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Page "fiction" ¶ 690
from Brown Corpus
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She and opened
She opened the boxes with a tear in her eye and a sad smile on her face.
She appeared with the teacart and he opened the windows.
She was told by the manservant who opened the door that his lordship was engaged on work from which he had left strict orders he was not to be disturbed.
She blew her nose on a tissue and opened the coke bottle.
She opened it an inch and poked out the keys for me to give you.
She started back for the house, saw a light in the office, opened the door and surprised a domestic little scene which was far outside the dark realm of murder or attempted murder.
She opened the door.
She also continued to explore new business and entertainment ventures such as her Dollywood theme park, that opened in 1986 in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.
She was paid off in 1997 and opened as a museum ship in 2001.
She starred in Whose Life Is It Anyway with James Naughton, which opened on Broadway at the Royale Theatre on February 24, 1980, and ran for 96 performances, and in Sweet Sue, which opened at the Music Box Theatre ( transferred to the Royale Theatre ) on Jan. 8, 1988, and ran for 164 performances.
She opened the jar out of simple curiosity and not as a malicious act.
She turned and pressed herself against a wall, which opened to receive her.
She later opened another business across the street in a building she extensively renovated downtown called Walton's Fancy and Staple a bakery, upscale restaurant and floral shop that also offers services such as event planning.
She admitted inspiration when she saw Joplin perform live ( and opened for with her first band " Fritz ") shortly before Joplin's death.
Six Israelis were killed when two gunmen opened fire and threw grenades at the Likud polling station in Bet She ' an, where party members were casting their votes in the Likud primary.
" She opened in the West End production on November 1, 1951.
She battled the X-Men and fled to the stars, devoured the energies of the D ' Bari star system to satisfy her " hunger " as Dark Phoenix, annihilating the five billion inhabitants of its fourth planet, and destroyed a nearby Shi ' Ar observatory vessel which opened fire on her before returning to Earth.
She also appeared in the dramatized version of Pedro Almodovar's film All About My Mother, which opened at the Old Vic theatre in the late summer of 2007.
She next worked in a boutique, where she learned to make hats and opened her own hat business which became profitable.
She opened communications with the restored magistrate of Ingwavuma, arranging to flee to his area if needed.
She officially opened the " Marie Bashir Mosman Sports Centre " on 10 December 2010 with the Mayor, Cr.
But when it opened at the Palace Theatre in February 1968, Frank Marcus, reviewing for Plays and Players, commented that: " She sings well.
She also starred in La Bête at the Music Box Theater, Broadway, New York which opened on 14 October 2010.

She and reply
She wrote to a number of Goya's friends to complain of her exclusion but many of her friends were Goya's also and by then old men and had died, or died before they could reply.
She maintained that a great deal of the scholarship of white feminists served to augment the oppression of black women, a conviction that led to angry confrontation, most notably in a scathing open letter addressed to radical lesbian feminist Mary Daly, to which Lorde stated she received no reply.
She said that she heard Mary reply, " Yes, I shall take Francisco and Jacinta soon, but you will remain a little longer, since Jesus wishes you to make me known and loved on earth.
She once said, " If you ask me what office women should fill, I reply — any ... let them be sea captains if you will.
She wrote to Barnes several times inviting her to participate in a journal on women's writing, but received no reply.
She published a translation of Cardinal Perron's reply to the attack on his works by King James, but the book was ordered to be burned.
In reply, she promptly told him, “ pick me up at nine, and don ’ t forget your rubbers .” She worked to have politicians who opposed health reform defeated in favor of those who showed support.
She doesn't reply and begins crying-she's homesick and wants to go home to her mother, but there is a play on today and she will be caught before she can get to the station and go home to her mother.
She recorded one interesting incident at a late London concert by Pasta, whose powers had diminished badly, and she asked of fellow singer Pauline Viardot what she thought of Pasta's voice now and got the reply:
She went on to publish a crushing reply to Greenough, and was shortly thereafter backed by none other than Charles Darwin, who had observed the same land rising during Chile ’ s earthquake in 1835, aboard the Beagle.
She subsequently responded with her own open letter in reply.
She was eventually reduced to a motionless hulk, unable either to move or to reply to the guns of the Union fleet.
She reported Hogan's reply as: " I have no problem screwing you.
After Burns insults Homer's weight and children, Marge insists that he leave the house and is ready to quit until Homer encourages Marge to finish the painting: She also gets a reply from Starr, who is decades behind on answering his fanmail, praising her artwork.
She justified her step in a polemical work entitled Von Babylon nach Jerusalem ( 1851 ), which elicited a vigorous reply from Heinrich Abeken, and from several others as well.
She tries to convince Raymond that he is missing his life and his reply is, " Out there is the dream.
She seems to be a bit more intelligent, or at least more thoughtful, than Boris, and often points out flaws in his plans or voices slight contempt for his bungling, to which his customary reply was " Sharrup you mouth, Natasha.
She never believes anything anyone says, usually offering a reply along the lines of " You're tickling my turnips " or " You're feeling my fanny.
She finds the young boys near a roadhouse in the Mojave desert, but they tease, taunt and grab at her, boldly asking for ' a piece of ass ', to which she asks in reply, ' are you sure you'd know what to do with it?
She was trudging along, carrying as best she could a boy younger, but it seemed almost as big as she herself, when one remarked to her how heavy he must be for her to carry, when instantly came the reply: ' He's na heavy.
She filed a formal objection with her husband, to which he made a formal reply in the form of an edict upholding the reduction in expenditures.
She then had the reply entered into the Congressional Record ( Hunt, 1904 ) and distributed more than 100, 000 copies ( Mezvinsky, 1959, p. 184 ).

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