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later and 1890s
Charlotte Buhler echoed his words some forty years later, stating that people like Ebbinghaus " buried the old psychology in the 1890s ".
The automatic mechanisms of machine guns were applied to handguns, giving rise to automatic pistols ( and eventually machine pistols ) such as the Borchardt ( 1890s ) and later submachine guns ( such as the Beretta 1918 ).
In the 1890s, Planck was able to derive the blackbody spectrum which was later used to avoid the classical ultraviolet catastrophe by making the unorthodox assumption that, in the interaction of radiation with matter, energy could only be exchanged in discrete units which he called quanta.
In Britain, the democratic socialist tradition was represented in particular by the William Morris ' Socialist League, and in the 1880s by the Fabian Society, and later the Independent Labour Party ( ILP ) founded by Keir Hardie in the 1890s, of which George Orwell would later be a prominent member.
When it was first published in the late 1890s, the index stood at a level of 40. 94, but ended up hitting its all-time low of 28. 48 during the summer of 1896 during the depths of what later became known as the Panic of 1896.
For much of its history, Australia's bush music belonged to an oral and folkloric tradition, and was only later published in print in volumes such as Banjo Paterson's Old Bush Songs, in the 1890s.
Porro prism binoculars are named after Italian optician Ignazio Porro who patented this image erecting system in 1854 and later refined by makers like the Carl Zeiss company in the 1890s.
In the 1880s and 1890s he had earned a handsome income as a barrister, but in later years had found it increasingly difficult to sustain his lavish lifestyle, and his mansion at 20 Cavendish Square had had to be sold in the 1920s.
The 1930s / 40s British film, radio and music hall comedian Will Hay ( 1888 – 1949 ) lived at 7 Eddystone Road and later 40 Merritt Road, Crofton Park as a child in the late 1890s.
Other temporary locations within the county were later used over the next three decades until the current Jasper County Courthouse was constructed on the Carthage square in the mid 1890s.
In the 1890s, The Atlanta & Knoxville Railroad ( later renamed the Marietta & North Georgia Railroad when it could not be completed to Knoxville ) built a branch line up through the middle of the county.
In the 1890s ( around 100 years later ) two British physicists, William Ramsay and Lord Rayleigh, realized that their newly discovered inert gas, argon, was responsible for Cavendish's problematic residue ; he had not made an error.
During the 1890s, gold was discovered and Miners quickly traveled to the area and populated it in order to strike it rich ; however, the industry waned for many years, yet later had some success with a small boom during the 1930s.
* Blue Jeans ( play )-popular play in 1890s and later a film, is set in Rising Sun.
However, settlers agitated to divide the colonies throughout the later part of the century ; particularly in central Queensland ( centred in Rockhampton ) in the 1860s and 1890s, and in North Queensland ( with Bowen as a potential colonial capital ) in the 1870s.
From the later 1890s, Broken Hill Council campaigned for a tramway to provide public transport around town and to the mines.
Cultivation of the fruit extended first to other parts of east Asia, and was later introduced to California and southern Europe in the 1800s, to Brazil in the 1890s, and numerous cultivars have been selected.
The uniqueness of his appeal was shown when, in the early 1890s two visiting members of the Royal Family, the Duke of Clarence and the Duke of York ( later King George V ), paid a private visit to the grave of the " uncrowned king of Ireland " in Glasnevin.
Initially the factories of Lowell were built with ample green space and accompanying clean dormitories, in a style that anticipated such later architectural trends as the City Beautiful movement in the 1890s.
( The Pitcairners would later convert from their existing form of Christianity to Adventism after a successful Adventist mission in the 1890s.
In the 1890s, Rauma got a teacher's college ( a ' seminar '), which was later annexed to the University of Turku.
The later, in alliance with the Wassoulou Empire of Diola Samory Toure, conquered much of Dagawie in the late 1890s, under the generalship of Sarankye Mori.
A recording of Harney singing " The Wagon " ( see below ), although recorded many years later, in 1925, fits early accounts of Harney's, then, very remarkable vocal style and suggests that Harney was singing very authentic sounding blues back in the 1890s.

later and into
But a moment later he brought his horse forward into the light, and Wilson had a good look at him.
Three hours later, while we were bailing desperately, a dot of land came into view.
Five or so minutes later the marine abruptly pulled up and stepped into sunlight, immediately throwing his hands over his eyes.
These narratives of coarse action and crude language appeared first in local newspapers, as a rule, and later found their way between book covers, though rarely into the planters' libraries beside the morocco-bound volumes of Horace, Mr. Addison, Mr. Pope, and Sir Walter Scott.
`` We'd give him things to deliver, letters, checks, deeds and things like that '', remembers his half-brother Walter, still in the real estate business in Savannah, `` and learn days later that he'd absent-mindedly stuffed them into his pocket.
A few weeks later the maps were being divided into squares and a position was described as being `` about lots 239, 247 and 272 with pickets forward as far as 196 ''.
He had not yet undertaken the great exploit of his later years, the rediscovery of the ancient Inca highway, the route of Pizarro in Peru, but he had climbed to the original El Dorado, the Andean lake of Guatemala, and he had scaled the southern Sierra Nevada with its Tibetan-like people and looked into the emerald mines of Muzo.
And to do this requires first of all the kind of information about people which is provided by the scientists in industrial anthropology and consumer research, who, for example, tell Courtenay that three days is the `` optimum priming period for a closed social circuit to be triggered with a catalytic cue-phrase '' -- which means that an effective propaganda technique is to send an idea into circulation and then three days later reinforce or undermine it.
Essentially, the question presented for decision in the present Daytime Skywave proceeding is whether our decision ( in 1938-1939 ) to assign stations on the basis of daytime conditions from sunrise to sunset, is sound as a basis for AM allocations, or whether, in the light of later developments and new understanding, skywave transmission is of such significance during the hours immediately before sunset and after sunrise that this condition should be taken into account, and some stations required to afford protection to other stations during these hours.
Eight or ten years ago, a couple of French hoods stole a priceless Khmer head from the Musee Guimet, in Paris, and a week later crawled into the Salpetriere with unmistakable symptoms of leprosy.
Thus, although the agenda of external assistance in the economic sphere are cumulative, and many of the policies suggested for nations in the earlier stages remain relevant, the basic purpose of American economic policy during the later stages of development should be to assure that movement into a stage of self-sustaining growth is not prevented by lack of foreign exchange.
We will deal first with the program in the Congo though this was put into operation later than the other.
The same conclusions can be drawn from the other physical evidence of the Dark ages, from linguistic distribution, and from the survivals of early social, political, and religious patterns into later ages.
Do patriots everywhere know enough about how the persecution of the Jews in Germany and later in the occupied countries contributed to terrorizing the populations, splitting apart individuals and groups, arousing the meanest and most dishonest impulses, pulverizing trust and personal dignity, and finally forcing people to follow their masters into the abyss by making them partners in unspeakable crimes??
A short time later, Lieutenant Bonner stomped into the dressing room.
Five racing minutes later we pulled into the driveway of this typical two-story house, and when the Jaguar stopped I managed to swallow.
He went into the Army in March, 1957, and returned two years later.
A crack corps of 50 pilots was formed from the ranks of volunteers, but the project was halted before the end of the war, and the missiles later fell into Allied hands.
The public atmosphere that has been generated which makes acceptance of this law a possibility stems from the disrepute into which the labor movement has fallen as a result of Mr. McClellan's hearings into corruption in labor-management relations and, later, into the jurisdictional squabbles that plagued industrial relations at the missile sites.
There is no justification for systematizing the random statements of Irenaeus about the image of God beyond this, nor for reading into his imprecise usage the later theological distinction between the image of God ( humanity ) and the similitude of God ( immortality ).
The eggs of amphibians are typically laid in water and hatch into free-living larvae that complete their development in water and later transform into either aquatic or terrestrial adults.
The Nyaya and Vaisheshika schools later developed theories on how atoms combined into more complex objects.

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