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Overall and designs
Overall Globocnik's camps had similar designs.

Overall and are
Overall, his contributions are considered the most important in advancing chemistry to the level reached in physics and mathematics during the 18th century.
Overall, about half of newborns exposed to ACE inhibitors are adversely affected.
Overall, the quality of life indices for Estonia are reflective of a modern industrial state, with one major exception: The population of Estonia is shrinking.
Overall, voicing contrasts in fricatives are much rarer than in plosives, being found only in about a third of the world's languages as compared to 60 percent for plosive voicing contrasts.
Overall in captivity, horses ' hooves harden much less and are more vulnerable to injury.
Overall, the references to human rights in the Charter are general and vague.
Overall, there are three main and important steps to the biosynthesis of penicillin G ( benzylpenicillin ).
Overall majorities are unusual in the Additional Member system that is used for elections to the Scottish Parliament, which was specially designed by the Labour UK government in 1999 to prevent any party gaining overall control of the parliament.
Overall, the majority of Californian Cabernets are meant to be approachable after only a couple of years in the bottle but can still have the potential to improve further over time.
Overall financial risks are more widely distributed over more diverse production of crops and / or livestock.
Overall, as a demographic group, Chinese Americans are highly educated and earn higher incomes when compared to other demographic groups in the United States.
Overall, about 22 millions workers in the United States are exposed to potentially damaging noise levels each year.
Overall health care costs are expected to increase by 5. 8 percent annually from 2010 to 2020, in part because of increased utilization of medical services, higher prices for services, and new technologies.
Overall, coatis are widespread, occupying habitats ranging from hot and arid areas to humid Amazonian rainforests or even cold Andean mountain slopes, including grasslands and bushy areas.
Overall, mammalian erythrocytes are remarkably flexible and deformable so as to squeeze through tiny capillaries, as well as to maximize their apposing surface by assuming a cigar shape, where they efficiently release their oxygen load.
Overall Australia's largest trading partners are the United States, Japan, China, and the United Kingdom.
Overall, 50 – 80 % of people treated are cured.
Overall, the North Cascades and southwestern Canadian Cascades are extremely rugged, with many of the lesser peaks steep and glaciated, with valleys quite low relative to its peaks and ridges, resulting in great local relief.
Overall, most alterations, such as inappropriate replacement of windows, doors and porch posts, are reversible if desired.
Overall, most of the common renovations, such as modern siding and inappropriate porch posts, are relatively superficial and reversible if desired.
Overall, there are 45 municipalities on Rügen, four of which have town status ( Bergen, Garz, Putbus and Sassnitz ).
Overall, many hundreds of thousands of birds are trapped and killed each year, a source of concern for some of the rarest species ( for example, only about 2, 000 Short-tailed Albatrosses are known to still exist ).
Overall, it is as if the remote computer and company server are on the same 192. 168. 1. 0 / 24 network.

Overall and together
Overall, the Singaporean team put together a 9-6 record in Athens.
Overall a total of four easily accessible ' snow-sure ' systems, mostly above 2000m that together provide more than 150 km of marked piste / trail plus extensive ' off-piste ' areas with runs suitable for all grades of skier from Beginner to Advanced.
Overall survival rates, for all gestational ages lumped together, are roughly 70 %.
Overall, the plot follows the friends as they initially try to piece together what the Book of Prophecy contained, and eventually attempt to predict the next attack, which begins with biological attacks on San Francisco and London, followed by a series of bombings at a major Japanese airport.
" Planet Bollywood's review concluded, " Overall, Shakhar-Ehsaan-Loy do an excellent job of getting different singers for each track, trying to infuse different beats together and creating an album worth buying.

Overall and form
Overall, according to a study in British Columbia, approximately 2. 3 children per 100 000 births ( 1 in 43, 000 ) have some form of glycogen storage disease.
Overall, the Roosevelt administration expected that this new policy would create new economic opportunities in the form of reciprocal trade agreements and reassert the influence of the United States in Latin America, however many Latin American governments were not convinced.
Overall, the ferret represents a neotenous form of polecat.
Overall, there is a relatively high level of resistance to inter-faith marriage in Judaism and this often constitutes a form of self-segregation-preventing Jewish communities from integrating and merging with surrounding populations around the world.
* Overall communication has dramatically increased in the past five years with every form of communication listed showing increased use
Overall, England could take some good batting form from their openers and a stunning debut from Tremlett-who looked much more impressive than Lewis in this game-out of the match, while Bangladesh could be happy with the swashbuckling Ashraful and Nazmul's three wickets.
Overall, England could take some good batting form from their openers and a stunning debut from Tremlett-who looked much more impressive than Lewis in this game-out of the match, while Bangladesh could be happy with the swashbuckling Ashraful and Nazmul's three wickets.
Overall, even regardless of the chord progression, the song seems to fall somewhere between major and minor, and the use of four-note seventh chords ( as opposed to " three-note " chords ) help to form a rich atmosphere.
Overall, there are only four individuals in the game that have some form of personality.
Overall, 41 percent of HR professionals indicate that their organizations offered some form of domestic partner benefits ( opposite-sex partners, same-sex partners or both ).
Overall, the Saints looked sloppy and out of form during the early season, and they suffered their worst loss when the Cleveland Browns beat them at home in Week 7.
Overall, the above-ground growth can often form a cushion-plant habit.

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