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response and pressures
Partly in response to international pressures, Comorians in the 1990s have become more concerned about the environment.
In response to the rising pressures the British Colonial Office broadened the membership of the Legislative Council and increased its role.
Barry Commoner articulated a left-wing response to The Limits to Growth model that predicted catastrophic resource depletion and spurred environmentalism, postulating that capitalist technologies were chiefly responsible for environmental degradation, as opposed to population pressures.
The cells do not reproduce in synchrony without explicit and continual prompting ( as in experiments with stalked bacteria ) and their exponential phase growth is often not ever a constant rate, but instead a slowly decaying rate, a constant stochastic response to pressures both to reproduce and to go dormant in the face of declining nutrient concentrations and increasing waste concentrations.
The government organization that controls wine appellations in France, the Institut National des Appellations d ' Origine, is preparing to make the largest revision of the region's legal boundaries since 1927, in response to economic pressures.
These two limitations — that the rim is self-supporting laterally and that the rim is thin and ductile enough to easily crush in response to the firing pin impact — limit feasible RF pressures.
Ants and Cecropia have coadapted to each other ; meaning that each species has evolved one or more traits in response to selective pressures exerted by the other.
In response to these concerns, Peruvian lawmakers created a Compensation Fund which directed $ 34 million per year to cotton, maize / corn, and wheat producers for a five-year period to help them adjust to the new competitive pressures.
" In 1958, in response to pressures to support tourism enterprises, the area that is now the Park was excised from the Petermann Aboriginal Reserve to be managed by the Northern Territory Reserves Board as the Ayers Rock-Mt Olga National Park.
In response to development pressures, the area encompassing what was known as Schaumburg Centre was incorporated in 1956.
In response to pressures from increasing population, Crystal Lake South High School ( South for short ), was opened in 1978.
Toynbee argues that " self-determining " civilizations are born out of more primitive societies, not due to racial or environmental factors, but as a response to challenges, such as hard country, new ground, blows and pressures from other civilizations, and penalizations.
A second theory as to why syncope may occur in AS is that during exercise, the high pressures generated in the hypertrophied LV cause a vasodepressor response, which causes a secondary peripheral vasodilation that, in turn, causes decreased blood flow to the brain.
Drug or toxin or chemical resistance is a consequence of evolution and is a response to pressures imposed on any living organism.
In response to all these pressures, a completely new coinage was struck in 1279 with a different design which made clipping much easier to detect.
Among of the most striking differences between the Jewish movements in the 21st century is their response to pressures of assimilation, such as intermarriage between Jews and non-Jews.
More generally, some historians suggest that white flight occurred in response to population pressures, both from the large migration of blacks from the rural South to northern cities in the Great Migration and the waves of new immigrants from southern and eastern Europe.
In a study on orthostatic intolerance and EDS, it is suggested that the co-occurrence of these syndromes can be attributed to the abnormal connective tissue in dependent blood vessels of those with EDS, which permits veins to distend excessively in response to ordinary hydrostatic pressures.
HO scale trains elsewhere were developed in response to the economic pressures of the Great Depression.
But in response to pressures from the nobility, Joseph's successor, Leopold II ( 1790 – 1792 ), abrogated many of Joseph's edicts and restored certain feudal obligations.
This perspective suggests that modules are units of mental processing that evolved in response to selection pressures.
Koh Kong's towns have developed rapidly partially in response to market pressures from Thailand and because of in-migration from other parts of Cambodia.
At the tenth congress in 1958, the SAC ’ s response to these pressures led it into a clash with the rest of the international.
This threatening response is indirectly enhancing selective pressures favoring aggressive parasite behavior that may result in positive feedback between Mafia-like parasite and compliant host behaviors.

response and from
Many workers believe that the response is proportional to the incident momentum of the particles, a relation deduced from laboratory results linearly extrapolated to meteoritic velocities.
While there are many different possibilities for the timing of casework intervention, the experiments recently reported from a variety of traditional settings all point up the importance of an immediate response to the client's initial need for help.
The effect is that the platform returns from an off-level position at a rapid rate until it is nearly level, at which point the platform is controlled by a proportional servo with low enough frequency response so that the noise has little effect on the leveling process.
Soon after 10 A.M., when police reached the 1-1/2-story brick home in the Franklin Manor section, 15 miles south of here on the bay, in response to a call from the Dresbach's other son, Lee, 14, they found Mrs. Dresbach's body on the first-floor bedroom floor.
Santa's lieutenants in charge of the Journal-Bulletin Santa Claus Fund are looking for the usual generous response this year from Cranston residents.
The response from London, Paris and Bonn was favorable.
To be sure, when this is pointed out, a common response among certain churchmen is to fulminate about `` the little flock '' and `` the great crowd '' and to take solace from Paul's castigation of the `` wisdom of the wise '' in the opening chapter of First Corinthians.
The analysis of variance has been studied from several approaches, the most common of which uses a linear model that relates the response to the treatments and blocks.
In its simplest form, the assumption of unit-treatment additivity states that the observed response from experimental unit when receiving treatment can be written as the sum of the unit's response and the treatment-effect, that is
The Church of England ( which until the 20th century included the Church in Wales ) initially separated from the Roman Catholic Church in 1538 in the reign of King Henry VIII, reunited in 1555 under Queen Mary I and then separated again in 1570 under Queen Elizabeth I ( the Roman Catholic Church excommunicated Elizabeth I in 1570 in response to the Act of Supremacy 1559 ).
As such, it is distinguished from fear, which is an appropriate cognitive and emotional response to a perceived threat.
Reverend James Freeman Clarke was one of Alcott's few supporters and defended him against the harsh response from Boston periodicals.
They launched a major invasion of Gaul and northern Italy in 268, when the Romans were forced to denude much of their German frontier of troops in response to a massive invasion of the Goths from the east.
In response to the Black Codes and Southern recalcitrance, the Republicans prevented the secessionist states ' representatives from taking their seats in Congress in the fall 1865.
According to Diogenes Laertius, in response to Alexander's claim to have been the son of Zeus-Ammon, Anaxarchus pointed to his bleeding wound and remarked, " See the blood of a mortal, not ichor, such as flows from the veins of the immortal gods.
In response Dirgham sought help from Amalric, but Shirkuh and Shawar arrived before Amalric could intervene and Dirgham was killed.
What expands the qualities of further bodily response is a very subtle nod forward to counteract a common backward startle pattern, coupled with an upward movement of the head away from the body that lengthens the spine.
Exactly-once mode was essential for operations which were not idempotent ; in this mode, the responder kept a copy of the response buffers in memory until successful receipt of a release packet from the requestor, or until a timeout elapsed.
They were from hundreds of tribes across West Africa, and brought with them certain traits of West African music including call and response vocals and complex rhythmic music, as well as syncopated beats and shifting accents.
The doctrine was formulated in the second century in the first of the three senses given by Ramsey, originally as a response to Gnostic claims of having received secret teaching from Christ or the apostles ; it emphasised the public manner in which the apostles had passed on authentic teaching to those whom they entrusted with the care of the churches they founded and that these in turn had passed it on to their successors.
The zona fasciculata secretes a basal level of cortisol but can also produce bursts of the hormone in response to adrenocorticotropic hormone ( ACTH ) from the anterior pituitary.
Catecholamines are derived from the amino acid tyrosine and these water-soluble hormones are the major hormones underlying the fight-or-flight response.
To carry out its part of this response, the adrenal medulla receives input from the sympathetic nervous system through preganglionic fibers originating in the thoracic spinal cord from T5 – T11.

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