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from Brown Corpus
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We and quickly
We got Dr. Glenn to him as quickly as we could, and we wired Tom of Papa's desperate condition.
" We knew they were bringing great talent through their farm system, but we certainly didn't expect it to pay off with big-league success so quickly ," said Will Lingo, editor of Baseball America.
We aren't really interested in whether a problem can be solved quickly on a parallel machine.
We were all killing ourselves to be his model, although he hooked up with Jean Shrimpton pretty quickly ".
He also stated: " I think everybody in the band, especially myself, imagined that the reason we were doing so well was because of themselves … We were pretty young and very lucky, and things had happened very quickly for us and I don't think we were really mature to handle the situation.
In December 2009, Stevens issued the single and on-line video " We the People ," which quickly became a viral video and surpassed a million unique views in a month's time on YouTube.
" We must strengthen it and organize its affairs as quickly as possible.
We must strengthen it and organize its affairs as quickly as possible.
We use cross functional teams ( like the Greek phalanx ) that have enough breadth of knowledge to see the big picture, are objective enough to get accurate and unbiased perceptions of environmental factors, and are flexible enough to act quickly.
" Robert Mayhew cautioned thatWe should not conclude too quickly that these passages are strong evidence of an earlier Nietzschean phase in Ayn Rand ’ s development, because such language can be strictly metaphorical ( even if the result of an early interest in Nietzsche )”.
We sang collarless and in shirt sleeves, for the place quickly grew stifling.
We cheerfully simultaneously announced our wish to start working on it as quickly as possible.
" We tell New Yorkers the truth: it's a ' dead end ', and we think that motorists get the point quickly.
We had to mature very quickly.
We may compute &# 8472 ; very rapidly in terms of theta functions ; because these converge so quickly, this is a more expeditious way of computing
We all agreed quickly on the figure after Bob showed up yesterday.
" We quickly find out that " One Person " can beat a drum and change the world and that we need to " Open a New Window " everyday.
Superman appears as he says this, with Elongated Man quickly saying, " We were just talking about you.
We can also use factor bases to help us find congruences of squares more quickly.
On 30 July 1942, the British civil servant Sir John Anderson advised Prime Minister Winston Churchill, quoting that: " Sir ... We must face the fact that ... pioneering work ... is a dwindling asset and that, unless we capitalise it quickly, we shall be outstripped.
Hugo renders this as " We peek at the spoon in the hospital and grow quickly a professor's formula for devouring ants .".
" " We are falling fast into the abyss and if nothing is done about this quickly, we will continue falling, never to recover ," Leweni said.
Protesters were heard chanting " Hoćemo Ruse " (" We want the Russians "), but when the authorities and state-controlled media criticized them for it, many quickly began backpedaling by claiming they actually chanted " Hoćemo gusle " (" We want gusle ").

We and ran
We ran out of money and we haven't eaten for two days ''.
We ran east for about half a mile before we turned back to the road, panting from the effort and soaked with sweat.
`` We ran into a guy at the Pagan Room who guarantees we can beat the wheel.
We have no greater justification for being cruel to the miserable object, than for being cruel to a WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE or an ISAAC NEWTON ; but he passes away before an immeasurably better and higher power that of Christianity than ever ran wild in any earthly woods, and the world will be all the better when this place knows him no more.
It is said that he ran the entire distance without stopping, but moments after proclaiming his message " Nenīkēkamen " (" We have won!
The initial " We Got Next " advertisement ran before each WNBA season until it was replaced with the " We Got Game " campaign.
News of the two deaths broke almost simultaneously and some newspapers ran an obituary of Howerd in which Hill was quoted as regretting Howerd's passing, saying " We were great, great friends ".
The album's release was delayed when the band ran into conflict with their label over the content of songs such as " We Can Be Together " and " Uncle Sam Blues " and the planned title of the album, Volunteers of Amerika.
Years later, in 1981, he told Tex Maule in an interview for The Runner magazine, " We had thought that 3: 39 would win and I ran under that.
He then ran the from the battlefield near Marathon to Athens to announce the Greek victory over Persia in the Battle of Marathon ( 490 BC ) with the word νικωμεν ’ ( nikomen –" We have won "), as stated by Lucian " chairete, nikomen " (" hail, we are the winners ") to then collapse and die.
* When We Were Forty-One Broadway production opened at the New York Roof Theatre on June 12 and ran for 66 performances
The French newspaper of record, Le Monde, ran a front-page headline reading " Nous sommes tous Américains ", or " We are all Americans ".
She also completed a stage adaptation of We the Living that ran briefly in early 1940.
We ran like banshees through that house, and Mike would hide behind doorways and jump out and scare us .” Melissa said about Landon who took the script in a new direction, “ He put frogs in his mouth, we had a script supervisor.
The Chicago Reader ran a derisive column, " BobWatch: We Read Him So You Don't Have To ," penned pseudonymously by Chicago Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg.
He conceded, " We also ran out of common interests ".
When asked why the popular show ended, Broderick Crawford said, " We ran out of crimes.
Ovett ran the last lap almost nine seconds quicker than Byers but finished second by 0. 53s, later commenting " We ran like a load of hacks.
His show Kilroy started on 24 November 1986 as Day To Day and ran until 2004, when it was cancelled by the BBC after an article entitled ' We owe Arabs nothing ' by Kilroy-Silk was published in the Sunday Express on 4 January of that year.
We only had a couple of intense, 1-or 2-week writing sessions and really, we just ran out of time.
We ran into a tight gap in the path of all came to an abrupt halt, as it was a dead end.
< center > We have lately been toldOf two admirals bold, Who engag'd in a terrible Fight: They met after Noon, Which I think was too soon, As they both ran away before Night .</ center >

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