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Most and railways
Most of the roads and railways are now under construction, and will be completed between 2011 and 2014.
Most existing narrow gauge railways have gauges of between and.
Most railways are operated by RENFE ; narrow gauge lines are operated by FEVE and other carriers in individual autonomous communities.
Most rack railways are mountain railways, although a few are transit railways or tramways built to overcome a steep gradient in an urban environment.
Most of the rack railways built from the late 20th century onwards have used the Lamella system.
Most of the canal system and inland waterways were nationalised in 1948, along with the railways, under the British Transport Commission, whose subsidiary Docks and Inland Waterways Executive managed them into the 1950s.
Most British railways were amalgamated into four large groups in 1921 and then into British Railways in 1948 but the Festiniog Railway Company, in common with most narrow gauge railways, remained independent.
Most of the government budget was spent on the military, resulting in deterioration of infrastructure such as roads, railways, ports, and other public facilities.
Most railways are operated by RENFE ; metre and narrow-gauge lines are operated by FEVE and other carriers in individual autonomous communities.
Most Chinese in Colombia originally came from Panama, where they helped in the building of the railways of the Panama Canal, to help in building the train and road routes between the Pacific port of Buenaventura and the interior city of Cali.
Most European railways also now use concrete bearers in switches and crossing layouts due to the longer life and lower cost of concrete bearers compared to timber, which is increasingly difficult and expensive to source in sufficient quantities and quality.
* Most of the numerous Swiss narrow gauge railways, including:
Most of the city was destroyed in April 1944 by an Allied bombing as the city was the only one surrounding Paris that had such a big train station and had railways going to most of France major cities.
Most heritage railways in the UK have one or more preserved railway cranes, either just as historic exhibits, or as fully functioning examples assisting with the operation of the railway.
Most of the area along the shoreline was connected to the railways.
Most monorail transport systems are also elevated railways, such as the Disneyland Monorail System ( 1959 ), the Tokyo Monorail ( 1964 ), or the Metro Monorail, Sydney ( 1988 -).
Most important railways are latitudinal, crossing the Central and Southern Ural in six places: Nizhny Tagil – Perm, Sverdlovsk – Perm, Sverdlovsk – Kazan, Chelyabinsk – Ufa, Orsk – Orenburg and Magnitogorsk – West Siberia.
Most true example of joint railways are in terminal areas, including union stations.
Most of the lines operated by the Victorian Railways were of broad gauge, however the railways also operated up to five narrow gauge lines between 1898 and 1962, and a standard gauge line between Albury and Melbourne from 1961.
Most business operations were family affairs, with relatively few large-scale operations apart from the railways.
Most of these lines have been " heritage " railways, using refurbished or replica streetcars harkening back to the first half of the 20th century.

Most and were
Most of these, with horrible exceptions, were conceived as is a ship, not as an attempt to quell the ocean of mankind, nor to deny its force, but as a means to survive and enjoy it.
Most of my stories were obtained by simply seeking out the person who could give me the facts, and not as a rule by playing clever tricks.
He writes, `` Most of my friends and I were Jewish ; ;
Most of them were elderly men.
Most Juniors who were entered in the Finals are seasoned campaigners and not only show and win in Junior Classes but score in the Breed Classes as well.
Most of our working days were spent on the telephone calling `` bookies '', illegal gambling dens, a certain `` residential club for young actresses '', more than a hundred different bars or the steam room of the athletic club.
Most of the Junkers were above the blinding light of the flares, and the radar-controlled shore gun had been knocked out by one of the first sticks of bombs.
Most of the letters were written in the hubbub of camp, on stumps, pieces of bark, drum heads, or the knee.
Most manufacturers were now disposed to heed a proposal for the formal interchange of patents.
Most children love the animated puppet faces and their flexible bodies, and they prefer to see them as though the puppets were in action, rather than put away in boxes.
Most of the fingers on his left hand were burned off when he fell asleep with a cigarette.
Most of them were written between 1953 and 1960 and originally appeared in various magazines.
Most of their original objections about `` shells '' were overridden by the relief that these hideous ( to them ) bodies were mercifully concealed.
Most of the still extant works of Aristotle, as well as a number of the original Greek commentaries, were translated into Arabic and studied by Muslim philosophers, scientists and scholars.
Most agnostid species were eyeless.
Most notably are the characters of Dr. Eric Leidner in Murder in Mesopotamia, Signor Richetti in Death on the Nile, and many minor characters in They Came to Baghdad were archaeologists.
The other Rutherford films ( all directed by George Pollock ) were Murder at the Gallop ( 1963 ), based on the 1953 Hercule Poirot novel After the Funeral ( In this film, she is identified as Miss JTV Marple, though there was no indication as to what the extra initials might stand for ); Murder Most Foul ( 1964 ), based on the 1952 Poirot novel Mrs McGinty's Dead ; and Murder Ahoy!
Most Germanic tribes were generally tolerant of the Nicene beliefs of their subjects.
Most of the remaining fortifications including the Curtain walls and Keep date to this period and were built by the Armenians.
Most of the pilings that form the foundation of Venice were made from alder trees.
Most of the Alemanni were probably at the time in fact resident in or close to the borders of Germania Superior.
Most agates occur as nodules in volcanic rocks or ancient lavas where they represent cavities originally produced by the disengagement of volatiles in the molten mass which were then filled, wholly or partially, by siliceous matter deposited in regular layers upon the walls.
Most later Alexanders in various countries were directly or indirectly named for him.
Most government positions also were appointed by the legislature.

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