1961.
National Semiconductor was founded in Danbury, Connecticut by Dr. Bernard J Rothlein on May 27, 1959, when he and seven colleagues had left their employment at the semiconductor division of Sperry Rand Corporation.
Working with writer / producer Danny Shapiro, Youngman recorded a " live " album for National Recording Corporation in 1959 at the Celebrity Club in St. Louis.
The Eash cartridge was later licensed by manufacturers, notably the Collins Radio Corporation, which first introduced a cartridge system for broadcasting at the National Association of Broadcasters 1959 annual show.
The John Fluke Corporation moved its electronics center from Seattle to Mountlake Terrace in 1959.
The Humber Bridge Act, promoted by Kingston Upon Hull Corporation, was passed in 1959.
Salford Corporation purchased Ordsall Hall from the executors of the Baron Egerton of Tatton in 1959.
Later bilateral arrangements with individual NATO powers ( 1959 – 1983 ), the Military Training Assistance Plan, which has trained aircrews from developing countries since 1964 and NATO Flying Training in Canada ( NFTC ), since 1998, a partnership of the Canadian Forces, Bombardier Aerospace Corporation and participating air forces.
But the color transmissions ended when broadcasting stations were seized in the Cuban Revolution in 1959, and did not return until 1975, using equipment acquired from Japan's NEC Corporation, and SECAM equipment from the Soviet Union, adapted for the NTSC standard.
When Burger King Corporation began franchising in 1959, it used a regional model where franchisees purchased the right to open stores within a geographic region.
He was then appointed chairman of the Colonial Development Corporation which he held until 1959.
On April 1, 1959, AMC and Sonotone Corporation announced a joint research effort to consider producing an electric car that was to be powered by a " self-charging " battery.
In 1959, the New Orleans Stock Exchange became part of the Midwest Stock Exchange, and in the early 1960s the Midwest Stock Exchange Service Corporation was established to provide centralized accounting for member firms.
Sir Alexander Arnold Constantine Issigonis, CBE, FRS ( 18 November 1906 – 2 October 1988 ) was a Greek-British designer of cars, now remembered chiefly for the groundbreaking and influential development of the Mini, launched by the British Motor Corporation ( BMC ) in 1959.
The Six Flags chain originated in 1959 with the creation of The Great Southwest Corporation by Angus G. Wynne and other investors.
Notable British cars of this era included the 1959 Mini — designed by Alec Issigonis for the British Motor Corporation, and Malcolm Sayer's 1961 E-type Jaguar.
In 1959, Zapata Corporation split into independent companies Zapata Petroleum, headed by the Liedtkes, and Zapata Off-Shore, headed by Bush funded with $ 800, 000.

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